100+ Self Improvement Books for Free! [PDF]

Today more than ever people understand that beyond specializing in a specific area of knowledge, it is also necessary to invest in their personal growth. We did not want to disappoint them, so we prepared a selection of free books on self-improvement.

In our digital library you can learn much more about personal development, personal finance, leadership and practice self-help with our books on self-improvement in PDF format. We bring together the most outstanding bestsellers in the free distribution and public domain, ordered by topic and subtopic.

Self-improvement is that capacity that a person develops to evolve and be better every day. It has to do with adopting positive habits that make a difference in your daily life. Then, it is about becoming aware of one’s limitations and making an effort to transcend them.

This topic covers many aspects of life that are interrelated. When one important area is wrong, the others are usually affected as well. Consequently, neglecting health, relationships, finances or work generates a conflict that spreads and creates unhappiness in all dimensions of being.

Self-improvement is being understood as an important task in areas such as education and business. For example, training someone only intellectually without paying attention to the emotional, social and spiritual aspects is not a beneficial option by any means. This is an idea that is being assimilated in the educational system from the pre-school stage to the university stage.

The same is happening in the business world, where people are no longer hired just for their academic degrees or for what they know about a specialty, but for their communication skills, leadership, flexibility to adapt to change, ability to relate effectively, proactivity, creativity and emotional intelligence.

Little by little, it has been discovered that the achievement of happiness is more related to the satisfaction of being able to develop one’s gifts and unfold one’s essence as a human being, without major difficulty. For this, the personal overcoming is useful in the collapse of beliefs and paradigms that only cause limitation of the potentialities of a person.

Self-improvement includes all those humanist disciplines that generate awareness about the importance of success, understood as that way of living fully, despite the difficulties and problems that may arise. In this way, it is possible to develop all the capacities, skills and competences necessary to make great contributions to society.

Only by working on self-improvement can one cross the barrier of dissatisfaction, live important processes of transformation and obtain a higher quality of life. If you are one of those who gives the deserved attention to this great subject, then we invite you to explore our books on personal improvement.

Our collection is quite extensive and we have pieces of excellent quality, both those of high popularity, as well as others that are a treasure to be discovered. As we explained, our books about self-improvement will help you to transcend barriers that prevent you from expressing your full potential.

Help yourself today, to be better tomorrow.

1) Books for Couples

Books for Couples

When we speak of a couple, we refer to the union of two people who share a loving relationship, which can be more or less formal, such as dating, domestic partnership or concubinage, and marriage.

Trust, respect, knowledge of the basic needs of the couple, their fears and acceptance of each other as they are, are part of the characteristics of a healthy relationship. Couple conflicts are a normal reality, which occur in the life cycle of an affective relationship. These difficulties sometimes lead to disagreements that are far-reaching: these are the couple’s crises that question and test the relationship.

Couple problems generally present themselves in the form of a behavior of one of the partners that the other does not like. Other times the complaint is mutual. If you are starting a relationship or already have one, here is a collection of free books that can help you strengthen your relationship.

2) Books to be Smarter

Books to be Smarter

Intelligence is the capacity or faculty to understand, reason, know, learn and solve problems. In this sense it is similar to concepts such as “understanding” and “intellect”. In psychology, intelligence is the cognitive capacity and the set of cognitive functions such as memory, association and reason.

Intelligence allows us to understand the issues, to elaborate them and then, the result of this, puts it at the service of the solution of the problems that arise, or failing that, to make decisions before the various choices that are presented to us in life. Because what intelligence will do is to tilt the balance towards that option, alternative, more convenient to the state of things that corresponds.

There are different theories that maintain that there are multiple types of intelligence. Howard Gardner’s theory considers that there is linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and naturalistic intelligence. According to other theories, there is also emotional, intrapersonal, creative and collaborative intelligence, among others.

3) Books to Learn to Eat Healthily

Books to Learn to Eat Healthily

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you lower your risk of various diseases as well as help you maintain a healthy weight. There are certain times when it is particularly important to make sure you eat a healthy diet.

