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Traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and has many differences in its execution from Western medicine. On this side of the world, it is considered part of the alternative therapies and for decades it has positioned itself as a valid option for many patients. For this reason, we have decided to compile books about acupuncture in PDF format. We know that our readers are interested in this research topic

For Chinese medicine the body is read as a flow of energy that needs to be balanced in order to function properly. Basically, there are two energy forces in the body, “yin” and “yang”, and they are the ones that must be in perfect balance if we do not want to get sick. Chinese doctors use various techniques, but the one we will present to you this time is found in our acupuncture books.

Acupuncture is the healing or therapeutic technique used as a treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. Its execution is carried out by a doctor and it is done through fine stainless steel needles, which are introduced in different points of the body, according to the organs to be treated. An acupuncture session can last between 30 and 40 minutes, even a little more or a little less, as required by the patient

The diagnoses are made from the pulse and the examination of the patient’s tongue. Then, the needles are applied in a certain number of sessions. Generally, most individuals feel relief from symptoms after the third session. According to the data, more than 70% of the patients assure that this alternative therapy is effective for their ailments.

Learn a little more about this interesting technique of healing diseases with our more than 20 books about acupuncture in PDF format, available in this section of our virtual library.

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Here we present our complete selection of Acupuncture books:

#1. Acupuncture Point Locations author Acupuncture Products | Source: Acupuncture Products
#2. Acupuncture in Physiotherapy author AACP | Source: AACP
#3. Acupuncture Basic Research and Clinical Application author Gerhard Litscher | Source: MDPI
#4. Acupuncture – Clinical Practice, Particular Techniques and Special Issues author Marcelo Saad | Source: ICDST
#5. Effects and mechanism of acupuncture based on the principles of meridians author Wei-Bo Zhang, Andrew Wu, Gerhard Litscher, Youngbyoung Chae | Source: Hindawi
#6. The 60 command points of acupuncture author Raju C Krishna | Source: Falaah Acupunture
#7. Acupuncture: The New Ancient (Power point presentation) author Drew Jennings | Source: University of Kentucky
#8. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Tool author Whole Health | Source: Whole Health
#9. Acupuncture in Back Pain Management (Presentation) author Victoria Chan Harrison M.D | Source: NewYork-Presbyterian
#10. Acupuncture Main Channels or Meridians: Visible Surfaces author MedCrave | Source: MedCrave
#11. Acupuncture: New and Old Concept for Healthcare (Presentation) author Chong-Bin Zhu | Source: Vanderbilt University


#12. Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Acupuncture author World Health Organization | Source: World Health Organization
#13. Acupuncture (Article) author Tony Y. Chon, Mark C. Lee | Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings
#14. An Introduction to Acupuncture (Article) author NCCAM | Source: TheBody
#15. Effects from acupuncture in treating anxiety: integrative review (Article) author Sueli Leiko Takamatsu Goyatá, Carolina Costa Valcanti Avelino, Sérgio Valverde Marques dos Santos, Deusdete Inácio de Souza Junior, Maria Dorise Simão Lopes Gurgel, Fábio de Souza Terra | Source: SciELO
#16. Acupuncture for Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders author David L. Diehl | Source: Atrium Health
#17. Acupuncture And The Chakras (Article) author Michael Greenwood | Source: Paradox Publishing
#18. The meridian system and mechanism of acupunctured. A comparative review (Article) author Shyang Chang | Source: CORE
#19. Acupuncture for Pain Treatment (Article) author R. Monzani, L. Crozzoli, M.De Ruvo | Source: Bentham Open
#20. Acupuncture Plantar Fasciitis Relief Confirmed (Article) author NCCAOM | Source: NCCAOM
#21. Positive Effects of Acupuncture on Atopic Dermatitis (Article) author Rezan Akpinar, Saliha Karatay | Source: Clinmed Journals
#22. The clinical efficiency of acupuncture in preventing migraine attacks and its effect on serotonin levels (Article) author Mualla Biçer, Dilek Bozkurt, Murat Çabalar, Nilgün Işıksaçan, Asuman Gedikbaşı, Arsida Bajrami, İlknur Aktaş | Source: TR Dergisi

Here ends our selection of free Acupuncture books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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