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My name is Fabricio and I am the founder of InfoBooks.

My intention, and that of the people who collaborate with the project, is to offer you the best selections of free books on different topics of great interest.

We hope that our effort and dedication contributes to making reading a habit in your life.

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Put the best free books and materials at your fingertips. Encourage reading and self-learning.
Distribute education and ensure that each person who enters this site finds the book they need, when they need it.


Free education and available to everyone. A world where self-learning and continuous training is what drives us to evolve and improve.
A future where there are no barriers to learning and each person can learn about their interests regardless of who they are or where they are.

We believe

  • That education should be free and accessible to all
  • That books are an excellent tool for sharing and acquiring knowledge
  • That reading and self-learning is what drives us to evolve and improve
  • That we all have a book waiting for us, we just have to search to find it