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The pharmaceutical industry presents alternative medicines, not only those prescribed by traditional physicians. Medicine has branches that look at treatments from a different perspective and have positioned themselves as options to be seriously considered in the field of health. This is why we have selected homeopathy books in PDF format, so you can investigate this particular way of treating physical pathologies.

The origin of homeopathy is considered to be at the end of the 18th century, with the investigations of Christian Samuel Hahnemann. His scientific article published in 1796 is considered the fundamental basis of homeopathy. It is both a branch of medicine and a specific form of treatment based on the phenomenon of similarity.

It is based on the following idea: when in healthy patients a substance causes disorders, in a sick individual it can cure applying minimal doses. You can learn more about the principles of this discipline with our books on homeopathy.

Homeopathy is defined as the branch of medicine that prescribes homeopathic remedies. They are those that are elaborated from plant essences, animal substances and chemical substances of synthesis. The final result of the elaboration procedure are remedies with very low doses of the raw materials used. Any doctor with homeopathic specialization can prescribe these remedies and there are some pharmaceutical companies that produce them with precise indications.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects or major risks for patients. As for their efficacy, there are many studies that prove it, in a high percentage, for specific pathologies.

Take a look at our collection of more than 20 books on homeopathy in PDF format and learn the basic principles of this alternative therapy that represents a valid option to the common intake of pharmaceutical drugs.

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Here we present our complete selection of Homeopathy books:

1) Effectiveness of Homeopathy for Clinical Conditions Evaluation of the Evidence

Autor: National Healt and Medical Research Council

Fuente: National Healt and Medical Research Council

2) Homeopathy Benefits Intreatments with Musculoskeletal Disorders

Autor: Palma Cicco, Raymond Edge

Fuente: Palma Holistic Health

3) Safety issues in the preparation of homeopathic medicines

Autor: World Health Organization

Fuente: World Health Organization

4) The Effectiveness of Homeopathy – An overview review of secondary evidence

Autor: International Centre for Allied Health Evidence

Fuente: National Healt and Medical Research Council

5) College of Homeopaths of Ontario

Autor: A. Hadziomerovic

Fuente: College of Homeopaths of Ontario

6) NHMRC Information Paper: Evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy for treating health conditions

Autor: National Healt and Medical Research Council

Fuente: National Healt and Medical Research Council

7) Essential Drugs List (EDL) Homoeopathy

Autor: Deparment of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi

Fuente: Ministry of Ayush

8) Guide to Homeopathy Materials

Autor: Taubman Health Sciences Library

Fuente: University of Michigan

9) Guildelines for Homoeopathic Practitioners for COVID-19

Autor: Ministry of Ayush

Fuente: Ministry of Ayush

10) The Botanical Garden of the Homeopaths – Homeopathic experimentation for the treatment of the Vegetables

Autor: Belladonna

Fuente: European Commission


11) Homeopathic products and practices: assessing the evidence and ensuring consistency in regulating medical claims in the EU

Autor: European Academies Science Advisory Council

Fuente: European Academies Science Advisory Council

12) Homeopathy

Autor: Miranda Castro

Fuente: ResearchGate

13) Homeopathy

Autor: University of York

Fuente: University of York

14) Homeopathy in the treatment of depression: a systematic review

Autor: Petter Viksveena, Philippa Fibertb, Clare Relton

Fuente: White Rose University Consortium

15) Keynotes of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Autor: Dr.Adolph VON LIPPE

Fuente: National Society of Homeopathic Medical Cooperation

16) How Does Homeopathy Work (Article)

Autor: Federal Trade Commission

Fuente: Federal Trade Commission

17) Clinical evidence for homeopathy (Article)

Autor: NHS England

Fuente: NHS England

18) Homeopathy and Psychological Therapies (Article)

Autor: Davide Donelli and Michele Antonelli

Fuente: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

19) Therapeutic use of the rebound effect of modern drugs -New homeopathic medicines-

Autor: Marcus Zulian Teixeira

Fuente: SciELO – Brasil

20) How Can Homeopathic Medicine be Helpful to Today’s Dermatologist? (Lecture Handout) (Presentation)

Autor: Robert J. Signore

Fuente: American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

21) A Guide to What Works for Anxiety Disorders

Autor: Nicola Reavley, Nick Allen, Anthony Jorm

Fuente: Beyond Blue elearning

Here ends our selection of free Homeopathy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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