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We present our collection of PDF books, which is constantly growing. We strive to find relevant digital books, of the most varied topics to satisfy your need for knowledge, curiosity and research spirit.

We know that free PDF books can sometimes be hard to find, or you just don’t have time to gather several on the same topic for your library. For this reason, we have taken care of collecting them for you, making them available to you ready for download.

We have many topics, from psychology, through mechanics, children, to quantum physics. Absolutely all are freely distributed and in the public domain. So you don’t have to worry about contributing to piracy.

Accessing the free books is very easy, just click on one of the topics of your interest. Then, if there are subtopics, these will be displayed, and you can click again on the one that interests you.

For each topic, we make a selection of three outstanding books, which are located at the beginning of the list with their respective synopses for you to access immediately. This way, you will have an idea of the content that you will find inside. We think this makes reading easier and saves you a lot of time.

Every week, we update our library of books in PDF format, so do not hesitate to enter your email to receive all the news.

In which cases will our free distribution books be useful to you? We will briefly detail them, below:
• Right now you don’t have enough money to invest in books.
• You are a student and you need to quickly access the material to investigate.
• You don’t have time to go to a library.
• You can’t get the book at your local bookstores.
• You prefer to read in digital format.
• You want to review the content before buying the physical book.
• The book does not exist in physical format.

Whatever your current situation on the list or similar, we are sure that our selection of books in PDF format will help you achieve your goal of delving into a certain topic.

Remember that the value of reading is incalculable, it brings multiple benefits for those who develop the habit. Not everyone appreciates it, but we know you do. Take advantage of the facilities that technology and us offer you. Increase your reading baggage right now.

Alternative Therapy Books

Alternative medicine is gaining more followers every day, especially chronic patients who do not find a solution to their ailments in conventional medicine. Many begin by entering this world, as patients or therapists, doing research on the internet. That is why we have taken the trouble to gather quality information by making books on alternative therapies available to you.

It is important to note that many doctors, having only options to alleviate symptoms, recommend that their chronic patients seek alternatives outside of conventional medicine, as long as they continue to be supervised in their consultation. This is how alternative therapies have been on the rise.

We invite you to discover the origin, science and art behind each internationally successful alternative therapy. If it is your interest to be a therapist or to receive some of the treatments associated with this type of unconventional medicine, our books on alternative therapies in PDF format are the perfect option for you.

Animal Books

An animal is a living being that can move under its own power. In general, the denomination includes the members of the kingdom known as Animalia.

There are several characteristics shared by most animals, even with their differences. Animals ingest their food, develop sexual reproduction and absorb oxygen through respiration. These are just a few basic characteristics, but of course animals can be very different from one another.

The science that studies animal life is zoology, taking as object of its analysis the current and past animals, from their fossil remains, individually considered or forming systems or groups, and in relation to their habitat.

Here is a table with all the selections of books about animals in PDF format that we have developed.

Art & Photography Books

With our books on art and photography in PDF format, you will be able to witness their evolution through time and the various trends that have marked milestones throughout history. What we love about this topic is that at any point you study it, it always has something revolutionary and disruptive. All the arts have had to break schemes and, many times, go against social paradigms; generally, great artists have not been valued enough in their time.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, critic or just an “art lover”, reading about art is perfect for you. Even if you are just having your first approaches to this world, you can find references here so that you can catch up in a short time.

That said, we hope that you will be encouraged to choose the art and photography books that interest you the most and thus begin, or continue, the adventure of entering this exciting world. Take a look, below, of what we offer you in each sub topic, so that you can choose with more criteria what suits your reading voracity.

Biology Books

We have created well thought out collections for lovers of natural sciences, including biology, of course. That is why we have perfected a whole library of books on biology in PDF format to the delight of the curious of this discipline. You will find invaluable information here.

The origin of biology, like that of the other sciences, comes from philosophy, from which it is separated in the stage of the Enlightenment. However, its modern conception developed after the essential findings of Darwin and Mendel, culminating in the 19th century. It is when the most relevant advances in evolution and genetics are made.

Thanks to biology, crucial discoveries have been made in the history of humanity, such as penincillin and the vaccines that have saved so many lives until today. Also, the future seems to advance thanks to molecular biology that contributes to the genetic modification of food. To learn more about this exciting branch of science, we invite you to visit our selections of biology books.

Business and Investment Books

If you are looking for books on business and investments in PDF format, you have come to the ideal place, it is precisely what we have done with so much effort for you: Collect a wide range of general topics, with their subtopics and put the related books free of charge.

