10+ Survival Books for Free! [PDF]

Life can be defined, in many cases, as a struggle to survive in the world, in the face of the multiple physical or emotional threats that beset us. Since ancient times, human beings have had to survive some catastrophic episodes that threatened their existence. With our survival books in PDF format, you will discover the art of survival that we all use to stay safe in the world.

Existence is often threatened by some dangers such as natural disasters, fires, shipwrecks, accidents, attacks and generally adverse situations in which we do not have enough resources to survive. Learn techniques and skills that can help you break all the barriers with the survival books in PDF format that we present to you.

But beyond the natural tools and resources that every living being has to survive, we human beings can learn and prepare ourselves to face life-threatening situations. According to the Spanish School of Survival and Bushcraft, survival is “the art of preserving life”.

In this sense, there are techniques that can be acquired by anyone to survive in life-threatening situations, whatever the reason. Some groups, such as the military and scouts, learn these techniques. Others do it on their own, individually, and expose themselves to dangerous but controlled situations to test themselves.

Schools or institutions that deal with survival training focus on the following three aspects: knowledge and training (theoretical aspects and everything there is to know), skills and abilities (putting into practice the knowledge and protocols learned) and strengths (refers to the moral, emotional and psychological aspects to deal with in a threatening situation).

Learn this and much more with this collection of over 10 survival books in PDF format, fully available for immediate and free download.

Here we present our complete selection of Survival books:

You Alone in the Maine Woods

Michael F Richard,Brad Rounds,Bryan Courtois

Wilderness Survival

Survivor Library


Calvin Crest

The Elements of Surviving

Saint Paul Public Schools

Ultimate Survival Skills Guide

Joe Marshall


Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

The Ultimate Survival Kit Checklist

Ready To Go Survival

A Long-Term Survival Guide 101 Ways To Start A Fire

Survival Ready Blog

Survival Skills 101 (Presentation)

Jason Stevenson,Alison Fromme

Winter survival in the backcountry inter survival in the backcountry

Albertas Parks

How to use a compass

Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base

Burning Man Family Survival Guide (Article)

Burning Man

The 12 Rules of Surviva (Article)

Laurence Gonzales

How to Go Winter Camping and Backpacking (Article)

Heart of America Council

Outback Survival

Gordon Dedman

Here ends our selection of free Survival books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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