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One of the most entertaining and challenging games will be the focal point of our free book list. We refer to Chess, a game that has become the center of attention of world championships and special television programs.

Each copy selected for our Chess book list is in PDF format, to make it even easier for you to access the information.

Chess as we know it today, was born in Europe in the fifteenth century, as a new version of the game of Persian origin called shatranj, which emerged in turn from an older game called chaturanga that was played in India during the sixth century.

By the 16th century the tradition of holding chess competitions began, and in 1886 the first world chess championship was organized. This game is considered a sport by the International Olympic Committee, and the international tournaments are controlled by the International Chess Federation – FIDE.

This game has inspired amazing computer developments. In 2017, specifically in December, Alphazero surpassed Stockfish 8 and other superior chess simulation programs, and Shōgi after only 24 hours of play. Some of these machines have played against the world chess champions, to challenge the strategic ability of man.

Our chess book list consists of more than 20 texts in PDF format in which you can consult everything about this challenging sport. We have also included books in Spanish and Portuguese.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Chess Books:

#1. Arbiters’ Manual 2020 author Fide Arbiters’ Commission | Source: Chess Mail/Dr Tim Harding website
#2. The Ultimate Guide to Chess King author Steve Lopez | Source: Chess King: Chess Software for Mac and PC
#3. Beginner & Intermidiate Chess author Chicago Chess Foundation | Source: Chicago Chess Foundation
#4. Chess Handbook:Course One author Vision Academy | Source: Vision Academy
#5. Open Games author ChessKIDS academy | Source: ChessKIDS academy
#6. Rules for Chess author The Home Depot | Source: The Home Depot
#7. Chess Opening Fundamentals (Presentation) author GM Igor Smirnov | Source: Remate Chess Academy
#8. Fide Laws of Chess author Fide | Source: FIDE
#9. Rules of Chess author Eric Schiller | Source: Scouting Resources – UK
#10. How to play Chess author Michael Crowe | Source: Scholastic Chess Ireland
#11. Chess Strategy author Edward Lasker | Source: Chess Variant
#12. Learn and Master Progressive Chess author Univerza v Ljubljani | Source: Univerza v Ljubljani
#13. Chess Fundamentals author José R. Capablanca | Source: Reluctant-messenger.com


Japanese Chess (Shogi) Books:

#14. A Brief Introduction to Shogi author Roger Hare | Source: Eric Cheymol’s Shogi Page – MacShogi
#15. Shogi Yearbook 2013 author Shogi24.com | Source: Shogi24.com – the portal of shogi events
#16. Proposal to encode a full set of pieces for the game of shogi author Eduardo Marin Silva,Umihotaru Sasea | Source: Unicode – The World Standard for Text and Emoji
#17. The Way of Tori Shogi author Dave Brandl and Bill Croke | Source: Tori Shogi – Way of Tori Shogi
#18. Dobutsu Shogiin the Greenwood (Article) author Nekomado.com | Source: Nekomado.com
#19. Shogi English pamphlet (Article) author Shogi.or.jp | Source: Shogi.or.jp

Chess Books for Kids:

#20. Journey Through Chess author Richard James | Source: ChessKIDS academy
#21. 50 Chess and Mathematics Exercises for Schools author John Foley, Rita Atkins, Carlos Santos, Viera Haraštová | Source: EUROPA
#22. Teach Your Child Chess in Ten Easy Lessons author National Master Stephen Colding | Source: Chess for Children
#23. chess For Kids (Article) author Activity Village | Source: Activity Village
#24. Helping your Children with Chess (Article) author ChessKIDS academmy | Source: ChessKIDS academy
#25. Chess Rules (Article) author Cdn.shptrn.com | Source: Cdn.shptrn.com

Here ends our selection of free Chess books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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