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Health sciences are indispensable to the well-being of modern societies. Health is a subject and a fundamental right in life, it is also an intangible value and an ideal state to which all human beings aspire. Taking into account its relevance, we have created a collection of medical books, because we know that it is a research topic demanded by many readers in our community who, above all, put their preparation in first place.

The study of medicine is a long road where the apprentices need to make a theoretical and technical approach to all the principles and laws that govern this discipline. In addition, research and updating are an essential part of the training of a health professional. With our medical books you can meet the requirement of starting your research activities.

Medicine has accompanied humanity since prehistoric times. Human beings have always wanted to intervene and discover the origin and functioning of both our existence and our body. This has always been an object of study. In ancient times, the healing power of plants was used to heal ailments of various kinds. It can be said that those who practiced medicine were witches, shamans, healers, fortune tellers and spiritualists.

With the passing of time, the knowledge in the field of medicine became more sophisticated, thanks to the advance of science many discoveries were made that led it take steps towards what we now know as Western medicine. A representative figure in Ancient Greece was Hippocrates, who is considered the father of medicine. Hippocrates‘ contributions were extremely important, since thanks to them medicine was separated from other disciplines such as philosophy and began to develop as a profession.

Medicine can be defined as the science or discipline that investigates and provides diagnosis, cure and treatment for diseases of the body. Nowadays, it also has its focus on prevention and can be said that it is a science of physical healing. It has many specialties, whose divisions come from the specific organ they deal with. Thus, for example, we have: ophthalmology (a specialty that treats the eye), cardiology (a specialty that treats the heart and blood circulation), traumatology (deals with traumas that occur in the spine and extremities, affecting bones, joints, muscles, among others).

Health systems pursue the well-being of societies and aim for access by the majority of the world’s population. Many official organizations and governments are ensuring that this goal is increasingly achievable.

Our collection of medical books in PDF format covers a wide range of specialties, as well as other health sciences such as nursing and dentistry. All titles are in the public domain and distributed free of charge. You can access each one of them in the section corresponding to the area or specialty you choose and download them to your electronic devices without any inconvenience. Here you will be able to obtain essential information very useful for your studies and research.



Anatomy is a science that studies the structure of living organisms, in other words, the arrangement of their bones and organs and the relationship between them. Also, anatomy is the name given to the structure of living organisms. This term is widely used in sciences such as medicine and biology.

Anatomy, therefore, studies the characteristics, location and interrelations of organs that are part of a living organism. This discipline is in charge of developing a descriptive analysis of living organisms.

According to its approach, it is possible to divide anatomy into clinical or applied anatomy, descriptive or systemic anatomy, regional or topographic anatomy, functional anatomy, or anatomical pathology, among others.

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+20 Books about Anatomy in PDF format

2) Dentistry Books



Dentistry is the medical specialty dedicated to the study of the teeth and gums and the treatment of their ailments. This discipline deals with everything related to the stomatognathic system, which is made up of the group of organs and tissues found in the oral cavity and part of the skull, face and neck.

The origin of dentistry goes back thousands of years. The first documented dental practice took place in Egypt more than 5,000 years ago. Closer in time, barbers were responsible for extracting teeth until dentistry became institutionalized.

Some of the most common conditions of dental patients are cavities, malocclusion, periodontal diseases and dental trauma, among others.

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General medicine is the first level of medical care whose objective is to prevent, detect and treat common diseases, as well as to refer to the appropriate specialist, if necessary. Any person, adult or child, man or woman, can visit a general practitioner.

People see a general practitioner when they are unclear about the source of their pain or discomfort, or when they are facing symptoms that are not serious, but require medical evaluation and medication to treat them such as the common cold, abdominal pain or minor bumps. They may also see a general practitioner for a preventive checkup, including medical evaluation and orders for tests.

If you want to get into the world of medicine, we invite you to visit our selection of books on general medicine that will be of great help for your start in this exciting field of study.

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+20 Books about General Medicine in PDF format

4) Nursing Books



Nursing is a profession that comprises the attention, autonomous care and collaboration of the health of the human being. Nurses are dedicated, in broad terms, to treating the potential or actual health problems that a person presents.

In 1852 was the beginning of professional nursing, since through the publication of Nightingale’s book «Notes on Nursing», nurses began to feel an interest in acquiring technical knowledge about their profession.

Nursing, today, is a career at the university level that is dedicated to the care and attention of medical patients. There are other jobs that perform functions that complement those of the nurse, such as the patient care technician or certified nursing assistant.

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+20 Books about Nursing in PDF format

5) Nutrition Books



The relationship between nutrition and health has been known and accepted by all since ancient times, both in the preventive sphere and in the recovery from the damage suffered after illness. Thus, Hippocrates already said “let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”.

Updating our knowledge in the field of nutrition aims to establish the best dietary recommendations to prevent disease and promote optimal health. Dietary habits are the most important environmental factor in the modulation of gene expression during the life of each person.

A correct choice of foods in the context of a varied, balanced diet and in sufficient quantity, will allow the correct development of the individual.

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+25 Books about Nutrition in PDF format

6) Pharmacology Books



Pharmacology is the science that studies pharmacological products or chemical substances, covering their biological effects, their composition, their sources and their chemical properties. It is within the field of biomedicine since it studies the biological effects and the effectiveness that drugs have on people in the treatment of a specific medical problem.

Thanks to pharmacology, it is possible to know drugs in depth and to know how their interactions with the organism develop. In this way it is possible to determine their effects on living organisms, which can be positive or toxic.

The origin, history, chemical and physical characteristics, mode of action, absorption and effects of drugs are some of the topics of interest in pharmacology, which has great importance due to the therapeutic use of the substances studied.

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7) Sexology Books



Sexology investigates sexual interactions, behaviors, orientations and identities. Its specialists, known as sexologists, can contribute to the fight against sexually transmitted diseases, design a treatment for anorgasmia, work on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and offer therapeutic assistance to increase the intimate enjoyment of a couple, to name a few possibilities.

Everything that has to do with the relationship between men and women, not only what happens to their bodies and their genitals when they meet; but what happens to their lives due to the fact that they are men and women, is the field of application of sexology.

Sexologists say that in order to enjoy a full sexuality it is advisable to have a healthy diet, minimize stress and do sports activities, for example. Also important are the dialogue in the couple and the knowledge of the body.

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+25 Books about Sexology in PDF format

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