+20 Free Life-Changing Books [PDF]



In the life of the readers there is always a book that marks a before and an after, even, it could be several. Under the criteria of sales achieved, public opinion and the author’s expertise, we have compiled a series of Life-Changing Books in PDF format, so that you can be part of the group of people who were transformed by them.

In our collection of life-changing books in PDF format, you will find authors with great recognition in the area of personal growth. As you will see, we chose them with the purpose of helping you on your path of transformation.

Studies have concluded that most successful people have the habit of reading as a key to achieving their goals. Books are objects of wisdom from which we can learn, broaden our view of things, develop important life skills and discover the secrets of happiness and success; among the many benefits of reading.

If you want to improve in some aspect of your life, surely there is already a book that can show you how. Our selection is designed to generate those changes that you need so much in order to feel fulfilled. In the books you will always find ideas that renew your paradigms, a kind of revolution of thought that can give your life a 180º turn.

Personal transformation is always accompanied by guidance, perhaps from a mentor. However, in most cases, a book takes on that role and ends up becoming an object of high value for the person.

In this sense, a book is an essential part of the individual’s personal and spiritual development. Allow yourself that metamorphosis by exploring our compendium of more than 20 life-changing books in PDF format and be part of that group of lucky people who are entering a revolution of the ideas, habits and circumstances of their own life.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Life-Changing books:

#1. War and Peace author Leo Tolstoy | Source: Planet eBook
#2. The Critique of Pure Reason author Immanuel Kant | Source: ATAUNgo UDALA
#3. Crime and Punishment author Fyodor Dostoevsky | Source: Planet eBook
#4. Thus Spake Zarathustra author Friedrich Nietzsche | Source: Domínio Público
#5. Time Management author Brian Tracy | Source: American Management Association
#6. The Buddha and His Teachings author Venerable Nārada Mahāthera | Source: BuddhaNet
#7. The Light That Failed author Rudyard Kipling | Source: ATAUNgo UDALA
#8. The Metamorphosis author Franz Kafka | Source: Planet eBook
#9. The Law of Love author Vicent Guillem | Source: UV
#10. Beyond Good and Evil author Friedrich Nietzsche | Source: Planet eBook
#11. The Invisible Man author H. G. Wells | Source: CBSE Academic
#12. The Game of Life And How to Play It author Florence Scovel Shin | Source: USP – Universidade de São Paulo


#13. Siddhartha author Hermann Hesse | Source: ApnaMBA
#14. The Science of Getting Rich author Wallace D. Wattles | Source: HolyBooks.com
#15. On the Shortness of Life and On the Happy Life author Lucius Annaeus Seneca | Source: Abbott ePublishing
#16. The Art of War author Sun Tzu | Source: University of Alberta
#17. The Prophet author Khalil Gibran | Source: Brainy Betty
#18. The Unconscious author Sigmund Freud | Source: Dravni.co.il
#19. Change your story change your life author Stephanie S. Tolan | Source: StoryHealer
#20. Transform Your Habits author James Clear | Source: James Clear
#21. The Varieties of Religious Experience author William James | Source: Center for the Study of Religion and Society
#22. Inner Peace Kit author Moira Hutchinson | Source: Wellness With Moira
#23. As a Man Thinketh author James Allen | Source: Wahiduddin’s Web
#24. On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying (Article) author Mark Twain | Source: THOUGHTAUDIO

Here ends our selection of free Life-Changing books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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