A healthy diet provides the right combination of energy and nutrients through the consumption of different foods in sufficient quantity and quality. Eating healthy, along with not smoking and regular physical exercise can eliminate 80% of heart disease.

According to the Dietary Guidelines, healthy eating starts with: Choosing natural foods as the basis of eating, Avoiding processed and ultra-processed foods to prevent disease, and Practicing a healthy lifestyle.

4) Books to Overcome Grief

Books to Overcome Grief

Grief is an internal process that occurs after the loss of an affective relationship, whatever it may be, from the loss of a job, a change of residence, the breakup of a relationship to the death of a loved one….

An important part of the resolution of grief is that the mourner takes an active part in it, i.e., it is a matter of decision and of the affected person taking responsibility for their process. Time helps to distance oneself from the event, to gain perspective, to reflect and to mourn. However, time is not healing in itself: what is healing is what the mourners do and allow themselves to feel during this period

Normally, the acceptance phase of grief is reached 18 months after the event. The person manages to return to a situation comparable to the pre-bereavement phase, with an improvement in mood and with the abandonment of psychosocial problems. However, some cannot accept the inevitability of the loss and continue to show symptoms.

5) Coaching Books

Coaching Books

Coaching is a coordinated set of actions aimed at improving the development of a person, so that they reach their full potential or that redefine the perspective about their potential.

The coach is an active observer. Their work consists of questioning, interrogating and looking for the causes of a situation or state of mind, avoiding drawing conclusions on their own because it will be the client himself who does it through the dialectical process between the two parties.

Coaching Principles:

1. No one is in possession of the truth
2. People act to the best of their ability
3. Every individual has a talent waiting to be revealed
4. People can change
5. Confidentiality

6) Emotional intelligence Books

Emotional intelligence Books

Emotional Intelligence is one of the key concepts to understand the direction psychology has taken in the last decades. From a model fundamentally worried about mental disorders on the one hand and about reasoning abilities on the other, it has moved on to another in which emotions are considered to be something intrinsic to our behavior and non-pathological mental activity and, therefore, something that must be studied in order to understand how we are.

Emotional intelligence is divided into intrapersonal, and interpersonal intelligence. The first refers to understanding our own emotions and how we react to them, and how we make decisions and regulate our emotions. The second refers to how we understand the emotions of others and how we act according to the mood we perceive in others.

By better understanding emotions, those who have worked on their emotional intelligence are able to relate better to others, be more successful in their work and lead more satisfying lives. Therefore, it is common that they also have a high social intelligence.

7) Leadership Books

Leadership Books

Leadership is a set of skills that serve to influence the way other people think or act. However, this term also should not focus on anything other than changing people’s minds. Because a leader also has the ability to take initiative and provide innovative ideas, and not just give orders.

The importance of leadership is more than evident in many areas of life, even beyond business leadership. Since the leader is responsible for achieving the objectives in a much more effective and rapid way.

To be a leader it is fundamental, on the other hand, to have the ability to communicate. Not only to know how to express ideas and mandates clearly, but also to know how to listen and to keep in mind what each individual who is part of the group that is represented thinks.

8) Life-Changing Books

Life-Changing Books

When we find that book that motivates us to make the changes necessary to succeed, it is as if we have found our personal holy grail. And that was part of our goal when we made these life-changing book selections.

Maybe a title from our collection is just what you’ve been looking for, and it’s what will drive you to continue on your path of personal evolution. It can even become your companion book, the one you always have on hand to re-read or consult whenever you want.

Personal transformation is always accompanied by guidance, perhaps from a mentor. However, in most cases, a book takes on that role and ends up becoming an object of high value for the person.

9) Motivation Books

Motivation Books

We often hear how important it is to be motivated to achieve what one sets out to do. But in times of crisis, it seems that you need a double dose of motivation to get to that precious place.

Generally, when we speak of motivation we refer to the internal or external strengths that act upon an individual to trigger, direct or sustain a behavior. In technical terms, many authors define it as “the dynamic root of behavior”, which means that every form of behavior is born from some kind of motive.

