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It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced polyglot, we have something for everyone. Explore our extensive collection of language learning books, ranging from grammars and vocabularies to conversation guides and graded readers.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and enjoyable approach so that your learning experience is as rewarding as possible. We know that learning a language can be challenging, but we also firmly believe in the power of self-education and collaboration.

Our commitment is to offer you the best language learning books for free, allowing you to reach your goals without the need to invest large sums of money in courses and materials.

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1) Arabic Learning Books

Arabic Learning Books

The Arabic language is a pillar of the cultural diversity of humanity. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Since 2012, every year on December 18, World Arabic Language Day is celebrated. The date coincides with the day in 1973 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted Arabic as the sixth official language of the Organization.

The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters. The shape of the letters varies according to their position in the word: initial form (at the beginning), medial form (middle of the word), and final form. Several Arabic letters have the same shape and are distinguished only by the number and location of dots.

The Arabic language is written from right to left and all letters of the alphabet are consonants. Vowels are represented by diacritics or marks added to the letters at the top and bottom.

2) Basque Learning Books

Basque Learning Books

Basque is the language spoken in the Basque Country and part of Navarre, two Spanish autonomous communities. On the other hand, it is also spoken in some localities in the south of France.

Basque is a genetically isolated language: that is, it does not belong to any known linguistic family. As is often the case with languages that cannot be classified in a specific linguistic trunk, the most varied hypotheses have been put forward in history about the origin of Basque.

Words as important as izquierda, mochila, cencerro, alud, chatarra, órdago, aquelarre, chabola, cococha, or gabarra come from Basque, and it is also possible that the word perro could be a donation from Basque to Castilian.

3) English Learning Books

English Learning Books

Knowing English will bring you multiple benefits in multiple aspects of your life, socially, professionally and personally. Although it is not the most widely spoken language (Chinese is the most widely spoken language and Spanish is the second), it is the language that is learned the most and there are more and more jobs that require a knowledge of English.

Another good reason to learn English with books is that many specialists claim that learning a new language by reading will strengthen your memory and other cognitive processes that deteriorate over the years.

Additionally, when you learn on your own, you decide your pace, your didactics and the way you learn, as long as you make the commitment, the results are highly rewarding. In addition to our collection of English learning books, we also have a selection of English exercises in PDF format so that you can test your learning.

4) English Workbooks

English Workbooks

In a multicultural and globalized world, it is impossible to ignore the importance of English as a link for cultural, commercial and diplomatic communication. Do you want to learn the language that more than 1.5 billion people speak around the world? In our English workbooks section you will find everything you need to do so.

Learning English offers multiple benefits, such as the possibility of broadening your knowledge of the world, its different cultures and traditions, and acquiring new ways of seeing reality. In addition, the English exercises we have for you will allow you to increase your level of attention and mental dexterity.

Being bilingual will also allow you to communicate with many more people, get to know their ideas and thoughts, and increase your self-confidence in expanding your social circle. Furthermore, learning this language is the gateway to new opportunities in the academic and professional fields.

5) Etymology Books

Etymology Books

Etymology is the discipline of linguistics that studies the origin and evolution of words, as well as their meaning and forms. The study of etymology provides a better understanding of the precise meaning of words, expands vocabulary and improves spelling.

It breaks down and analyzes the roots of words, as well as their constituent elements, such as the desinence, the subject, the radical or the ending of the word. It uses the methods of comparative linguistics to reconstruct or deduce data related to very ancient languages, generally prior to the invention of writing.

Etymology also deals with the control and discipline of idioms, which are deformations of clear and understandable language for purposes of convenience or laziness.

6) French Learning Books

French Learning Books

French is one of the most important and influential languages in the world today. It may surprise you to know that, along with Chinese, English and Spanish, French is spoken by millions of people across five continents. Because of this, there are many people interested in becoming fluent and learning French as a second language.

French belongs to the group of Romance languages that are directly descended from the Latin spoken in Rome. Its roots go back to at least the 5th century. It was not until the 9th century that it was distinguished from Latin, forming a language of its own, thanks to the influence of the Celtic and Frankish peoples.

