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A selection of free books on a subject as important and enlightening as Cell Biology, is the gift that we want to give you today.

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The concept of Cell Biology is more or less modern, and is defined as the study of the life of cells. The origin of this discipline is to be found in two different disciplines: histology and cytology.

Cell Biology also studies the organisms that are housed in cells such as viruses, proviruses, bacteria, among others; which possess DNA from current infections and those of our ancestors, collaborating with the development of cures for diseases.

Among the topics covered by Cell Biology we can mention the following:
• Cell Observation.
• Cell membrane structure.
• Transport across cell membranes.
• Cell signaling.
• Mechanics and cell-division cycle.
• Cell death.
• Adhesions and junctions between the extracellular matrix and cells.
• Cellular processes of development, among many others.

In addition, we have included books in Spanish and Portuguese, so that you have the opportunity to read books on Cell Biology in these languages.

Finally, we consider it important to point out that these publications have been made available for free distribution, or belong to the public domain.

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Here we present our complete selection of Cell Biology books:

#1. Cell and Molecular Biology 4e: What we Know and How we Found Out author Gerald Bergtrom | Source: UWM Digital Commons | University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
#2. Cell Biology and Genetics author Mr. Charles K.Twesigye | Source: African Virtual University
#3. Cell & Molecular Biology author Uttarakhand Open University: UOU | Source: Uttarakhand Open University: UOU
#4. Essentials of Cell Biology author Clare O’Connor, Ph.D | Source: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
#5. Cell Biology author Ritu Dhingra | Source: Guru KPO
#6. Inside the Cell author The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) | Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
#7. The Cell Structure and Function (Presentation) author Facultad de Ciencias Universidad Chulalongkorn | Source: Facultad de Ciencias Universidad Chulalongkorn
#8. Introduction to Cell Biology author Pre-Med – Lejan JU | Source: Pre-Med – Lejan JU
#9. Visualizing Cells author USP – Universidade de São Paulo | Source: USP – Universidade de São Paulo
#10. Introduction to the cell cell history cell structures and functions author Boyertown Area School District / BASD | Source: Boyertown Area School District / BASD
#11. Basics of Molecular Cell Biology author RPI ECSE | Source: RPI ECSE
#12. Cell physiology Structure and Function (Presentation) author University of Technology | Source: University of Technology
#13. An Overview of Cell Biology author H.K. Garg | Source: ResearchGate


#14. Eukaryotic Cells and their Cell Bodies: Cell Theory Revised author Frantisek Baluska, Dieter Volkmann and Peter W. Barlow | Source: Esalq – USP
#15. Cells author Department of Life Sciences and Institute of Genome Sciences | Source: Department of Life Sciences and Institute of Genome Sciences
#16. What are Cells? author Byron Norelius | Source: Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology
#17. Structure and function of the cell author Biologymad.com | Source: Biologymad.com
#18. As biology – Module 1 author Biologymad | Source: Biologymad
#19. Principles of Cell Signaling author Melanie H. Cobb and Elliott M. RossUT Southwestern Medical Center | Source: UT Southwestern Medical Center
#20. Introduction to Cell Biology author Dr. Mircea Leabu | Source: Semantic Scholar
#21. Introduction to Cell Biology (Article) author Living Matter Lab | Source: Living Matter Lab
#22. Module 1: Introduction and Cell Biology (Article) author StudentVIP | Source: StudentVIP
#23. Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Biology (Article) author Wiley-VCH – Home | Source: Wiley-VCH – Home
#24. Cellular Structure and Function (Article) author Cleveland Metropolitan School District / CMSD | Source: Cleveland Metropolitan School District / CMSD
#25. Evolutionary cell biology: Two origins,one objective (Article) author Michael Lyncha, Mark C. Fieldb, Holly V. Goodsonc, Harmit S. Malikd, José B. Pereira-Lealf, David S. Roosg,Aaron P. Turkewitzh, and Shelley Saze | Source: CORE
#26. Basic cell biology (Article) author The National Cml Society | Source: The National Cml Society
#27. Plant and Animal Cells (Article) author Derry Area Middle School / Welcome | Source: Derry Area Middle School / Welcome

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