20+ Jokes Books for Free! [PDF]

Laughing is a human need. Laughter can be a therapy when we use it to relax and release tension. Consequently, humor plays a fundamental role in our lives, even from a biological and chemical point of view. That’s why you can’t miss our selection of joke books in PDF format, so you can read and learn the best way to spend hours laughing and making others laugh.

Jokes are very old, in Ancient Greek we have the first records with the collection of 265 jokes from the 4th century, whose authorship is attributed to Philagrius and Hierocles. Although our collection of joke books has nothing to do with those ancient versions. 

A joke is a narrative that is usually of oral and fictitious origin, humorous in tone and provokes laughter in those who read or listen to it. The tone of this narration can be sarcastic, satirical, ironic, cruel or a mixture of several. To be effective, both the listener and the teller must have common references that give meaning to the joke.

The structure of jokes is not very different from that of other narratives. They consist of a beginning where the theme or story is introduced, the narrative, which is where the situation explained at the beginning is complicated a little, and the punchline or resolution, which is where the laughter is generated.

As for the types, depending on the content they develop, jokes can be harmless (for all audiences), for adults (sexual or erotic content) and black (black humor, sometimes cruel).

Explore our collection of over 20 joke books in PDF format that will make you laugh out loud and entertain your loved ones at gatherings. Download them to any of your electronic devices from this section of our library.

Here we present our complete selection of Jokes books:

1001 Jokes

Richard Wiseman WordPress

Jokes for Kids


Fifty Christmas Jokes

Sandy Allnock Websites

Here Comes the Pun 315 Jokes for Kids


Jokes for Life

St Teresa Kitchener

Food Jokes

Food Hero

Jokes and Riddles

Network Child Care

Dad Jokes

The blue collar bourbon show

Fruit and Veggie Jokes

Whashington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

100 Kids Jokes


Easter Jokes

Town of LaGrange New York

Animal Joker for Kids


Dinosaur Jokes

Moab Giants Dinosaur Museum in Utah

Fruit and Veg Jokes

Healthy Kids

Fun Summer Jokes and Giggles

Sam Houston Area Council

Frog Jokes for Kids

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

One Liner Jokes

Fox Valley Park District

Jokes and riddles

American English is a website

Here ends our selection of free Jokes books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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