15+ Geology Books for Free! [PDF]

Now more than ever we need studies on Earth, as well as on other celestial bodies, to optimize life on our planet. Despite the deterioration of the environment, our planet has infinite possibilities and resources that can still be used in a conscious way to create sustainability. To contribute to knowledge in this area, we have created a collection of geology books in PDF format. Today we need excellent training in the earth sciences.

Geology studies a large number of phenomena, formations, structures and components of the earth in different periods of history and with a view to creating optimal living conditions in the future. Our needs as humanity have changed and there is much that this discipline can contribute and impact global society. Our geology books will add much to your studies of this great science.

Geology can be defined as the science that studies the history, dynamics, structure and composition of the Earth. This discipline encompasses the study of natural resources and phenomena that influence the environment. It is not a mere spectator, but intervenes in the most relevant issues of the world, being part of the solution to so many problems facing the planet today.

Modern geology has several branches, each of them of great relevance and worldwide interest. Among them we can mention: structural geology, speleology, gemology, planetary geology or astrogeology, paleontology, economic geology, seismology and volcanology. All of them deal with an indispensable area to help maintain optimal life on Earth.

Be sure to check out our selection of over 15 geology books in PDF format, which you can use in your research to immerse yourself in the qualities and powers of our planet. You can download our titles easily and free of charge in this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Geology books:

1) Glossary of Lanform and Geologic Terms

Natural Resources Conservation Service

2) Chapter 1 Introduction to Geology

Steven Earle

3) Geology Basics

Modesto Junior College

4) A Handbook for Geology

Appalachian State University Geological and Environmental Sciences

5) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Mohanlal Sukhadia University

6) Folding

Structural Geology and Tectonics

7) Fundamentals of Earth Science I

Nagoya University

8) The Importance of Geology (Presentation)

Sharon F Diehl

9) Geology and Soils (Presentation)

The University of Hawaii

10) Introduction to Structural Geology (Presentation)

Patrice F Rey

11) Structural Geology Deformation of Rocks (Presentation)

Geology and Geography at West Virginia University

12) Fundamental Principles of Historical Geology (Presentation)

Geology and Geography at West Virginia University

13) Geological Field Mapping (Article)

Lucy Muthoni Njue

14) Structural Geology (Presentation)

K K Agarwal

15) Geologic Cross Sections Maps and Plans

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

16) Historical Geology (Presentation)

Donald R Prothero,Robert H Dott

17) Structural Geology Around the Southern Termination of the Lomfjorden Fault Complex Agardhdalen East Spitsbergen (Article)

Arild Andresen,Pal Haremo,Eivind Swensson

18) Definition of Minerals (Article)

University of Kentucky

Here ends our selection of free Geology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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