15+ Differential Equations Books for Free! [PDF]

The exact sciences are a subject that we have been interested in developing extensively in our virtual library. Therefore, we are pleased to present a collection of a subtopic that may be of great interest to students, researchers and teachers of mathematics, physics and engineering. These are books on differential equations in PDF format, where you will find the most used principles and methods to solve them.

The resolution of a differential equation consists of a mathematical operation, whose purpose is to find a function that fulfills a differential equation. The resolution can be done through a specific method for that differential equation that is being solved or by means of a transform such as the Laplace transform. All this and much more can be put into practice with the selection of books on differential equations. 

A differential equation is a mathematical equation that associates a function with its derivatives. From the point of view of applied mathematics, functions symbolize physical quantities, derivatives symbolize their rate of change, and the equation represents the relationship between the two (functions and derivatives).

Another common definition is an equation affected by the derivatives from one or more unknown functions. Depending on the number of independent variables from which they are derived, differential equations may be:

Ordinary: those containing derivatives of a single independent variable.

Partial: those containing derivatives with respect to two or more independent variables.

Linear: those whose solutions can be obtained from linear combinations of other solutions and whose derivatives have a maximum power equal to 1. In addition, in each coefficient that multiplies them only the variable is involved.

The order of the equation is determined by the order of the highest derivative. Thus, we have first order differential equations, second order, third order and so on.We invite you to practice with more than 15 books on differential equations in PDF format, available for free download in this section of our library.

Here we present our complete selection of Differential Equations books:

Differential Equations I

University of Toronto

Ordinary Differential Equations: Basic Concepts

Tsogtgerel Gantumur

Differential Equations

Ibnu Rafi

Exact Solutions to Differential Equations

University of Pennsylvania

Partial Differential Equations

Sergiu Klainerman

Partial Differential Equations

Erich Miersemann

Problems and Solutions for Partial Differential Equations

Willi Hans Steeb,Yorick Hardy

Analytic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations

School of Mathematics University of Leeds

Homogeneous Linear Equations - The Big Theorems

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Ordinary Differential Equation

Alexander Grigorian

Linear Differential Equations

Jerome Dancis

First-Order Differential Equations

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Linear Differential Equations of Second and Higher Order

Engineering Mathematics Single Stop for Learning

Applied Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

Grant B Gustafson

Exact Differential Equations (Article)


Exact Differential Equations (Article)

Texas A and M University Engineering Building

Higher Order Linear Differential Equations (Presentation)

Penn Math University of Pennsylvania

Higher-Order Differential Equations Part 1 (Presentation)

Personal Web Space National Taiwan University Computer and Information Network Center

Exact Equations (Presentation)

Mathematics Michigan State University

Here ends our selection of free Differential Equations books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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