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Horror Books

We could not leave out one of the best-selling literary genres in the world. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to making this collection of horror books in PDF format, so that you can easily access the books that will make you live intense and creepy emotions.

This selection of horror books, seeks to quench your thirst to experience the horror of the best stories of the genre. Nothing better than finding a plot that takes us from tension to dread in a journey where we cannot even distinguish the real from the imaginary.

Horror literature is considered to be that which seeks and manages to take us along the path of fear and horror by developing intense plots, gloomy atmospheres and grotesque characters, supernatural and / or endowed with all evil.

Throughout the history of literature there are many works of this genre that have stood out for awakening sensations that, although we do not wish to experience in our own lives, we are attracted to experience in a good narrative.
Among the long list that represents this genre, we have chosen titles that will quench your thirst for horror. You will be able to feel from a simple tension to the total panic that a good plot of this style produces.

Here you will find from classics to more current works that will make you live the fear to the bone. Remember that your fears are also those of all mankind and in these works you will see them reflected one by one.

Monsters, bugs, demons, ghosts, psychopaths and supernatural creatures are some of the characters you can find in a horror story. However, you can also get elements and characters of more everyday appearance that will surely end up surprising you and creating dissonant and chaotic atmospheres that will leave you in uncertainty.

We invite you to download your favorite titles from our collection of more than 20 horror books in PDF format, for your delight and entertainment.

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Horror and Thriller Books

We often think that thriller and horror have nothing to do with each other, but masterfully there are authors who have managed to combine both genres to create excellent works, as an example of them we have Stephen King, and Carrie as one of his novels that meets the above described.

However, it is good to clarify a little the difference that exists, when we talk about thriller, it refers to that feeling of uncertainty or anxiety, which the reader in this case feels as it goes into the pages of a book, while horror is responsible for producing fear, panic, and other related emotions.

Because of this, horror and thriller books have a special place in many people’s libraries.

#1. The Castle of Otranto author Horace Walpole | Source: Saylor Academy
#2. The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century author Jane Webb-Loudon | Source: Free Kindle Books
#3. The Body-Snatchers author Robert Louis Stevenson | Source: Maplewood Schools
#4. The Tragedy of Hamlet author William Shakespeare | Source: The Folger Shakespeare
#5. The Valley Of Fear author Arthur Conan Doyle | Source: The complete Sherlock Holmes
#6. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde author Robert Louis Stevenson | Source: Planet eBook

Short Horror Books

For those who find it difficult to read a novel of four hundred pages or more, short horror books are the best option, since they can be finished in one sitting, as if it were a bite.

In addition to this option, reading a short book is a quick reading exercise that serves to improve reading skills, so they are highly recommended. Many renowned authors such as Edgar Allan Poe or Horacio Quiroga confess to have been “lazy readers” in their youth, but as they read they managed to get into the good habit, so much so that they became great writers.

Undoubtedly, they are a great example to follow, which motivates us to continue enjoying this healthy activity, and there is nothing better than doing it while enjoying terrifying literature, since feeling a little fear from time to time is not a bad thing.

#7. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving | Source: Ibiblio
#8. Ligeia author Edgar Allan Poe | Source: PinkMonkey.com
#9. The Pit and the Pendulum author Edgar Allan Poe | Source: Ibiblio
#10. The Pemature Burial author Edgar Allan Poe | Source: Pinkmonkey.com
#11. The Tell-Tale Heart author Edgar Allan Poe | Source: Ibiblio

Cosmic Horror Books

Cosmic horror is a literary genre that exalts the terrifying presence and makes the human race look insignificant, in turn, the characters that make up this type of writing are based on mythological beings from different cultures, and abominable presences from the origins such as “lilith” of the Mesopotamian culture among others.

The great master of cosmic horror books was the American Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who was responsible for its dissemination through his many works, so it is considered an eminence even in our times.

The emphasis of this literature is to take the reader’s mind to a state of madness or something similar, where the existence and many other things are questioned; however, it should be noted that they are not real stories, just good entertainment.

#12. The Call of Cthulhu author H. P. Lovecraft | Source: C. C. Magnus Gustavsson
#13. Nyarlathotep author H. P.Lovecraft | Source: One More Library
#14. The Rats in the Walls author H. P. Lovecraft | Source: Repositório Institucional da UFSC
#15. The Lurking Fear author H. P. Lovecraft | Source: Repositório Institucional da UFSC


Horror and Ghost Books

If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s you may have seen the ghostbusters, who were a group of people busy catching dead creatures that live in our world, which they called ghosts; or maybe you saw Casper the friendly ghost.

Precisely that is what the literature of this genre is about, to embrace specters that were once people, but once they died they remained in this world in an invisible form with the ability to interact with the living.

However, there are no good ghosts in these horror and ghost books, they are all enemies of mankind, either for revenge or simply to terrorize, the truth is that it takes a good dose of courage to sleep with the lights off after reading these books.

#16. Three Ghost Stories author Charles Dickens | Source: Planet Publish
#17. The Phantom of the Opera author Gaston Leroux | Source: PinkMonkey.com
#18. The Turn of the Screw author Henry James | Source: Ibiblio
#19. The Canterville Ghost author Oscar Wilde | Source: Pedagogická fakulta JU

Gothic Horror Books

Gothic horror is very similar to ghostly literature, because most of its specters are beings that were once alive and are dedicated to tormenting people after they pass to the other world.

The main difference between the two is the environment in which the plot develops, in the gothic horror books you can notice a marked structure in forests, monasteries, chapels, mansions, etc. It has an emphasis on the dark and ancient, hence its adjective, while the ghostly literature is not so, these can be anywhere.

The most emblematic character that has been created in this genre so far is the well-known and feared Frankenstein, created from human and animal remains that carries in its interior the soul of a dead man; which received life in a laboratory located in a gloomy mansion at the end of the mountain.

#20. THE VAMPYRE; A Tale author John William Polidori | Source: Arizona State University
#21. Dracula author Bram Stoker | Source: Planet eBook
#22. The Monk. A Romance author Matthew Lewis | Source: Saylor Academy

Horror Books for Children

Children have a great imagination. I remember that when I lived through this time, my mind wandered to many things, and I was very afraid of horror stories, but I still liked to read them and watch them on television, no matter if I could not sleep afterwards.

If you have children, they may have a similar attitude, but as parents we have a responsibility to help them overcome their fears and show them what is real and what is not. In this sense, horror books for children are a very good option, since through the story the child will learn that the fear of monsters, ghosts, etc., is something they should not have at all.

It is always advisable that this type of literature is read under parental supervision, thus avoiding psychological traumas that affect their growth.

#23. Short, Short Spooky Stories author Poudre River Public Library District | Source: Poudre River Public Library District
#24. Campfire Stories, for Kids author Welcome to Get Out With The Kids! | Source: Welcome to Get Out With The Kids!
#25. Hansel and Gretel author Scholastic | Source: Scholastic

Here ends our selection of free Horror books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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