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To continue expanding our section on music, we have created a collection of music theory books in PDF format. In the area of music, both performance and theoretical aspects are equally important.

Since classical antiquity, the theoretical perspective of music has been consolidating, especially in the West. This has made it go from a merely cultural and folkloric practice to a systematic and structured art. Therefore, if you wish to carry out formal studies, start with our selection of music theory books.

We can define music theory as the field of study whose purpose is to understand and communicate the language of music. To do so, it analyzes its foundations and provides a system of interpretation of musical compositions. 

To enter into more advanced and complex studies, it is advisable to master well the foundation and its three input elements which are reduced to harmony, melody, and rhythm. This opens the door to basic music theory studies.

Check out our collection of over 15 music theory books in PDF format and discover much more about the world of music completely free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Music Theory Books:

Music Theory

Mark Andrew Cook

Music Theory for the 21st-Century Classroom

Robert Hutchinson

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People

Toby W. Rush

Music Notation and Theory for Intelligent Beginners

Jono Kornfeld

Introduction to Music Theory (Article)

Joe Jones

Music Theory Fundamentals Pitch

John Ellinger

Fundamentals of music theory

Michael Edwards, John Kitchen, Nikki Moran, Zack Moir and Richard Worth

Computational Music Theory

Ruhan Alpaydin

Music Theory - Advanced Level

Beverly Hills High School

A guide to advanced harmony

Alexander Sanchez Behar

Unit 1 - Practical Music Theory and Harmony (Presentation)

Julie Brown

Practical Music Theory for Guitar Players


Theory booklet

GCSE Music

Lesson 1: The Staff

John A. Ferguson Senior

The Staff - High and Low

John A. Ferguson Senior

The Staff - Treble Clef

John A. Ferguson Senior

The Staff - Bass Clef

John A. Ferguson Senior

Lesson 5: Note Reading Worksheet

John A. Ferguson Senior

Lesson 6: Basic Rhythm: Note Types and 4/4 Time

John A. Ferguson Senior

Lesson 7: Basic Rhythm - Rests and Stems

John A. Ferguson Senior

Here ends our selection of free Music Theory books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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