50+ Law Books for Free! [PDF]

On this occasion, we would like to present you our selection of law books. We know that this is a dynamic science in constant transformation, but with immovable fundamental principles.

Thanks to law, societies can live in order, under the same rules. Studying this discipline requires excellent preparation, as it deals with very delicate and sensitive issues for countries.

If you are a student of state law, our compendium of PDF books on law is very complete, covers all its branches and is also ideal for those who are just beginning to study it. Among the titles we offer you are: Introduction to law, labor law, commercial law, criminal law, tax law, civil law, constitutional and international law, among others.

Law is what gives us the guarantee of coexistence within the limits of respect for other citizens. It is a form of containment of misconduct, more oriented towards animal instinct. The notion of justice that we have as nations comes from a long republican and, later, democratic tradition, where systems can function in an acceptable manner.

The relevance of law lies, then, in the creation of laws for the regulation of conduct and coexistence. That is why we found it essential to add to our collection free books on law in PDF format, because we know that it is a complex universal science, but necessary in any nation.

By having our books in your personal library, you will have a solid foundation in this discipline and any of its aspects. And as José Martí would say: “Rights are taken, not asked for; they are taken, not begged for”. Take your right to be trained in this science that has provided justice to so many and injustice to so many others.

Prepare yourself to impart the first one. After all, to quote another great man: “Less harm is done by a hundred criminals than by one bad judge”. Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas.

Law, today, is no longer the domain of a few, its issues have been popularized and public opinion echoes the application of the law. If you are not a law student or lawyer, you can also access this collection of law books in PDF, to participate with your knowledge in public life.

Also, if you want to understand any specific legal process, our books will serve as your reference material. There is nothing better in today’s world than to be well advised and informed about the legal framework of any situation that requires legal intervention.

Whatever your case may be, we want you to keep in mind that you no longer have to be an expert or specialist to study any discipline. Books and information are now available to those who need them. Today, more than ever, the Rule of Law is exercised by majorities and, in part, this is because they are not ignorant of legal matters. And, of course, you can count on our books to accomplish that task.

1) Administrative Law Books

Administrative Law Books

Administrative law is a branch of public law that regulates the relations between individuals and the Public Administration. Administrative law only regulates the actions of the Public Administration when the administrative bodies are vested with public powers, which is what is known as imperium, which the authors have also called administrative power.

In its observation of everything related to the management of the State, administrative law always has a double objective: that of guaranteeing the efficiency of the Public Administration and the various processes involved in it, as well as the protection of the rights of individuals in their relations with it.

The rules of administrative law consist of laws, regulations and ordinances. The main rule of administrative law is the regulation, but ordinances are also common at the local level.

2) Civil Law Books

Civil Law Books

Civil law is known as the law that governs the private relationships that people establish between them. It is formed by the legal rules that regulate the patrimonial or personal relations between individuals (natural persons or legal persons). The purpose of civil law is to preserve the interests of the subject at the patrimonial and moral level.

To understand the branch of civil law, it is necessary to know the notion of natural law, which is the grouping of principles, inspired by nature, of what is considered as just or unjust. These rights (inalienable and universal) are concretized through positive law.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Civil Law, we invite you to visit our list of books on Civil Law in PDF format to learn more about this branch of law fundamental for life in society.

3) Commercial Law Books

Commercial Law Books

Commercial law or mercantile law is a particular branch of private law, which aims to regulate and accompany the dynamics of exchange of goods and services, that is, the commercial acts contemplated in the law, as well as the legal implications arising therefrom.

In short, commercial law is in charge of structuring the current commercial organization and of establishing the conditions of the legal regulations related to entrepreneurs, which is the name given to all the subjects that develop activities related to commerce.

In addition to the above, it is also important that we recognize the indispensability of Commercial Law in our society, since it plays a fundamental role not only in economic development, but also in political and, of course, social development.

4) Constitutional Law Books

Constitutional Law Books

Constitutional Law is a branch of Public Law dedicated to the study of the fundamental precepts (principles, concepts and laws) that determine the existence and functioning of a national State, normally established in the content of a National Constitution or Magna Carta.

