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Religion is a fundamental part of human life; it is a subject of utmost importance that transcends cultural, philosophical, historical and, above all, spiritual barriers. There are entire families that are devoted to a particular belief, where parents are dedicated to teaching their children and friends about their faith; one of the ways in which they do it is by giving books about what they profess in order to expand such beliefs.

In that sense there are many books on religion that can provide a lot of specific information on the subject, some of them are paid literature, while others are free in PDF format, which can be easily downloaded and read at any time, since you only need a Smartphone or a computer to do so.

Being a topic of vital importance, we are going to consider some important aspects of the different religions that exist today, not without first defining what it means or what a religion is.

Taking into account the intrinsic need of human beings to worship, we can understand that religion is nothing more than the systematic effort that a person makes to reach God through its own forces, for this purpose have been devised roads, works, steps, etc. All with the purpose of having a contact with the Divine Being.

Throughout the history of humanity, many religions have emerged, some of them monotheistic (belief in one God) and others polytheistic (many gods), which are framed in the cultures and way of life of people.

Among the monotheistic beliefs, the following can be highlighted: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Zoroastrianism, the latter being the least known, and the one with the fewest followers. In Christianity, due to certain human influences, branches or other religions have emerged, among which are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, Mormons, Unitarian Christians, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Such division is due to the diversity of beliefs within themselves, although all of them have as one of their sacred texts the Bible, they also add other particular literatures that they consider “sacred” or of equal authority to the biblical scriptures.

Now, polytheistic beliefs are extremely broad, and give people the “freedom” to worship many gods. Ancient Egypt is one of the most notable examples, they believed in flies, frogs, locusts, the sun, the moon, the calf, and so on. For them, each of these elements represented a deity and had a certain influence on every aspect of people’s lives.

Nowadays, we can notice that countries such as India, Africa, China, and Greece, to name a few, maintain this type of beliefs, where Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Santería, are the most known and practiced religions.

Finally, it should be noted that religion has a great influence on human beings, and many of their customs and ways of expressing themselves are due to these beliefs.

Books about Religion

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1) The Bible

The-Bible Books

The Bible is a universal book, it holds the Guinness record as the most printed book of all times, it has been translated into a great number of languages, and there are few families that do not have a bible at home.

It is composed of sixty-six books, divided into two great periods, the Old Testament with the first 39 books and the New Testament with the following 27, where the incursion of the person of Christ in the history of humanity is the division of both periods.

It should be noted that the Bible is the Word of God, so it teaches what is the will of God for humanity, its central theme is the salvation of sinners through faith in Jesus Christ; there are many people who have embraced its truths, and have changed their way of thinking towards God in a radical and sincere way.

2) Christian Books



Christianity has its origins in the Bible, the followers of Christ were first called Christians to make a distinction between those who believed in the Lord and those who did not. From then on, until our times, every follower of Christ is called a Christian.

The Christian faith lies primarily and solely in the truths revealed in the Word of God, which is the only sacred book in that religion; and in practice or lifestyle, being Christ-like in character is its great distinguishing mark from other religions.

Studying historical Christianity, the Bible, will give a more accurate and profound definition of what Christians really were and are.

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