Take a look at our list of books to learn French that we have selected for you, make your choice of the one that best suits you and start learning this beautiful language today. In addition, we have also created a collection of French exercises in PDF format so that you can test and evaluate your level.

7) French Workbooks

French Workbooks

French is one of the most important languages for the development and maintenance of international relations, as well as for the communications sector. Organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, FIFA, and the International Olympic Committee have French as one of their core languages.

Moreover, French is the second most studied language in the world after English. From Napoleon to Zidane, who hasn’t had a French-speaking idol? At least 220 million people speak this language worldwide. In the midst of globalization, we are increasingly likely to need to study French.

It is the official language of 32 countries and is easy to learn. It doesn’t matter if you are here because you are looking for better academic results or because you have decided to learn French independently and are looking for exercises to practice. The French exercise books you will find in this section will be of great help on this path.

8) German Learning Books

German Learning Books

German is the main and official language in Germany. It belongs to the Indo-European language and is considered to be within the so-called West Germanic languages group. This language is among the 23 official languages of the European Union, along with French, English and others.

The German language, besides being spoken in Germany, is mostly found in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Namibia and Luxembourg. More than 100 million people speak it worldwide and it is the most widely spoken language in Europe, if we do not count Russian in all of Eurasia.

If you want to learn this wonderful language, full of history and culture, you can visit our book selections and start today.

9) German Workbooks

German Workbooks

There are many reasons to learn German. To advance professionally, to study, to do research, to work in a European country and even to interact with friends and people we meet while traveling. Anyway, if you are looking to increase your knowledge in this language, take a look at the German exercise books we have selected for you.

It is important to remember that German is the native language of one of the world’s leading exporting nations. Mastering this language can provide you with the necessary tools to perform better in business and transmit a plus of confidence in your work relationships.

Having control of this language is a challenge that can be met with discipline, dedication, and much practice. German workbooks are the best option to help you develop your conversational and written language skills. Whether for training, work, or tourism, learning German is always a good idea.

10) Italian Learning Books

Italian Learning Books

When we are considering learning a new language, we always think of English or French as our first choices, however, the Italian language also has its good reasons for being included in our list of languages to learn.

It is the official language of Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City and Switzerland, so if any of those places are on your list of destinations to visit, this is the time to move up and start learning the language.

And, to that end, we have made a large selection of free books and materials in PDF format, which you can access and download at no cost. In addition, we also have a selection of Italian exercises in PDF format for you to test your learning.

11) Italian Workbooks

Italian Workbooks

Italian is one of the most influential romantic languages in the world, and was the base language of many writers and thinkers of Western culture. Whether you want to learn this language as a personal challenge or for work reasons, in this section you will find the most varied Italian exercises to achieve it.

Nowadays, Italian is the sixth most studied language in the world. Studying it not only represents the possibility of immersing yourself in the local culture and gastronomy, but it can also be a great job opportunity, either as a translator or a teacher.
No matter what your case is, the best way to learn a language is practice, and with the Italian exercises you will find here you will be able to develop new skills and make your connection with this wonderful country much more interesting. It will be a real discovery of the most peculiar and artistic aspects of the Italian way of life.  

12) Japanese Learning Books

Japanese Learning Books

Japan is a super-metropolis, with landscapes that attract thousands of tourists every year, and where the Japanese language plays a key role in exporting Japanese values. In fact, Japanese has spread all over the world and with it, the desire of hundreds of people to settle in the country of sushi, manga, Zen and the art of politeness. Although the language is mainly spoken on the island, it is also spoken in South Korea or Taiwan.

The birth of the Japanese language dates back to 40,000 B.C., when Japanese-speaking peoples inhabited the Japanese archipelago. Like other languages, it was transmitted orally until the 4th century AD, when Chinese Buddhist monks developed Japanese writing, inspired by Chinese characters.

It is true that we often hear that Japanese is complicated, too difficult to learn, but this is not the case. Although Japanese may seem complicated, all languages are and with time and practice you can learn it.