More and more people are interested in starting their own business. Why this interesting phenomenon? Undoubtedly, technological innovations such as the internet have been responsible for massifying information and, today, half of the planet is connected learning about business, investment and many more topics.

While reading business and investing books won’t make you a millionaire overnight, it will help you pay the bills. It allows you to move more confidently towards putting its fundamental principles into practice and is the beginning of a journey full of adventure.

Chemistry Books

Our collection of chemistry books in PDF format is essential if you want to enter the study of this essential science for the development of society. It will also be useful to specialize in one of its branches. Chemistry has been, if you will, one of the most important sciences for the significant advances of humanity.

Chemistry, in general, has worked in combination with other sciences to result in impressive advances in health, environment, transportation, industry, and even art. In this sense, he has contributed with sciences such as medicine, pharmacy, biology and geology, just to name a few of them.

Without this great experimental science, life today could not be what it is. As simple, as true. The great advances of the world, regarding technology, owe much to chemistry. And although there are still many things to discover, everything that chemistry has given us as science is invaluable. If you want to know more, we invite you to visit our collection of books on chemistry.

Children's Books

With our children’s books you will be able to accompany the smallest of the house in a process of healthy, creative and free growth. Through reading, children begin the formation of their own conscience, the representation of reality and the learning of the culture inherited from very ancient times.

In our desire to promote children’s literature, we have compiled a wide variety of books, including: stories for children, nursery rhymes and couplets, books for children and babies, dinosaur books, children’s bedtime stories and animal books for color. As you can see, it is a very complete compendium that encourages the development of cognitive and motor skills.

Take a look at our collection of children’s books in PDF format and enjoy each of these titles carefully selected for the enjoyment and learning of the little ones.

Computing Books

Since humanity focused on facilitating work processes, its quality and productivity, advances in automatic information processing have not stopped. Such a vital area could not be left out of our virtual library, that is why we present this great collection of computing books.

It is really difficult for any social sector or discipline that is not affected by advances in computing. It can be said that it has flooded all public and private sectors, including domestic life.

Thus, this important scientific and technological area has made it easier for us to handle an immense amount of data and became the basis for the creation of the Internet and communication technologies.

Engineering Books

If you want to study one of the most important disciplines for the evolution of societies, you have to know our selection of Engineering books in PDF format. Could the world have advanced without engineering? The answer is a definite no. Without the discoveries in technology, we simply wouldn’t have much of what we enjoy today.

Engineering became truly relevant or, we could say, became indispensable from the advance of the Industrial Revolution, when the world was able to enjoy the great evolutionary leaps of technology. It is a movement of great innovations that, far from stopping, accelerates more and more, to the point of making certain machines obsolete every year.

If you are an engineer or want to prepare well as an engineer with our collection of books on Engineering you can take those first steps. The knowledge base is the study, therefore, we invite you to carry it out successfully by reviewing our library.

Esotericism Books

The arts of the occult have been present for thousands of years in different civilizations and historical moments. We know that it is a topic of interest and that is why we have gathered books on esotericism, which you can access in this section.

Esotericism has been related, in Western culture, to a series of pseudosciences, such as astrology, magic, alchemy, tarot, clairvoyance, among others.

Although in the scientific field they are rejected, the truth is that large groups of people value them and use them to obtain solutions to their problems and, in general, to live a better life. Learn more about this interesting topic by taking a look at our collections of esoteric books in PDF format.

Food & Drinks Books

There is a saying that says: “In variety is taste”, is there anything wiser than this phrase? For this reason, we have selected cookbooks in PDF format from many parts of the world. You will hardly be able to gather the variety of information and recipes that you find here. How can your life remain the same if you give yourself the opportunity to know the best of national and international gastronomy?

Eating is a basic necessity, but over time, food preparations have undergone hundreds of thousands of innovations. This has been influenced by the social and cultural factor of the act of eating, along with advances in technology. Let’s say that after the discovery of fire, meals turned into something very different. From a simple basic need, little by little it became “eating for the pleasure of eating.”

Surprise everyone with the best versions of the dishes you learn to prepare with our collection of cookbooks. Give them the opportunity to delight in your magical gift. Stand out as a chef, kitchen assistant or simply a lover of good food.

French Books

If French is a language you are practicing and you are also a lover of reading, this section is designed for you!

We have at your disposal a great variety of books in French totally free. You will be able to enjoy the classic works of the best authors of the literary world in the Spanish language.

