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In order to cover more areas of knowledge, we have put our effort in building a collection of books about trades in PDF format. We understand that trades, also known as crafts, are as relevant as academic professions, in the sense that they contribute to the growth and economic wealth of countries.

Learning a trade is as laudable as studying a college career and can generate as much or more economic prosperity as well as personal satisfaction. When you are passionate about a trade, it is best to focus on developing the skills necessary to practice it.

So, if you are curious to get involved in this area, we recommend our selection of books on careers, available for free and immediate download

The word “craft” can be etymologically analyzed as follows: from the Middle English word for strength or skill derived from the Old English word “craeft” which comes from Old High German “kraft” for strength, and means “skill in making”.

The definition of “craft” contains the factor of requiring a skill to do something with one’s hands. It is a work that implies manual or artisan activity. Unlike professions, crafts or trades do not necessarily require academic training, although many technical schools already offer teaching in this field.

In the past, a trade was learned from an experienced family member or close person. The youngest learned from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles or other relatives who took the time to prepare them.

Today, the same thing can also happen, but it is not the only option. With the development of technology, people can be self-taught and develop manual skills through books, videos and free or paid virtual courses

Trades are usually learned with a lot of practice, you need perseverance, patience and a great taste for the activity to be developed, even more if you decide to do it in a self-taught way. Later, if you want to live from it, you must have discipline and organization to be self-employed or to undertake a related business.

Among the most outstanding trades are: carpentry, plumbing, mechanics, hairdressing, tailoring, gardening, blacksmithing, among others. All of them imply a manual skill, although it is also true that the term “trade” has been extended in its meaning and now it can be coined to other skills that do not require manual dexterity, as is the case of voice-over.

Throughout history there have been people with great success who have dedicated themselves to a trade without academic training, such as cartoonists, painters, sculptors, writers, jewelers, craftsmen, bakers, among others.

Today, people who dedicate themselves to this type of informal work can have their own businesses and become billionaires thanks to their great natural talent.

If you are interested in the development of a particular trade, we invite you to take a look at our collection of trade books. There you will find a great variety of them, with valuable information and they represent a free tool for your own learning.

There is nothing like appropriating knowledge, that is why we put these titles at your disposal. Start the tour and enjoy!

1) Auto Mechanics Books

Auto Mechanics Books

Auto mechanics or automotive mechanics, is a type of mechanics that is primarily responsible for studying and analyzing how motion is generated and transmitted in a vehicle. This means that it is a branch that studies both the principles of mechanics and those of physics, paying special attention to the elements that surround the generation and transmission of movement in the vehicle.

Auto mechanics is one of the fundamental branches of mechanics for any mechanical traction vehicle. It is also responsible for studying and analyzing some of the components of the vehicle and whose main purpose is the transmission and generation of movement.

Since it is the branch that analyzes the behavior of the vehicle’s movement, among the elements it studies is the engine. Without going further, this is the undisputed protagonist of the force that promotes the movement of the vehicle, the central part where it is generated and transmitted everything necessary for the car to move properly.

2) Beekeeping Books

Beekeeping Books

Beekeeping is the name given to the activity, technique and art of raising bees in order to take advantage of the products they produce, especially honey.

The origin of beekeeping is very remote: according to cave paintings, it can be estimated that about 8,000 years ago man already collected the honey produced by bees. It is believed that the first efforts to control these animals and appropriate their products were developed in the Neolithic period.

Wax, propolis, pollen and royal jelly are other products usually collected through beekeeping. Even apitoxin, which is the poison secreted by worker bees to defend themselves from threats and when fighting each other, is often obtained. This venom can be used to relieve certain symptoms of joint disorders.

3) Blacksmithing Books

Blacksmithing Books

Blacksmithing is the activity of the blacksmith: the individual who is dedicated to working the iron. A blacksmith’s shop is the name given to the workshop and commercial premises of these people. Iron is a malleable and ductile metal of great tenacity that, in addition to being part of substances indispensable to life, is the most widely used material on an industrial level. Blacksmithing is linked to the artisan work carried out by those who are in charge of forging it.

Generally, the iron is subjected to a heat source so that, when it reaches the necessary temperature, it can be molded by the acquired malleability. With hammers and other instruments, the blacksmith gives the metal the shape he wants.

Iron, the material that the blacksmith works par excellence, is the fourth most abundant metal in the crust of our planet, representing 5% per se, meanwhile, is the most important in planetary mass since the earth in its core concentrates the largest amount of iron.

4) Carpentry Books

Carpentry Books

The term carpentry is used to define a trade and the place where work is done with wood, who is responsible for carrying out such work is called a carpenter. The main objective that pursues this work is to change the appearance and shape of wood, to create tools that are useful for humans, whether doors, toys, furniture, among other things, for many working with wood is an art rather than a trade.

The main tools that a carpenter should use to work with wood are the saw, which is used to cut small pieces of wood, the brush to clean it, sandpaper to remove uneven surfaces, the drill which helps to drill the same to add different decorations, the hammer, the saw to cut larger parts, among others.