13) Korean Learning Books

Korean Learning Books

Korean was invented by a local king during the 15th century, it was created to increase literacy being one of the youngest languages, with a unique structure, many linguists love this language, and if you are part of this group: We are here to help you!

Korea is a beautiful place with a very important and beautiful culture, learning Korean will bring you countless benefits. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Korean (work, personal life, friendship, tourism or particular interest in this culture) learning Korean with the books our team has selected for you will make your job easier.

Lately, Korean culture is very present in pop culture and more and more young people are interested in learning this language. Additionally, we have also created a collection of Korean exercises in PDF format so that you can test yourself.

14) Korean Workbooks

Korean Workbooks

More and more people around the world are looking to learn Korean as a second language, not only because of the business opportunities that South Korea offers in terms of technology, but also because of the growing influence of its pop culture in Western society. So, do you want to jump on board and learn Korean? In this section we have what you need.

With the Korean exercises we have for you, you will notice how easy its alphabet is, both for reading and writing. Once you understand the grammatical rules of this language, it will be very easy to learn it, since Korean eliminates gender and verb conjugation, two crucial elements of Spanish.

The large number of South Korean movies, series, shows and music that have been incorporated into the entertainment offer in the West is impressive, which has led many people to become interested in this language. If you want to learn much more about the culture of this country through Korean, the exercises you will find here will be of great help.

15) Latin Learning Books

Latin Learning Books

Latin is an Indo-European language, from which Spanish and the other Romance languages are descended. It should be noted that the use of Latin language was not limited to antiquity, far from it, since then, in the Middle Ages, in the following Modern Age and even today, it is still spoken. For example, the Vatican City has Latin as its official language and in the Catholic religion, Latin turns out to be the liturgical language.

The fabulous expansion achieved by Rome in ancient times caused that Latin, the official language of the empire, also spread to the rest of Europe and even to North Africa, putting it on a par with the Greek language.

It is important to point out that Latin was the starting point for many of the so-called Romance languages (they evolved from Vulgar Latin), such as: Portuguese, Galician, Spanish, Aragonese, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian, Dalmatian.

16) Linguistics Books

Linguistics Books

The concept of linguistics refers to that which belongs to or is related to language. This word also refers to the science that has language as its object of study. Its objective also includes the description and explanation of language understood as an autonomous system of signs.

Linguistic diversity proposes and recreates laws and rules for speech in order to concentrate the use of language into something correct, and studies its general functioning and how it behaves in the environment and in the behavior of human beings.

Linguistics is of fundamental importance because its object, language, identifies peoples as a nation and contributes to the union of nations with similar languages, but also to the isolation of others with different languages.

17) Mandarin Chinese Learning Books

Mandarin Chinese Learning Books

Mandarin Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family and, after a history of thousands of years, was officially adopted as the language of the People’s Republic of China after its founding on October 1, 1949 with the purpose of creating a common language so that all inhabitants of China could formally understand each other. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN) along with Arabic, Spanish, French, English and Russian.

Statistics show that Mandarin Chinese is spoken by all the inhabitants of China, that is, more than 1.3 billion people, making it the most widely used language in the world, followed by Hindi, English and Spanish.

Mandarin Chinese, also considered by them as the most difficult in the world, is composed of tens of thousands of different characters –hanzi (汉字)- that either alone or in groups of two or three have their own meaning.

18) Portuguese Learning Books

Portuguese Learning Books

Portuguese is one of the few languages that, when listened to, transmits all the essence of its culture, whether Brazilian or Portuguese. With a magical sound, in the words of Miguel de Cervantes, “sweet and pleasant”, it is the language of fado and bossa nova. A language spoken by more than 200 million people and ranked sixth in the world as the most spoken mother tongue, ahead of German or French.

It is the official language of Brazil, which is also known as Brasileiro. From a strictly linguistic point of view, it is a dialect of Portuguese that offers some phonological, syntactic and lexical differences from it. In general, the term Portuguese applies to both varieties.

