15+ Branding Books for Free! [PDF]

Every company must have an identity that allows it to differentiate itself from the competition. This is what our collection of branding books in PDF format is about, among other things. Here you can study everything related to the creative process of a business or personal brand, a topic that is undoubtedly trendy and will remain so for many years to come.

The construction of identity through branding is a fundamental pillar for any business, company and even for professionals who offer their services on or off the Internet. Therefore, we did not want to leave this aspect aside and we have selected a set of branding books with which interested readers will be able to learn its fundamental principles.

According to the above, we can say that branding is the process of building a brand through the planning of communicational, graphic and positioning processes. It is the overall management of all tangible and intangible aspects that revolve around a brand. Its main objective is to leave a promise that will be essential for the success of the business.

The 5 basic elements of branding are: corporate identity, naming, brand architecture, positioning and brand loyalty. All of them give strength and coherence to the brand, which will be fundamental as a differentiating factor in the market. A brand has a lot of power if it is well thought out and the branding is executed effectively. This would give it prestige and distinction, especially if we talk about the digital sphere.

With the emergence of social networks, branding reinvents itself and further justifies its raison d’être. Today, more than ever, brands are positioned in the public’s mind, accompanying them at all times of the day, thanks to the ubiquity allowed by electronic devices and artificial intelligence.

So enjoy more than 15 branding books in PDF format. Remember that you can download them quickly and free of charge below.

Here we present our complete selection of Branding Books:

Branding and Extroversion Handbook: A Guide for Smes

European Commission

Personal Branding

Colin Wrigh

Personal Brand Workbook


Brands and Branding

Douglas B Holt

Dimensions of Brand Image: A Conceptual Review from the Perspective of Brand Communication

Bambang Sukma Wijaya

Brands and Branding: Research Findings and Future Priorities

Kevin Lane Keller, Donald R Lehmann

Strong Brands; Some Fundamentals and Benefits

Andreas Knutsson

Geographies of Brands and Branding

Andy Pike

Brand and Consumer Characteristics as Drivers of Behaviour Towards Global and Local Brands

Srdan Sapic, Milan Kocic, Jovana Filipovic

Brand Management Practices, Corporate Image, Customer Characteristics and Satisfaction Among University Students in Kenya

Stephen Maore, Justus Munyoki, Mary Kinoti

The Role of Brand Image and Product Characteristics on Firms Entry and OEM Decisions

Fabio Caldieraro

Branding and Customer Satisfaction: A Research about the Adidas Group

Julia Wildfeuer

The Effect of Brand Image on Overall Satisfaction and Loyalty Intention in the Context of Color Cosmetic

Stephen L Sondoh Jr, Maznah Wan Omar, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid

Characteristics of a Successful Marketing Strategy for Indian Software Companies to Enter the Western-European Market

Martijn de Ridder

Branding 101 (Presentation)

Michael Aikens

Choosing brand elements to build brand identity (Presentation)

Silvia Ranfagni

What is a Brand? A Perspective on Brand Meaning (Article)

Upendra Kumar Maurya, P Mishra

Digital Branding (Article)

Bhavana Dodwani, Shruti Agarwal

Brand Awareness (Article)

Tara Gustafson, Brian Chabot

Brand Extension: A Strategy for Competitive Advantage (Article)

Dr. Tarun Kushwaha

Here ends our selection of free Branding books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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