When the carpenter is oriented to work with fine woods, paying special attention to decoration and artistic issues, he is called a woodworker. The trade of the woodworker is known as woodworking.

5) Cosmetology Books

Cosmetology Books

The word cosmetology comes from the Greek Kosmetos which means beauty and logos which means treated.

Cosmetology is the science in charge of studying different products that, when applied, generate numerous benefits on the skin, with emphasis on the face area, however, it also works with the skin of the entire body

Cosmetology encompasses different specialties such as skin care, makeup, manicures, and pedicures. Manicures and pedicures work exclusively on nails. Instead, estheticians or skin care specialists are engaged in performing jobs related to cleansing and beautifying the skin. And finally, make-up artists usually dedicate themselves to artistic make-up or make-up for events.

6) Cutting and Sewing Books

Cutting and Sewing Books

Cutting and sewing are general terms linked to the fashion industry, which refer to the manufacturing process of the garments from the beginning. In short, it is about designing the model, cutting and sewing the piece of fabric until the garment itself is completed.

In cutting, body measurements are taken and a pattern is created for the specific person who will wear the garment. A muslin paper is used to paint over it and make the pattern, where the measurements will also be added.

Tailoring is the art of assembling and sewing the different pieces that have been cut from the pattern. Clothing is perhaps one of the most important phases in the production process of a garment.

7) Gardening Books

Gardening Books

Gardening is the art or craft of caring for and cultivating a garden, understood as the land where plants with ornamental motifs are grown. When we talk about gardening, we are thinking about the health and growth of the plants and the fact that they complete a life cycle in good conditions.

The gardening can be done both in open spaces (outdoors) and in closed spaces, as well as in small spaces inside a house, internal courtyards to a construction, etc.

Gardening is divided into horticulture, which is the cultivation of vegetables; arboriculture, which is the cultivation of fruit trees; floriculture, which refers to the cultivation of flowers and the care of nurseries, where trees and small shrubs are grown.

8) Goldsmith Books

Goldsmith Books

Goldsmithing is the art of carving objects, whether ornaments or utensils, from precious metals or their alloys. The goldsmith usually works with gold or silver to develop their works.

The metals and materials that make up the goldsmith’s objects are precious or semiprecious stones, silver and gold or a mixture of both, which in ancient times was called electrum, also copper and bronze.

With this technique many types of decorative objects can be made, such as rings, chains, earrings, bracelets, diadems, lanterns, candelabras, crosses, ornaments for images of saints and even religious figures and emblematic objects of the Catholic religion such as the chalice.

9) Hairdressing Books

Hairdressing Books

The hairdresser’s salon provides hair-centered beauty services. If the services are more varied and include pedicure, manicure and depilation, for example, we talk about a salon or beauty center.

The origins of hair cosmetics are remote. Already in Ancient Egypt it was usual for rulers and priests to take care of their hair. With time, spaces dedicated exclusively to hair aesthetics were emerging.

Nowadays hairdressers are of great importance and even establishments have been developed where hairdressing services for animals are offered. If your interest is to become a hairdresser, you have many areas in which you can specialize.

10) Locksmith Books

Locksmith Books

The trade associated with the devices for opening and closing doors and windows is that of locksmithing, and the establishment dedicated to this activity is known as locksmith store/shop. As is logical, this is an activity aimed at a very specific purpose: to maintain security in homes and establishments.

A locksmith’s shop can offer a wide range of services: enclosures and glazing, assembly of automatics and awnings, repair and installation of metal sheets, work with metalwork structures, opening systems for cars, manufacture of master keys, opening of safes or advice to customers on security issues.

All this is projected in four main sectors: residential, automotive, industrial and commercial. Likewise, locksmith activities are integrated within one discipline, safety engineering.

11) Make-Up Books

Make-Up Books

make-up artist is a professional who specializes in make-up techniques in all areas: beauty, audiovisuals and characterization. It must firmly dominate the visagism, since it is the key to give sense to each makeup, being customized according to the model that we have in front.

Makeup is composed of several elements that fulfill specific functions and are applied in certain parts of the face in order to highlight, color, decorate or hide certain features. Nowadays, makeup is an easily accessible product, which can be found in many businesses and establishments.

While it may seem to us that makeup is something new, the truth is that since the time of ancient Egypt man used makeup to highlight or hide certain facial features.

12) Masonry Books

Masonry Books

Masonry is defined as the specialty of building structures from individual objects that are joined and glued together using mortar or other materials capable of hardening. It is one of the most important works in construction and is essential in the life of man, being present since ancient times.

Masonry emerged as a need of refuge for the human being. The first masonry works in history were made with branches, rocks, mud and other materials found in nature. Over time, masonry benefited from new building materials. Today, masonry is still one of the most important human activities, reflected in the growth of all the cities of the world.

A wide variety of materials are used in masonry. The main ones are stony materials like clay bricks, mortar blocks and stones like marble, travertine, granite, limestone, also glass blocks, tiles, sand, lime, cement and many other materials are used.