The Constitution is the concretization of the Constituted Power, because in it the State is formed, as well as its functioning, its powers, but much more important its limits, because it is through the Constitution of a country that the actions of a government can be limited.

Among the doctrinal principles of constitutional law are the division of powers (Legislature, Executive Power and Judicial System) and the protection of the Rule of Law (state power subject to a legal system), national sovereignty and fundamental rights (stability and control of constitutionality, which is the legal mechanism that guarantees compliance with constitutional norms).

5) Criminal Law Books

Criminal Law Books

The origins of criminal law date back to primitive times and its concept has evolved throughout history going through marked stages in Roman Law, the Middle Ages and the evolution of the distinctive schools of those moments prior to its current conception, so that throughout history the human being has been reflecting on the definition of criminal law.

It is possible to distinguish between objective criminal law (ius poenale), which refers to the criminal legal norms themselves, and subjective criminal law (ius puniendi), which contemplates the application of a sanction to those who actualize the hypotheses foreseen by objective criminal law.

Specialization in this area of knowledge can be complex, but also very exciting for those who decide to practice it. That is why we invite you to review our selection of books on Criminal Law and enter this exciting world.

6) International Law Books

International Law Books

International law defines the legal responsibilities of States in their relations with each other, and the treatment of individuals within state borders. Its competences cover a wide range of problems of international importance, including human rights, disarmament, international crime, refugees, migration, nationality problems, the treatment of prisoners, the use of force and the conduct of war.

The main objective of international law is to ensure that relations between States are harmonious, peaceful and collaborative. It is made up of a set of legal norms, treaties and conventions that regulate how States and other international actors should behave.

If you want to learn about this interesting branch of law, we invite you to visit our selection of books on International Law in PDF format.

7) Introduction to Law Books

Introduction to Law Books

The word “Law” comes from the Old English «lagu», which means “ordinance, rule prescribed by authority, regulation”. Law consists of a conglomerate of norms and principles that seek to regulate human relations within society, whose compliance must be ensured by the state.

Law is such a broad subject that it has been studied by philosophers in Law, as well as by jurists and theoreticians, who have contributed different points of view and endless information about it, in several books on Introduction to Law.

In order for you to know each and every one of the terms, concepts and definitions, as well as the different branches concerning Law, we present you a list of free books on Introduction to Law in PDF format so that you can download and share them.

8) Labor Law Books

Labor Law Books

Also known as labour law or employment law. Labor law is an area of law whose legal norms and principles are aimed at defending human labor performed freely, on behalf of third parties, in terms of dependence and in exchange for payment.

As one of its principles, Labor Law includes the employment contract which must cover a set of aspects, such as:

– Remuneration: is the payment received by the worker on a periodic basis. In many countries the minimum wage is managed, so this aspect is not subject exclusively to the laws of the market.

– The working time: consists of the number of hours during which the work will be performed. Usually a workday of eight hours a day is established, which is equivalent to one third of the day.

– Vacation: is a period of enjoyment and paid rest.

– Working conditions: these are the conditions that must be met by the employer for the worker to perform the job safely and effectively.

9) Roman Law Books

Roman Law Books

It is called Roman Law the legal system that governed the society of Ancient Rome, from its foundation (in 753 B.C.) until the fall of the Empire in the 5th century A.D., although it remained in use in the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) until 1453.

Roman law was divided into two types:

Private law: these are the laws regulating commercial transactions.

Public law: refers to all laws created to protect citizens.

Today we know much of the Roman work regarding law due to the legal compilation ordered by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD. This compilation was known by the Latin name: Corpus Juris Civilis, which translates as Body of Civil Law.

10) Tax Law Books

Tax Law Books

Also known as revenue law, Tax Law is a section of financial law whose objective is to study the legal order that normalizes the assessment and application of taxes.

Likewise, Tax Law deals with the legal norms by means of which the State puts into practice its taxation power, in order to receive the income that will be used to cover the public expenditure for the common good.

In this select group of books on Tax Law you can read about the history, the origin, the tax law as such, the taxes and their classification, the tax system, the taxing power and the economic effects of taxes in the economy of a nation.

So, here ends our selection of free books about Law. We hope you liked it and that you already have your next book!

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