15+ Marine Biology Books for Free! [PDF]

The planet is made up of 70% of oceans, so the study of marine life is of great importance and scope for all of us who inhabit the planet. If you are interested in the fascinating world of marine waters, you cannot miss our collection of marine biology books in PDF format. Our books are very easy to download and there are numerous free options to facilitate research in our community of readers.

This branch of the natural sciences is also responsible for preserving species and ensuring that the ecosystem is not affected by human activities such as tourism and navigation in protected areas. This gives it even more relevance and with our marine biology books you will be able to learn about this and much more.

So, according to what we have already mentioned above, marine biology is in charge of analyzing the life forms that inhabit the seas. It relies on other sciences such as geology, geography, chemistry and physics, however, it should not be thought of as a simple combination of them, these only act as auxiliary sciences. This scientific specialty studies the structure of both marine fauna and flora, studying species that are very different from each other.

However, marine biologists not only study the structures of the animals and plants of the oceans, but also the interaction between coastal and marine living organisms with the environment, the management of biodiversity and the methods of scientific research in the area.

Taking into account the levels of water pollution, those involved in marine biology are also concerned about carrying out the necessary actions, from their field of study, to preserve and maintain the varied marine life in optimal conditions.

Take a look right now at our more than 15 books on marine biology in PDF format that are available for immediate download in this section.

Here we present our complete selection of Marine Biology books:

Introduction to Marine Biology

Chantale Bégin, Jessica Fry and Michael Cucknell

CMAS Book Underwater Marine Biology

Stavros Kaniklides, Melina Markus, Nikolaou Nikolas

The Youth Guide to the Ocean

José Aguilar-Manjarrez, David Billett, Kelvin Boot

World Ocean Review: Living with the oceans

Bollmann, Moritz

The Marine Biologist

The Marine Biological Association

Oceanography and Marine Biology

S.J. Hawkins, A.J. Evans, A.C. Dale, L.B. Firth, D.J. Hughes and I.P. Smith

Master Thesis Marine Biology

Anne Katharina Juliane Wittfoth

Marine Biology Basics

Marine Science of Australia

Marine molecular biology: An emerging field of biological sciences

Narsinh L. Thakura, Roopesh Jainb, Filipe Natalio

Biological and ecological traits of marine species

Mark John Costello, Simon Claus, Stefanie Dekeyzer

Antarctic Environment Southern Ocean Process Study Process, I Study: Winter-spring transition

Walker O., Smith, Jr., Ann-Maree White, Scott Polk

Oceans and Coasts

Elaine Baker, Peter Harris, Adelina Mensah

Chapter 51. Biological Communities on Seamounts and Other Submarine Features Potentially Threatened by Disturbance

J. Anthony Koslow, Peter Auster, Odd Aksel Bergstad

Noise in the Sea and Its Impacts on Marine Organisms

Chao Peng, Xinguo Zhao and Guangxu Liu


New England Aquarium

A Future in Marine Biology (Article)

Auckland University of Technology

Marine biodiversity characteristics (Article)

Boeuf Gilles

Marine Vocabulary

University of South Florida

Interview with a Marine Biologist (Article)

J. Wilson White

Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas

Graeme Kelleher, Adrian Phillips

Here ends our selection of free Marine Biology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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