Simply put, motivation is the psychic energy that drives us to undertake or sustain an action or behavior. Its disappearance necessarily leads to the abandonment of what one does. For this reason, it is much more difficult to achieve objectives when one lacks motivation.

10) Personal Development Books

Personal Development Books

Personal Development, also known as personal growth, personal change or human development, is a process of transformation through which a person adopts new ideas or ways of thinking (beliefs), which allow them to generate new behaviors and attitudes, resulting in an improvement in their quality of life.

In order to have elements to decide whether or not to initiate a process of personal development, it is necessary to become aware that the quality of life that we now have, is the result of the thoughts and attitudes that we have maintained until today.

Maintaining the same beliefs, will generate the same thoughts and attitudes, which in turn will continue to generate the same results that we now have.

11) Personal Finance Books

Personal Finance Books

The main objective of personal finance is to help individuals and families make informed decisions that will optimize the management of their resources. Everything that comes in and out of your pocket is personal finance. But it’s not just about money. Every strategy, every decision and every plan you make regarding your money and wealth is also part of personal finances.

As it is known, the economic resources that people have come mainly from wages and salaries or some other type of income received. Due to the finite nature of these resources obtained, it is necessary to establish conscious criteria of financial administration that allow to satisfy the multiple needs indicated previously.

Fundamentally, the objectives of personal finance are focused on the preservation and enhancement of personal wealth, with savings and investment being key as the appropriate tools for this purpose.

12) Persuasion Books

Persuasion Books

Persuasion is the ability to convince someone of a certain point of view. Persuasion as a technique began to be spread by the Greeks as an important part of rhetoric. In this sense, good rhetoric uses persuasion to influence the recipient of its arguments.

Persuasion is achieved through influence. It is intended that a subject modifies their way of thinking or their behaviors, for which it is necessary to influence them through their feelings or by supplying them with certain information that, until now, they did not know.

Being able to persuade people (in an ethical way) allows you to achieve almost anything you want, you can get them to buy what you sell, to know in depth the benefits of your product and even to vote for you! 

13) Productivity Books

Productivity Books

Productivity is the relationship between productive activity and the means necessary to carry it out. These means can be technological, human or infrastructural. It can also be understood as the output obtained by a productive system using certain resources to do so.

Likewise, productivity can be measured in terms of time, which means that the less time it takes to obtain a certain product, the more productive the system can be considered.

Productivity is not only about doing, but also about defining what desired result we are looking for, so that we can optimize the process to achieve that desired result. On a personal level, productivity is about achieving the personal and professional goals and objectives that you have set for your life, that make you happy and that allow you to prioritize when doing tasks.

14) Seduction Books

Seduction Books

A look, a smile, or the way you walk and move, what are a person’s most captivating weapons? Is seduction something that can be learned from a manual? The art of seduction is often a gift, but we can also learn some techniques.

Throughout history, there has been a multitude of men and women who have considered themselves to be true masters of seduction. This would be the case, for example, of Cleopatra, the last queen of ancient Egypt, or the Venetian writer and adventurer Giacomo Casanova.

The art of seduction is mastered by self-confident people. There is no single model of seducer, there are nice, mysterious, attractive or lonely ones, but they all have something in common: they know how to charm someone, they know how to be irresistible to others.

15) Self-Esteem Books

Self-Esteem Books

Self-esteem is the generally positive assessment of oneself. For psychology, it is the emotional opinion that individuals have of themselves and that surpasses rationalization and logic in its causes.

Self-esteem is related to self-image, which is the concept one has of oneself, and to self-acceptance, which is the recognition of one’s own qualities and defects. The way in which a person values himself is influenced in many occasions by external agents or the context in which the individual is, for that reason it can change throughout the time.


The maintenance of a good self-esteem is essential since it is usually a recurrent symptom in different behavioral problems. That is why some psychologists define self-esteem as the function of the organism that allows self-protection and personal development, since weaknesses in self-esteem affect health, social relations and productivity.

