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Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy is a masterpiece of classical literature that will immerse you in the fascinating world of 19th-century Russian high society, exploring universal themes such as love, passion, and morality.

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Information Anna Karenina

  • Author: Leo Tolstoy
  • Publication Date: 1877
  • Main Characters:
    • Anna Karenina: Protagonist, a married woman trapped in an unhappy marriage.
    • Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin: Anna’s husband, a government official.
    • Count Alexei Vronsky: Military officer and Anna’s lover.
    • Konstantin Dmitrievich Levin: Landowner and central male figure.
  • Brief Summary: “Anna Karenina” is a novel that explores the complexities of human relationships and Russian society in the 19th century. The story follows Anna Karenina, a married woman who becomes involved in a passionate romance with Count Vronsky, leading to a tragic downfall. Simultaneously, the story of Konstantin Levin is narrated as he struggles to find meaning in life and love in rural life. The two plotlines intertwine, showcasing the differences between urban and rural life, as well as the social and moral tensions of the time.
  • Thematic Analysis: “Anna Karenina” addresses themes such as love, duty, morality, social hypocrisy, and the consequences of individual choices in the context of Russian high society in the 19th century. Leo Tolstoy explores human contradictions and offers a critical view of aristocracy and life in his contemporary Russia.
  • Historical Context: “Anna Karenina” is set in 19th-century Russia, a period of significant political, social, and cultural changes. The work reflects social tensions and the rigidity of Russian society, as well as the influence of Western ideas on the Russian elite. Leo Tolstoy uses narrative to analyze and critique social structure, moral norms, and the pursuit of happiness in that era.