The grammar of Portuguese is similar in morphology and syntax to the grammar of most Romance languages, especially to the grammar of Galician and the grammars of other languages of the Iberian Peninsula. Portuguese is a fusional and synthetic language.

19) Portuguese Workbooks

Portuguese Workbooks

Learning Portuguese can be a highly rewarding experience. Like any language learning process, learning Portuguese requires dedication and constant practice, so a good amount of exercise would be a good place to start. With the workbooks you will find in this section you will achieve your goal.

Many Spanish speakers tend to underestimate the value of Portuguese, either because of its similarity to Spanish or because it is an “unhelpful” challenge. However, it is one of the most fascinating languages in the world and the native language of Brazil, one of the most important tourist destinations on the planet.

Many people learn Portuguese for tourism, business travel, study, and investment. For others, it is simply a personal challenge. Whatever your case may be, we invite you to develop your Portuguese skills with the workbooks you will find in this section.

20) Russian Learning Books

Russian Learning Books

Russia, as a country and as an integrator of its own culture, stands out for its characteristic customs, coming from past and present civilizations, which created what is considered today a great multicultural state, the result of a development that has gone through several wars, both inside and outside the Russian territory, besides having a strong union with the culture of the first East Slavs.

Almost 300 million people speak Russian worldwide. Of these, about 170 million consider it their mother language and 119 million are Russian citizens. It is also worth noting that Russian is one of the accepted languages of the United Nations, along with Spanish, Arabic, French, English and Mandarin Chinese.

The expansion of this language is linked to the history of Russia. Obviously, it is the official and mother language of this eastern country, but it is also influential in countries that were under the domination of the Russian Empire first, and the Soviet Union later.

21) Russian Workbooks

Russian Workbooks

Russia is not only one of the most important tourist destinations, but its language is also one of the most spoken in Europe and in the world (eighth place).

The Russian alphabet is so majestic that it often overwhelms and intimidates many people, but we know that you are here because you want to get out of your comfort zone.

Learning Russian is not something to worry about, we are sure that with a little effort and study, you will be able to master the language, and one of the best ways to do it is with Russian exercises.

22) Spanish Learning Books

Spanish Learning Books

Worldwide there are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers. Naturally, the pronunciation and use of Spanish at the oral level varies from country to country, but regional differences are not so important as to make the language incomprehensible to speakers from different regions. Contrary to popular belief, no single Spanish is spoken. There are different dialects of Spanish due to the evolution of the language in different regions.

The Spanish-speaking population represents one of the highest growth segments in the world, especially in the United States. The Spanish-speaking segment constitutes a huge community that shares products, services and culture; and offers businesses and institutions a truly unique growth opportunity.

On the other hand, as a foreign language, Spanish is the second most studied language in the world after English, with at least 14 million students, although other sources indicate that there are more than 46 million students distributed in 90 countries.

23) Spanish Workbooks

Spanish Workbooks

Spanish workbooks are often an excellent tool to boost your knowledge. Spanish is the second most widely used language for international communication. In total, more than 500 million people around the world speak Spanish, a figure second only to English.

If you learn Spanish, you will feel at home in more than 20 countries, and you will discover an invaluable cultural, artistic, and gastronomic offer. In addition, Spanish is the second most requested language on the web, especially in social networks and on the official websites of international organizations, such as the UN, UNESCO, and the OAS.

If you want to advance faster on your way to mastering Spanish, put your knowledge into practice with the books in this section.

24) Spelling-Improvement Books

Spelling-Improvement Books

Spelling is the set of rules that regulate writing. It is part of the normative grammar as it establishes the rules for the correct use of letters and punctuation marks.

Orthography is born from a convention accepted by a language community to preserve the unity of the written language. The institution in charge of regulating these rules is usually known as the Language Academy.

We live in an era where handwriting is no longer necessary, and this distances us considerably from language; as if this were not enough, all the devices we use to process text are prepared to assist us, either by correcting our mistakes, or by preventing us from making them, thanks to their function known as «autocomplete».

So, here ends our selection of free books for learning languages. We hope you liked it and that you already have your next book!

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