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Health sciences have evolved a lot over time, we have witnessed that progress and we have received the benefits. Students and health professionals are of vital importance to generate well-being in societies. In the interest of maintaining an open door for research in this area, we continue to expand our list of health sciences. In this section, we present a collection of dentistry books in PDF format for the reading community.

This health science became professionalized thanks to Pierre Fauchard, a French doctor who, in the 18th century, published the work “The Surgeon Dentist: Or, Treatise on the Teeth”. His contributions were really important and, from that moment on, innovations and advances in the profession did not cease. Our books on dentistry provide information on this important specialty.

There are very ancient records of primitive dental practices, as far back as Ancient Egypt. Dentistry later developed as a profession. In the Middle Ages it was practiced by barbers, who extracted teeth for their clients.

Dentistry can be defined as the medical science that studies, diagnoses and treats diseases of the teeth, gums and stomatognathic system. The dentist is a professional trained in advanced knowledge and techniques to address all the problems of these parts of the body: teeth, gums, periodontal tissue, temporomandibular joint, maxilla, mandible.

Dentistry treats diseases such as: tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. Some of the subspecialties that constitute it are: pediatric dentistry, forensic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, among others. The care of the teeth is extremely important, the mouth is part of our digestive system, the smile is also part of our personal image, losing teeth can be one of the most shocking events for anyone.

Study and stay updated with our more than 25 books on dentistry in PDF, available right now in this section of our virtual library.

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Here we present our complete selection of Dentistry books:

#1. Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry author Jane A. Soxman | Source: Pediatric Dentistry
#2. Mi Dentistry Handbook author GC Europe | Source: GC Europe
#3. For Better, Safer, Faster Orthodontic Care. author Dentsply Sirona | Source: Dentsply Sirona
#4. Drug Prescribing For Dentistry – Dental Clinical Guidance author Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme | Source: Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme
#5. Access Cavity and Endodontic Anatomy author Arnaldo Castellucci, M.D., D.D.S | Source: The EndoExperience
#6. Dental Instruments Packet author Sumei Mai, Dr. Randall Taylor | Source: UCSD Pre-Dental Society & Student-Run Free Dental Clinics
#7. The State of Little Teeth author America’s Pediatric Dentist | Source: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
#8. Introduction to Forensic Dentistry author Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon | Source: Certified Dental Assistants of British Columbia
#9. Sterilization of Dental Instruments author Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme | Source: Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme
#10. Empower – Arizona Tooth Brushing Manual author Arizona Department of Health Services | Source: Arizona Department of Health Services
#11. Forensic Odontology author Helena Soomer,DDS,PhD | Source: Lsmu
#12. Behavior Guidance for the Pediatric Dental Patient author Aapd | Source: Aapd
#13. A brief history of forensic odontology and disaster victim identification practices in Australia author J Taylor | Source: Journal of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology


#14. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Instruments author LWW Official Store | Source: LWW Official Store
#15. Endodontics author American Association of Endodontists | Source: American Association of Endodontists
#16. Antimicrobial therapies for odontogenic infections in children and adolescents. Literature review and clinical recomendations author Caviglia Inés, Techera Adriana, García Graciela | Source: SciELO Uruguay
#17. Forensic Odontology & Dental Specialities: A Parallel Bond (Article) author Reet Kaur, Chintan Raval, Komal Vyas, Vinuthna Tatikonda, Muthahera Mazhar and Hasan Yousuf Siddiqui | Source: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
#18. Forensic Odontology – Broader than Just Identification (Article) author Richard Bassed | Source: Modern Dentistry Media
#19. History of Dentistry (Article) author Akhter Hussain, Faizan Ahmed Khan | Source: ResearchGate
#20. Scientific Basis of Dentistry (Article) author Yegane Guven | Source: ResearchGate
#21. Forensic Dentistry in Human Identification: A Review of the Literature (Article) author Javier Ata-Ali, Fadi Ata-Ali | Source: CORE
#22. Comparative Study Between Dental Caries Prevalence of Down Syndrome Children and their Siblings (Article) author Viviana Macho, DDS; Miguel Palha, DDS; Ana Paula Macedo, DDS, PhD; Orquídea Ribeiro, BSc; Casimiro Andrade, DDS, PhD | Source: Paediatric Dentistry
#23. Forensic Odontology: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Dentist (Article) author Sylvie Louise Avon,DMD, MSc | Source: Canadian Dental Association
#24. Techniques for the Behaviors Management in Pediatric Dentistry (Article) author Harender Singh, Rahila Rehman, Safalya Kadtane, Deepak Ranjan Dalai, Chaitanya Dev Jain | Source: International Journal of Scientific Study
#25. 6 Steps to Effective Tooth Brushing (Article) author SingHealth: Singapore Health Services | Source: SingHealth: Singapore Health Services
#26. Forensic Odontology (Article) author Smile Dental Magazine | Source: Smile Dental Magazine
#27. Brushing and Flossing (Article) author Queensland Health | Source: Queensland Health

Well, that was our collection of Dentistry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and that you find your next book!

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