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My name is Fabricio and I am the founder of InfoBooks.

My intention, and that of the people who collaborate with the project, is to offer you the best selections of free books on different topics of great interest.

We hope that our effort and dedication contributes to making reading a habit in your life.

Thanks for visiting us!


Put the best free books and materials at your fingertips. Encourage reading and self-learning.
Distribute education and ensure that each person who enters this site finds the book they need, when they need it.


Free education and available to everyone. A world where self-learning and continuous training is what drives us to evolve and improve.
A future where there are no barriers to learning and each person can learn about their interests regardless of who they are or where they are.

We believe

  • That education should be free and accessible to all
  • That books are an excellent tool for sharing and acquiring knowledge
  • That reading and self-learning is what drives us to evolve and improve
  • That we all have a book waiting for us, we just have to search to find it

Frequently Asked Questions About InfoBooks

InfoBooks is a website dedicated to providing access to a wide range of free books where users can read and download books legally. Our mission is to encourage reading and self-learning, facilitating the distribution of education so that each visitor finds the book they need, exactly when they need it.

At InfoBooks, you can download books easily and legally. Simply search for the book you’re interested in and follow the well-identified download link next to the book. If you have any doubts, you can visit our guide to downloading books. Within InfoBooks, you can download as many books as you wish for free, without having to pay or register.

No, there are no restrictions on downloading books from InfoBooks. All users can download as many books as they wish, at any time, without the need to pay or register.

At InfoBooks, we tirelessly strive to make exceptional books freely available to everyone. We offer a variety of books in different genres and disciplines, from classic literature to contemporary books, in areas such as science, technology, art, and humanities. Everything is organized to facilitate your search and learning.

At InfoBooks, we strictly comply with copyright laws. All books available on this site meet one of the following conditions:

  • The authors or rights holders have authorized InfoBooks to share the books and materials for non-profit purposes
  • The books or materials are licensed under Creative Commons
  • The books or materials are in the public domain.

Our team carefully selects our collection, focusing on literary quality, relevance, and diversity in genres and authors. Additionally, we have the support of authors and experts to organize and classify the materials in a way that makes them valuable to our users.

Yes, at InfoBooks, we offer books in several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. You can access these collections by visiting our language learning section. Additionally, you can also visit the specific sites of our project in each of these languages to access a more comprehensive collection of free books.

To find out which books are capturing the attention of our readers, we invite you to visit the main page of the free books section. There you will find a special chart with the 50 most read and downloaded free books from InfoBooks. This list is an excellent reference to discover which titles are resonating the most with our community of passionate readers.

We add new books to our collection weekly to ensure that our readers always have something new to discover.

No, InfoBooks is completely free. We believe in free and accessible education for everyone, regardless of their location or economic situation. On InfoBooks, you can read or download as many books as you wish without having to pay or register.

We understand that this can be an important question for many, considering that we offer free access to a wide range of books. The costs associated with operating and maintaining a website like InfoBooks are significant and include web development, hosting, content creation and curation, among others.

InfoBooks generates revenue through advertising displayed while browsing the website, which allows us to cover these costs and, at the same time, ensure that access to our books and educational resources is completely free for all users. This model enables us to sustain and expand our project, firmly upholding our commitment to accessible and free education.

The best way to support InfoBooks is by sharing our project with your contacts and on your social networks. Spreading the word is crucial for us, as it allows us to reach more people interested in reading and self-learning. By talking about InfoBooks in your circles and posting about us on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network, you help us expand our mission of making education accessible and free for everyone.

To contact our team, you can fill out the form on our contact page or send an email to Your voice is crucial in this shared journey towards a more informed and educated world.

Our commitment to legal compliance, the variety of books, and a user-friendly experience set us apart. Additionally, at InfoBooks, you can download and read as many books as you wish without the need to register.

Please contact our support team by filling out the form on our contact page or send an email to, and we will assist you immediately.

InfoBooks was initiated by Fabricio Bossio, a true book enthusiast. Fabricio created InfoBooks with the goal of sharing his love for reading and facilitating access to quality books for free and legally to people around the world. If you would like to learn more about him or contact him, you can do so in any of the following ways:

At InfoBooks, we have a team of 10 people dedicated to the development and maintenance of our websites, as well as the creation of relevant and high-quality content. In addition, we collaborate periodically with a variety of authors and experts in different fields, who contribute their knowledge and experience to enrich our catalog and ensure that we offer high-quality educational materials. This diverse and committed team is essential to maintain and expand our collection of free books and promote education and self-learning.

Our vision is to continue positively impacting the lives of our users and to become the largest center for free and legal book downloads, continuously expanding our collection and accessibility.