For this, we have created a collection of french books in PDF format for each genre or subject of your interest: from the tender and loving side of reading to the most chilling stories.

History Books

History is precisely that, an attempt to preserve the memory of humanity. As you can see, it is not a small thing. If you are a lover of this topic, our books on history in PDF format will suit you like a glove.

History represents the construction of identity of peoples, countries, continents and the entire world. It is about looking at the past in order to understand ourselves better and learn from the events that impacted the group. There is a famous phrase that says “Woe to those people who forget their history, because they are condemned to repeat it”, attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Dare to look at the reflection of history to learn important things about life. This will show you everything relevant to a deep understanding of humanity. It is not just about facts, places and moments, it is about a whole legacy that is available for you to know, without having to have lived it firsthand. There is its magic and that of our collection of history books that will give you all that experience.

Horror Books

The literary genre of terror has as its main objective to provoke fear in readers, in fact, the main characteristic of this genre is the effect it generates in the audience, which we refer to as fear.

Horror books are distinguished by managing to affect the thoughts of the people who read them, through the events that the story covers; these events can be executed by human characters or not.

According to what experts say, a character of supernatural origin or belonging to the monster category is not required to terrify readers. You can see this and enjoy it in each of the categories ofhorror books that we have put together for you.

Language Learning Books

Learning languages ​​is a way of opening doors in the world. Labor, academic, cultural, social and even business doors. Languages ​​are part of the cultural heritage of millions of communities on the planet. In this sense, communication is, if you will, one of the most essential elements for walking as a citizen of the world.

With our collection of language learning books ​​in PDF format you will have access to excellent methods of teaching foreign languages, proven effective and with the possibility of becoming a self-taught student, if you choose. They can also serve as support for your institute classes or, simply, to practice if you already have command of the language.

The truth is that we could not talk to you more than benefits, when it comes to learning languages. It is something you can achieve if you put your mind to it. It is true that some people are easier than others to learn a second language, but it is a capacity that we all possess. Get here our language learning books ​​and broaden your horizons now.

Law Books

If you are a student of the Legal State, our compendium of books on law in PDF format is very complete, covers all its branches and is also ideal for those who are just beginning to study it. Among the titles we offer you are: Introduction to law, labor law, commercial law, criminal law, tax law, civil law, constitutional and international law, among others.

The law, nowadays, is no longer the domain of a few, their affairs have become popular and public opinion echoes the application of the law. If you are not a law student or lawyer, you can also access this collection of books on law, to participate with your knowledge in public life.

Whatever your case, we want you to take into account that you no longer have to be an expert or specialist to study any discipline. The books and information are currently available to those who need them. Today more than ever the rule of law is exercised by majorities and, in part, it is because they do not ignore legal matters.

Love Books

The concept of love is broad and complex. It can refer to love as friendship, romantic love, filial love, self-love, mystical love or love for a cause.

While it is true that love has become the main theme of various literary works, it is also true that it is expressed in different ways.

The point of view of the writers is evidenced in every story expressed on paper. In each written work love is expressed in various ways: Impossible love, Tragic love, Love and passion, among others.

Math Books

Mathematics is a science that, based on exact basic notations and through logical reasoning, studies the properties and quantitative relationships between abstract entities (numbers, geometric figures, symbols). Through mathematics we know quantities, structures, space and changes.

Since the beginning of history, the main mathematical disciplines arose from man’s need to make calculations in order to control Taxes and Commerce, understand the relationships between numbers, measure land and predict astronomical events.

Since then, mathematics has had a profuse development and there has been a fruitful interaction between mathematics and science, to the benefit of both. If you want to learn about wonderful science you can visit our collection of books on mathematics in PDF format.

Medical Books

The study of medicine is a long road where learners need to make a theoretical and technical approach to all the principles and laws that govern this discipline. In addition, research and updating are an essential part of the training of a health professional. With our medical books you can meet the requirement of starting your research activities.

Medicine has accompanied humanity, since prehistory. Human beings have always wanted to intervene and discover the origin and functioning of both our existence and our body. This has always been the object of study.

With the passing of time, the knowledge of medicine became more sophisticated, thanks to the advancement of science, many discoveries were made that made him take steps towards what we now know as Western medicine. A representative figure in Ancient Greece was that of Hippocrates, who is considered the father of medicine. If you want to delve into this field of study, we invite you to visit our collections of books on medicine in PDF format.