16) Self-Love Books

Self-Love Books

Self-love is known as the state of feeling good about yourself in every way. Self-love combines a number of issues such as self-esteem, confidence, security, and acceptance. It is about knowing and accepting who we are or who we want to become and aim for it.

Self-love depends on our will to love ourselves, not on those around us or on the situations or contexts in which we operate. Self-love is the reflection of what the relationship is like and the feelings we have for ourselves, towards our physique, personality, character, attitudes and behaviors.

Sometimes it is said that someone has a lot of self-esteem and it is not a matter of self-esteem, but of pride. Thus, both directions make up two possibilities: one with a negative trend and the other positive.

17) Self-Reflection Books

Self-Reflection Books

Reflection is an exercise so little valued in present times that, simply, we cannot see all its advantages. The capacity for reflection is intimately linked to learning. If we are not able to learn from our experiences or those of others, we will be condemned to always repeat the same stories of failure.

Human beings have many cognitive capacities that allow them to develop their intelligence in an unparalleled way. No other mammal reaches the levels of understanding of the world that a human being does throughout its life.

Our ability to think, analyze, synthesize, abstract, memorize, conclude and learn from experience is really a miracle that we do not appreciate enough. To reflect is to stop and meditate on the origin, characteristics and consequences of every event that happens to us, to others and to the world in which we live.

18) Stoicism Books

Stoicism Books

As Stoicism is called the philosophical doctrine that practiced the control of the passions that disturb life using virtue and reason. As such, its object was to achieve happiness and wisdom regardless of comforts, material goods and fortune.

According to Stoicism, the key to happiness is found in ataraxia: the balance that is achieved when there are no disturbances. To achieve ataraxia, the individual must remain oblivious to material vicissitudes and has to refrain from making judgments.

The Stoic school had a profound influence on Greco-Roman civilization and, consequently, Western thought in general. It is present in Christianity, Buddhism and the thought of several modern philosophers, such as the German Immanuel Kant, in addition to having influenced the contemporary technique of psychotherapy called cognitive-behavioral therapy.

19) Survival Books

Survival Books

 Survival is the action and effect of surviving. It is mostly used for living on meager means or under adverse conditions. It comes from the Latin supervivere, to outlive.

Survival techniques are those skills that allow a person to stay alive if isolated in the middle of nature. These techniques make it possible for the subject to feed themself, protect themself from inclement weather and heal their minor wounds.

The survival kit is a small set of tools that is kept in a small box or container and carried at all times. Its purpose is to provide us with the basic tools to survive in case we lose the backpack with the bulk of our equipment. Some of its common elements are: Elements to get fire, first aid kit, signaling and orientation, cutting tools…

20) Toxic Relationships Books

Toxic Relationships Books

Toxic relationships are relationships in which both parties are unable, for some reason, to prevent each other from hurting each other. It can be a romantic relationship, but also a friendship, a work-related relationship, or even a family relationship.

Toxic relationships are determined by affective bonds that, in a constant and lasting way, are based on suffering and discomfort, and, therefore, we would not be talking about relationships based on love.

This type of toxic or emotionally dependent relationship is maintained over time due to the same dependence and need for valuation or pathological commitment generated towards the person with whom the relationship is maintained.

21) Wisdom Books

Wisdom Books

We call wisdom that profound knowledge that is attained through study or experience, or a combination of both. Wisdom also refers to the care and prudence one observes in one’s behavior and actions in life.

Wisdom enables us to draw conclusions and reflect in a more orderly and justified manner, but it is a character trait that can only be obtained through study and dedication. Some people also understand wisdom as a form of common sense, which is achieved through a well-developed understanding of moral standards of behavior.

When we speak of popular wisdom, we are referring to concepts that have always existed and have accompanied the life of a social group. From rules and advice to proverbs that address issues of everyday life and seek to guide people in acting wisely. In this case, folk wisdom arises from customs and is part of the culture of a group of people.

So, here ends our selection of free books for Self Improvement. We hope you liked it and that you already have your next book!

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