15+ Children’s Books for Free! [PDF]

Welcome to our children’s books section! On our website, we are delighted to offer a wide variety of free books in PDF format specially designed for the little ones.

Whether you are looking for short reads, books for children with autism, educational material for preschoolers, or exciting stories for children aged 8 to 14, we have something special for every stage of their development.

We understand the importance of promoting reading and learning in children from an early age. That’s why we provide you with free books and materials that will stimulate your little ones’ imagination, promote inclusion, and provide them with hours of entertainment and knowledge.

Explore our collection of over 15 children’s books and materials in PDF format and immerse yourself in a world of adventure, learning, and fun.

Join your children on their literary journey and discover the magic of reading on every page!

Short Books for Children

Short books for children offer captivating and exciting stories in brief and accessible formats. These books are perfect for introducing children to the wonderful world of reading and stimulating their imagination from an early age.

Their compact format makes them an ideal choice for reading anytime, anywhere. From classic tales to original stories, you will find a variety of options that will delight young readers.

Whether you’re looking for a bedtime story or a quick read to entertain children during a trip, our short books for children are the perfect choice.

Short Stories for Children

Dirección General de Cultura y Educación de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

I Like to Read Comic Books

Clark Ness

In My Family

Rebecca Honig-Briggs

Do you wonder about rain, snow, sleet and hail?

T. Albert

I found a frog

T. Albert

Books for Children with Autism

In books for children with autism, we offer a carefully curated selection to provide support and entertainment for little ones with this condition.

These books are specially created to help children with autism understand the world around them, develop social and emotional skills, and foster communication.

Explore books for children with autism and discover an invaluable tool to support the growth and well-being of your children.

Simple CBT Worksheets


Teaching Independent Behavior with Activity Schedules to Children with Autism

Diane Berger

Sleep Strategies for Children with Autism


Improving Sleep for Children with Autism


Visual Supports and Autism


Fun Home Activities for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Thompson Autism Center

Free Visual Schedule Templates for Autism


Fire Drill Story

Autism Little Learners

Tornado Drill Story

Autism Little Learners

Books for Children Ages 8 to 10

In books for children ages 8 to 10, you will find an exciting combination of reading books and activity books designed especially for this age group.

We understand that at this stage of development, children seek not only fascinating stories but also interactive activities that stimulate their creativity and skills.

Our collection features a variety of books that offer a complete experience for children. From thrilling adventures and captivating characters to challenging puzzles, games, and activities.

More Classic Tales

Core Knowledge Foundation

Emotional Intelligence for children ages 8-10

Ohio National Guard

I Love My Planet

Peter Reichenbach

The Best Christmas Gift

Ivan Parvov

Tug Of War

Core Knowledge Foundation

I Know My Rights

Menaka Raman

Activities to Improve Attention & Concentration


STEM awesome activities

Chamindie Punyadeera

The Christmas Goblin and the Elfling


Books for Children Ages 12 to 14

Books for children ages 12 to 14 cover a variety of topics, from literary genres to activity books that invite children to explore their creative side, solve puzzles, and engage in fun projects.

These books encourage active reading and interactive learning, providing a comprehensive experience for young readers.

Allow them to immerse themselves in fascinating stories and then put their creativity and skills to the test through interactive activities.

Step-Up: Building Respectful Family Relationships - Teen Group Workbook

Lily Anderson and Greg Routt

Tools for Helping Anxious Teens

Angela M. Doel, MS, and Lawrence E. Shapiro, PhD

The Best Short Stories for High School



Anton Chekhov

Cannibalism in the Cars

Mark Twain

The Great God Pan

Arthur Machen

The Little Room

Madeline Yale Wynn

Bulli and the Tiger

Shalini Reys

With Love Gaia

Kirthi Jayakumar and Nanditha Ravindar

Growing Stronger Together


The Great Isolation Activity Book


Problem Solving Worksheets for Youth


Books for Preschool Children

In books for preschool children, you will find a delightful variety of books specially designed for the little ones.

These books are intended to stimulate their curiosity, develop their vocabulary, and awaken their love for reading from an early age.

Each book has been selected to address relevant topics for preschool-aged children, such as numbers, letters, colors, emotions, and daily routines.

Activity Book for 5-6 years Children


Next steps activity book


Nursery Activity Book


Safety Rocks - Activity Book for Grades 3 and 4


Coloring and Activity Book

Official site of the State of New Jersey

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