Mystery and Thriller Books

Mystery, thriller, and horror literature has long been a successful way of reaching the reading public and awakening the most intense emotions. We know that this is a highly requested genre, so we have made a selection of mystery and thriller books in PDF format, in order to please our community. Good mystery stories are always welcome, because they make us cringe to the bone.

As you know, fear is a basic and primitive emotion that overwhelms us, causing physical and psychological effects on us. When you sit in a controlled and safe environment, fear turns into an adrenaline rush that you can even enjoy. Reading our mystery and suspense books will make you immerse yourself in fascinating stories that you will not be able to abandon until the end.

Do you want to live the experience of terror and suspense? It’s time for you to download our mystery and thriller books and catch up on the best works and authors of the genre.

Mythology Books

Like history, mythology is very useful to know the culture and behaviors of nations. Although we know that the latter has no scientific impact, it is part of the collective imagination of many communities, until today. Due to its importance, we want to offer mythology books in PDF format, to you who are passionate about knowing the fruitful imagination of ancient civilizations.

How does knowing mythology help us? Today’s globalized society has wanted to forcibly detach itself from everything that does not fall within a formal scientific explanation. This seems to us a serious error, since not everything that constitutes a human is verifiable. We are complex beings, living in a complex world.

Our list of books on mythology will allow you not only to study in depth the mythology of a specific civilization, but also the possibility of dedicating yourself to doing comparative studies. Whether they are academic or not is the least important thing, with our selection you are going to a reliable source. You will notice the points of agreement in the stories, as well as their disagreements.


The Novel is undoubtedly the most used narrative genre, so much so that it was considered to be a literary genre different from the narration, but it could not be separated from it due to the use of elements that compose it.

It is generally written in prose, and its content is quite extensive compared to the short story, therefore it usually contains many chapters that are related to each other, thus developing the story from beginning to end.

Most novels are usually fictional, however, great writers such as Miguel de Cervantes and Gabriel García Márquez managed to give a unique touch to their works, which are part of the classics of world literature, and serve as an example for current and emerging writers.

Philosophy Books

Philosophy is a doctrine that uses a set of logical and methodical reasoning about abstract concepts such as existence, truth and ethics based on science, the characteristics and causes and effects of natural things such as human beings and the universe.

He was born in Egypt, although those great thinkers of the golden age of Ancient Greece, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle would be the ones who have stood out the most in the various philosophical debates that arose at that time; For them, the raison d’être of philosophizing was due to the astonishment generated by certain circumstances.

In the peak moments of humanity, when changes are imposed or chaos arises, public opinion turns to the voice of philosophers, to help it think about what is happening: to determine precisely what is the wisest way to do it, or what are the dynamics of thought that are most convenient and that will yield the best results in the long run.

Physics Books

Our collection of physics books in PDF format is at your disposal for the study of this indispensable science regarding the advancement of the world in various areas. If you study this discipline or want to know more about its principles, our selection will come in handy for you. You can find from the most basic concepts, to the most complex, as well as study its different branches.

Physics is divided into several branches, among which are: acoustic, electromagnetic, mechanical, fluid mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, cosmology, quantum, among others. As you can see, it is a science that encompasses many specialties.

Our collection of books on physics will help you immerse yourself in this interesting science. Today the world cannot be conceived without its findings, that is why we think that more people are becoming interested in knowing it more deeply.

Portuguese Books

If Portuguese is a language you are practicing and you are also a lover of reading, this section is designed for you!

We have at your disposal a great variety of books in Portuguese totally free. You will be able to enjoy the classic works of the best authors of the literary world in the Portuguese language.

For this, we have created a collection of portuguese books in PDF format for each genre or subject of your interest: from the tender and loving side of reading to the most chilling stories.

Psychology Books

With our books about psychology in PDF format you can learn from the most basic concepts, to the most challenging. These works can be read by psychology students, psychologists, professionals in other sciences or anyone genuinely interested in this social discipline.

Currently, psychology can be defined as a social science in charge of studying the human mind and behavior. Various branches have been developed, encompassed in two categories: basic and applied psychology. From the first, evolutionary, cognitive, psychopathology, art, among others, emerge. From the second are derived educational, clinical, child, social, sports psychology, among others.

In that sense, this science has progressed alongside the social need to live mentally healthy, making it indispensable as a field of study. Don’t miss our collection of psychology books, as it has very valuable content for your research and learning purposes.

Religion Books

Religion is a fundamental part of the life of the human being, it is a subject of great importance that transcends cultural, philosophical, historical, and above all spiritual barriers.