13) Motorcycle Mechanics Books

Motorcycle Mechanics Books

Motorcycle mechanics perform technical and repair services for motorcycles, from city bikes to high performance motorcycles. The type of work performed by motorcycle mechanics depends on the size of the company they work for. At a large dealership, they may spend all their time in a workshop or in the garage. In a small specialty store, they may also spend some of their time selling motorcycles and accessories and providing customer service.

New motorcycles usually arrive at the workshop packed, so the mechanics unpack and assemble them, to perform a test ride and check they are safe and work properly.

Once the bike has been sold, mechanics are needed to provide regular service. During a service, they follow an established routine to check for worn or damaged parts, such as spark plugs and filters, and replace them if necessary.

14) Plumbing Books

Plumbing Books

Plumbing is a trade related to the installation and maintenance of pipe networks for the supply of drinking water and for the evacuation of wastewater. These systems are assembled under a previous planning that allows to ensure a good distribution and a perfect finish.

This discipline is one of the few that was not born in the antiquity of mankind, since it never thought it would need a system of ducts and pipes for sanitary and drainage reasons. It was not until the Rome of the dominant empire, where the first construction of aqueducts began, and it should be noted that they were very fortunate methods, as today we are still learning from those first steps to get and install a water system.

Plumbing is an essential task in everyday life, since without the help of professional technicians, no one would be able to bathe, brush teeth, wash dishes, cook or perform any act that requires water.

15) Refrigeration Books

Refrigeration Books

Refrigeration is one of the most important applications in the food industry, because it slows down the growth of bacteria in food and allows it to preserve its organoleptic properties intact, prolonging shelf life.

Both industrial refrigeration and air conditioning are based on the same mechanism: the cooling of a fluid, usually water or air, through the evaporation of another fluid called refrigerant.

The refrigeration circuit, consisting of compressor, evaporator, condenser and rolling element, is an integral part of both systems.

16) Tailoring Books

Tailoring Books

tailor is an individual who makes clothes for men. The tailor thus cuts and sews men’s pants, jackets, and other clothing.

It is usual for the tailor to develop his trade, known as tailoring, in a handmade way. This means that the person usually takes the measurements of his client and makes different marks and then sews and cuts the clothes exactly. This makes the tailor’s work personalized.

Those who go to a tailor, therefore, expect to find a specialist who will allow them to wear clothes made exclusively. It is not the same to use a suit made by a tailor based on the specific and exact measurements of a subject than to buy clothes in a store whose sizes or numbers are already defined by default.

17) Turnery Books

Turnery Books

In a very brief way, a turning process is a method used to turn, create, shape and even repair different metal parts that make up a machine (from a car to a bakery oven). It is in the turnery, where through the use of the lathe the “small parts” are joined to the “large parts” so that these work properly within the machine or part.

The turners are dedicated to the work of creating, turning and molding the pieces. It takes the strength of a metal forger and the precision of a surgeon. That is why it is a profession that will always be in constant demand given the enormous need for parts in daily life.

Today, there are so many mechanical devices that the turnery has had to be subdivided to compensate for the enormous market demand. If you want more information about what a tournament is, its importance and a little bit of its history, we invite you to visit our collection of books about turnery.

18) Upholstery Books

Upholstery Books

Upholstery is a practical art, carried out by the upholsterer who, as an expert, brings a careful aesthetic to common elements of our life, for example, the armchairs and chairs in the living room. Or also, the car seat. The upholsterer can not only design a sofa for the first time, but when it has been damaged as a result of use, many families decide to extend the life of their armchair, hiring the services of an upholsterer who is responsible for repairing the deterioration.

As in any other professional field, the upholsterer can specialize in a particular sector, for example, in furniture upholstery. From this point of view, the experts who are currently highly sought after are the restorers who manage to update an antique piece of furniture thanks to their art.

The upholsterer is an expert in upholstery techniques and has advanced knowledge of the materials and tools needed to carry out.

19) Voice-over Books

Voice-over Books

The word voice-over is used in our language to refer to that professional activity, associated with communication, and which is deployed in both radio and television. Although it should be noted that voice-over was born with the radio boom, when television burst onto the scene, the profession also moved and made a strong incursion into television.

The human voice is an irreplaceable tool for communicating ideas and emotions. People who develop it are popularly known as announcers and to be positioned as such they must satisfactorily complete the corresponding studies.

The tone of voice, the way of interpreting, the dubbing techniques or the correct vocalization are specific aspects integrated in radio voice-over.

20) Welding Books

Welding Books

The first meaning of the term welding mentioned in the dictionary refers to the process and result of weld: establishing a solid bond between two things with a material that is similar or the same as theirs. In a broader sense, welding consists of amending or repairing something.

Everything we touch every day that is made of metal is probably welded in one way or another. Welding is one of the most valuable technologies and played an important role in the industrial revolution, being the backbone of industries all over the world.

A weld implies the union of two elements: usually it is done through fusion. It is common to add a plastic or a metal that, when melted, ends up joining both pieces. This material that is added makes the union fixed when it cools down.

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