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Personal Development covers a wide range of topics, from improving social and emotional skills to professional growth and overall well-being.

Our collection of PDF books provides you with a deep and enriching insight into this exciting field, with titles that delve into topics such as emotional intelligence, personal growth, leadership, and much more.

Explore books by renowned experts and uncover new perspectives, strategies, and tools to enhance your personal growth in all areas of your life.

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Personal Development Books

How to Practice the Art of Life Balance

Stacey Hoffer Weckstein

How to Practice the Art of Life Balance, is a collection of inspiring resources and stories on life balance, compiled by Stacey Hoffer Weckstein. It provides insights, tips, and perspectives from various bloggers, offering guidance on practicing the art of life balance

The One Skill

Leo Babauta

The One Skill, is a book that emphasizes the importance of mastering the art of letting go. It explores various topics including dealing with procrastination, fear, difficult people, distractions, habits, possessions, resistance from others, and change.

Living With Purpose a Guide for Getting More Out of Each Day

Natalie Hundt, Maria Armento, Jeffrey Cully

Living With Purpose: A Guide for Getting More Out of Each Day, provides guidance for individuals experiencing depression. It offers strategies for tracking and changing daily activities to regain control and find meaning in life.

Little Black Book For Stunning Success

Robin Sharma

Little Black Book for Stunning Success, is a collection of insights and strategies for personal and professional success. It emphasizes the importance of leadership, daily practices, mindset, and personal growth. It provides practical advice on how to excel in various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, and self-improvement.

Your mind and how to use it

William W. Atkinson

Your Mind and How to Use It, is a manual of practical psychology that explores the nature of the mind and provides guidance on how to utilize it effectively.

Happiness is a habit

Kris Heap

Happiness is a Habit, is a book that explores the habits of happy people and provides suggestions for cultivating happiness in one's life.

The Psychology of Salesmanship

William W. Atkinson

The Psychology of Salesmanship is a book that explores the role of psychology in sales and business. It discusses how understanding the principles of psychology can be beneficial in selling goods and attracting customers.

The Kybalion

William W. Atkinson

The Kybalion, is a study of the Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece. It explores the seven Hermetic principles and delves into topics such as mental transmutation, the nature of the universe, and the principles of cause and effect.

The Secret of Success

William Walker Atkinson

The Secret of Success, is a book that explores the concept of success and provides insights on how individuals can achieve it by tapping into their own individuality and unleashing their latent powers.

The Science of Being Well

Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Well, is a practical guide and handbook for those seeking health. It explores the principle of health, the role of faith, and the power of thoughts and actions in achieving well-being. The book emphasizes the unity of mind and body and provides instructions on eating, breathing, and sleeping for optimal health.

Handbook on Time Management Skills


Handbook on Time Management Skills, provides an overview of essential skills for effective time management. It offers strategies and approaches for dealing with time management issues in various contexts.

The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich, is a classic book published in 1910. It emphasizes the importance of financial abundance and provides principles for achieving wealth. The book focuses on the idea that one should provide more value than the monetary compensation received for products or services.

Career Satisfaction From Within

Christopher Edgar

Career Satisfaction From Within, is a guidebook designed to help individuals find fulfillment and satisfaction in their careers. It explores the concept of finding wholeness and self-worth independent of career success, and provides exercises and strategies to cultivate a sense of completeness.

Mastering Creativity

James Clear

Mastering Creativity, is a guide that explores how creativity can be developed and nurtured. It provides insights on overcoming mental blocks, making time for creative work, and staying motivated.

As a Man Thinketh

James Allen

As a Man Thinketh, is a classic self-help book that emphasizes the power of thoughts in shaping one's character, circumstances, and destiny.

Personal Development Guides

How to stop procrastination

Celestine Chua

How to Stop Procrastination, provides insights into the root causes of procrastination and offers strategies to overcome it.

The Science of Self Affirmations

Steven Handel

The Science of Self Affirmations, explores the effectiveness of self-affirmations in improving various aspects of life, such as willpower, social confidence, problem-solving, and creativity. It discusses the concept of self-fulfilling beliefs and provides guidance on creating personalized self-affirmation exercises.

101 ways to live your life to the fullest

Celestine Chua

101 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest is a PDF that provides timeless tips and advice on how to live a fulfilling life. It covers various aspects such as personal growth, finding purpose, setting goals, pursuing passions, and cultivating positive attitudes.

The Explorer's Guide to Manifesting

Steve Pavlina

The Explorer's Guide to Manifesting is a concise guide that provides effective guidelines for manifesting intentions. It emphasizes focusing on desires, visualizing future memories, surrendering to the present reality, detaching from specific outcomes, speaking to the simulator directly, and confronting fears.

Building Your Self-Confidence

Mind Tools

Building Your Self-Confidence is a workbook that helps individuals develop self-confidence by assessing their self-efficacy, providing exercises to build confidence, and offering strategies for personal growth.

Personal Development Presentations

How To Get More From Life

Scott Young

How To Get More From Life, is a comprehensive guide covering various aspects of personal development, including habits, learning, productivity, social success, fitness, entrepreneurship, motivation, and the meaning of life.

Beautiful Calm

Ananga Sivyer

Beautiful Calm, is an eBook that offers eight quick and easy ways to reduce stress and experience relaxation. It provides techniques for finding moments of tranquility and emphasizes the importance of self-care and breath awareness.

279 Days to Overnight Success

Chris Guillebeau

279 Days to Overnight Success, is a guide for writers and artists to build a community and achieve a full-time income through social media. It provides strategies, mistakes to avoid, and insights on creating a successful online presence.

100 Ways, to help you succeed/make money

Tom Peters

100 Ways to Help You Succeed/Make Money, provides success tips and strategies for achieving personal and financial success. It emphasizes the importance of cleanliness, effective communication, and expressing gratitude.

16 limiting beliefs that are preventing you from thriving

Tony Robbins

16 Limiting Beliefs That Are Preventing You from Thriving, is a guide to overcoming common limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth and success. It explores the power of beliefs, the success cycle, and provides strategies to change self-limiting beliefs.

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