In this sense, there are many books on religion that can provide a lot of specific information on the subject, some of them are paid literature, while others are free in PDF format, which can be easily downloaded and read at any time, since you only need a Smartphone or a computer to do it.

Throughout the history of humanity, many religions have emerged, some of them monotheistic (belief in one God) and other polytheistic (many gods), which are framed in the cultures and way of life of people.

Self Improvement Books

In our virtual library you can learn much more about personal development, personal finances, leadership and practice self-help with our books on self improvement in PDF format. We bring together the most prominent free distribution and public domain bestsellers, ordered by topic and subtopic.

Little by little it has been discovered that the achievement of happiness is more related to the satisfaction of being able to develop one’s gifts and unfold the essence as a human being, without major difficulty. For this, self-improvement is useful in the collapse of beliefs and paradigms that only cause limitation of a person’s potentialities.

Our collection is extensive and we have works of excellent quality, both those of high popularity, and others that are a treasure to be discovered. As we already explained, our books on self-improvement will help you a lot to transcend barriers that prevent you from expressing your full potential. Help yourself today to be better tomorrow.

Spanish Books

If Spanish is a language you are practicing and you are also a lover of reading, this section is designed for you!

We have at your disposal a great variety of books in Spanish totally free. You will be able to enjoy the classic works of the best authors of the literary world in the Spanish language.

For this, we have created a collection of spanish books in PDF format for each genre or subject of your interest: from the tender and loving side of reading to the most chilling stories.

Sports Books

Perhaps you think that reading about sports could be something strange, because the ideal is to either practice it or go as a spectator to a competition. But, the truth is that sports have a fascinating history, as well as many captured data that are relevant for its exercise. You will realize that when you review our sports books in PDF format. In fact, there are techniques and strategies that many authors have left on paper and it is only fair that fans, or those who are dedicated to the sport, read them.

Is it any wonder that you can enjoy a reading about sports? Not at all, rather, we encourage our readers to do so. If you are passionate about sports disciplines, you have to check out our collection of books about sports. There you will find a lot of useful information to achieve your maximum performance.

The famous and late former NBA, Kobe Bryant, said that he spent endless hours studying attack and defense strategies. This man became a legend for world basketball. If you want to be an athlete or are only interested in studying it for other purposes, reading our collection of sports books will help you a lot.

Trades Books

Learning a trade is as commendable as studying for a college degree, and it can bring as much or more economic prosperity as well as personal satisfaction. When you are passionate about a trade, it is best to focus on developing the skills necessary to do it. For this reason, if you are curious to develop yourself in this area, we recommend our selection of books on trades in PDF format, available for free and immediate download.

In the past, a trade was learned from a relative or close person with experience. The youngest learned from parents, grandparents, uncles or other relatives who took time to prepare them. Today, the same can also happen, but it is not the only option. With the development of technology, people can be self-taught and develop manual skills through free or paid books, videos and virtual courses.

The word “office” is of Latin origin officium, a term that at the same time derives from opifficium, formed by the roots opus, which means’ work ‘, facere, which means’ to do’ and the suffix io, which means’ action and effect’. Thus, a trade is the action and effect of doing a work.

Various Topics

You have reached the section of books on various topics that, although they do not belong to a particular category, are of great interest to today’s society. This is a dynamic section that grows over time and in which we take into account the opinion of our readers. They are very different themes, but with one aspect in common, they are fully valid and are on the rise.

We are constantly working on expanding this list. In this collection we are interested in topics from both the scientific field and the humanities. Some of them are quite specific, those that have branched out over time, regarding the super specialization that in many cases we see today.

Remember that since it is a dynamic section, some topics are here temporarily and can then be included in new categories. This is important to clarify so that you do not think that they have been removed from our website.

Classic Authors Books

For those who consider themselves true readers, the classics should be among their must-read. It is almost a moral duty to read the masterpieces that have marked the history of world literature. We are not saying it, prominent writers have touched on this issue and all conclude the same: Reading the classics is a necessary decision for the entire reading community. Our wish is that you do not get left behind in this search and access the best books by classic authors in PDF format from our virtual library.

Who wouldn’t want to go around the world in 80 days? Who wouldn’t die of curiosity to know how Sherlock Holmes solves hundreds of impossible cases? A classic is not a work that has transcended time by chance, there are reasons for this, a series of elements are combined that make it a perfect piece that does not expire.

Here is a table with all the books by classic authors that we have developed.