15+ Mental Health Books for Free! [PDF]

We present this important collection of books on mental health in PDF format, aimed at the entire reading community interested in research in this area of study. According to the WHO, mental health goes beyond the absence of disease, it has to do with general well-being and the development of capabilities.

With this selection of mental health books, as always, we seek to promote free access to knowledge and free information. Especially, when it comes to health issues that become indispensable for any individual, community and society in the world.

We can define mental health as an integral state of physical, social and mental well-being. When people are mentally healthy, they can develop all their capabilities, be productive, cope with stress, contribute to their community and fulfill themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Therefore, governments and health-related organizations should direct their efforts to promote, foster and preserve mental health through strategies, policies, programs and all kinds of activities that meet this objective.

Mental health may be affected by biological, genetic or biochemical factors in the brain. Also by social factors such as socioeconomic pressures that can be reflected in poverty rates and low access to education. And also by psychological factors, such as personality and other elements that make certain people more prone to mental disorders.

Some strategies to promote mental health may include: child intervention and protection, social support for the elderly, educational programs, housing policies, poverty alleviation, social inclusion initiatives, among others.

Check out our more than 15 mental health books in PDF format and download the ones you prefer for free on any of your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Mental Health books:

Mental Health is for Everyone

The Durham Community Collective

Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination

See Me Scotland

Look After your Mental Health Using Exercise

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Problems Among Adolescents

Marie Dahlen Granrud

Adolescent Mental Health Matters

United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund

Lesson 1: Mental Health, Health Habits, and Exercise

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning

Junior High Mental Health Kit Manual

Alberta Health Services

The Mental Health of Adolescents: A National Profile, 2008

David Knopf, M Jane Park, Tina Paul Mulye

Conscious Dance: Perceived Benefits and Psychological Well-Being of Participants

University of Southern Queensland

Learning the Facts

Walk In Our Shoes

Mental Wellness in Asia

Gerard Bodeker

Mental Health Awareness (Presentation)

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Mental Health is Important (Presentation)

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Board HQ

Role of Mental Health in Society: Psychosocial Treatments (Presentation)

Carol Harvey

Defining Mental Health and Wellbeing (Article)

Enhancing Student Wellbeing

Emotional Wellness Checklist (Article)

National Institutes of Health

The Effects of Laughter Therapy on Mental Health: An Integrative Literature Review (Article)

Kissa Bahari, Josephine D Lorica

Physical Activity and Mental Health: The Association Between Exercise and Mood (Article)

Marco Aurelio Monteiro Peluso, Laura Helena Silveira Guerra de Andrade

Cultural Dance and Health: A Review of the Literature (Article)

Anna E Olvera

Dance and Health (Article)

Jam Circle Swing Tanzen in Dresden Lindy Hop

Here ends our selection of free Mental Health books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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