50+ Portuguese Books for Free! [PDF]

For those who love reading in all senses and formats, we have created a beautiful selection of books in Portuguese, with the idea that you can enjoy your favorite stories in this beautiful dialect.

Portuguese is characterized by being a language rich in accents and for having a very unique rhythmic pronunciation; these aspects are great tools for writers, who have used them masterfully in their creations.

If you are learning this language, our collection of books in Portuguese can be an excellent ally to advance your understanding and learning; besides enjoying good stories, you will be reinforcing your knowledge of Portuguese.

The literary pieces that make up our collection are the most relevant and outstanding written or translated into this European language, so we are sure you will enjoy each one of them. 

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1) Books in Portuguese for Beginners

Books in Portuguese for Beginners

If you’re looking for an effective and entertaining way to learn Portuguese, you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of books in Portuguese for beginners offers you a variety of titles for your reading pleasure.

From novels to short stories, each book is designed to help you become familiar with the language and improve your language skills.

With over 20 books in Portuguese available in PDF format, you will find the perfect tool to take your first steps in this beautiful language.

2) Famous Books in Portuguese

Famous Books in Portuguese

Universal literature harbors great works that have transcended borders. In this collection, we have gathered 50 famous books in Portuguese to serve as a tool for those learning the language.

You will be able to enjoy novels, short stories, and other genres from various parts of the world. By delving into these masterpieces, you will not only practice the language in an immersive way but also discover great universal stories.

We invite you to include several titles in your learning process to improve your language skills while enjoying memorable stories.

3) Horror Books in Portuguese

Horror Books in Portuguese

The literary genre of terror has as its main objective to provoke fear in readers, in fact, the main characteristic of this genre is the effect it generates in the audience, which we refer to as fear.

Horror books are distinguished by managing to affect the thoughts of the people who read them, through the events that the story covers; these events can be executed by human characters or not.

According to what experts say, a character of supernatural origin or belonging to the monster category is not required to terrify readers. You can see this and enjoy it in each of the categories ofhorror books that we have put together for you.

Enjoy this selection of 15 horror books in Portuguese.

4) Love Books in Portuguese

Love Books in Portuguese

The concept of love is broad and complex. It can refer to love as friendship, romantic love, filial love, self-love, mystical love or love for a cause.

While it is true that love has become the main theme of various literary works, it is also true that it is expressed in different ways.

The point of view of the writers is evidenced in every story expressed on paper. In each written work love is expressed in various ways: Impossible love, Tragic love, Love and passion, among others.

Enjoy this selection of 15 love books in Portuguese.

5) Novels in Portuguese

Novels in Portuguese

The Novel is undoubtedly the most used narrative genre, so much so that it was considered to be a literary genre different from the narration, but it could not be separated from it due to the use of elements that compose it.

It is generally written in prose, and its content is quite extensive compared to the short story, therefore it usually contains many chapters that are related to each other, thus developing the story from beginning to end.

Most novels are usually fictional, however, great writers such as Miguel de Cervantes and Gabriel García Márquez managed to give a unique touch to their works, which are part of the classics of world literature, and serve as an example for current and emerging writers.

Enjoy this selection of 15 Novels in Portuguese.

6) Portuguese Books for Children

Portuguese Books for Children

Children’s reading in Portuguese offers great benefits for the development of the little ones. Beyond entertainment, it allows them to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and ability to concentrate pleasantly and naturally.

The books, properly selected according to their age and language level, introduce them to new words and structures through stories that capture their attention. They also introduce them to various topics and allow them to expand their knowledge of the world around them.

It stimulates their creativity, imagination, and interest in learning. Thanks to this selection of 20 books in Portuguese for children, young children, and beginners alike will be able to immerse themselves in the adventures of their favorite characters.

7) Short Books in Portuguese

Short Books in Portuguese

Short Portuguese books are small literary gems that transport us to fascinating worlds in just a few pages. Although their length may be limited, their impact is limitless.

In these condensed works, authors display their skill in conveying emotions, telling profound stories, or presenting powerful ideas within a confined space.

We will explore the world of short Portuguese books, highlighting their ability for concentrated storytelling and their knack for leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

8) Portuguese Learning Books

Portuguese Learning Books

Portuguese is one of the few languages that, when listened to, transmits all the essence of its culture, whether Brazilian or Portuguese. With a magical sound, in the words of Miguel de Cervantes, “sweet and pleasant”, it is the language of fado and bossa nova. A language spoken by more than 200 million people and ranked sixth in the world as the most spoken mother tongue, ahead of German or French.

It is the official language of Brazil, which is also known as Brasileiro. From a strictly linguistic point of view, it is a dialect of Portuguese that offers some phonological, syntactic and lexical differences from it. In general, the term Portuguese applies to both varieties.

The grammar of Portuguese is similar in morphology and syntax to the grammar of most Romance languages, especially to the grammar of Galician and the grammars of other languages of the Iberian Peninsula. Portuguese is a fusional and synthetic language.

Here ends our selection of free Portuguese books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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