100+ Love Books for Free! [PDF]

If you have spent a lot of time looking for a good love book to read on a Sunday afternoon that will make you feel in love, you are in the right place. On our site you are going to get PDF love books to make your love beat a mile a minute.

PDF love books are usually made with the intention of making readers feel joy, hope and positivity. You can almost always expect a happy ending when you pick up a love book.

Whether it’s your two favorite characters finally getting together or the main character realizing that there is something or someone better for them, romance novels are hopeful above all else.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to select from thousands of titles so that you have the best options and don’t just rely on the typical cliché and stereotypes surrounding love books.

In our selection you will find the most famous classics and other not so famous titles that are a real gem to give you a new look at love.

With bold protagonists and the best stories, these books will make you sigh and think a thousand longing thoughts every time you venture into the pages of these love books.

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1) Forbidden Love Books

Not all authors had stories of happiness to inspire them, even those who have written stories of sweet love have included in their repertoire books of forbidden love, because it is a theme that does not escape our lives.

What obstacles does love face, what or who can prohibit the enjoyment of love between two people? There are many variables in each of the stories, from differences in social class, age, culture, ideologies and many more.

Taking into account each of the “prohibitions” in love, each author has been inspired to bring us the most touching stories, which have even become classics of literature that in turn have been a source of inspiration for new authors.

2) Impossible Love Books

Impossible love can be said to be that love that is beyond our reach, it is described as a desire to be able to be with the loved one but at the same time there is little chance of achieving it.

It is a love that far from disappearing, the feeling of desire, impulse or the need to be with the loved one continues to increase as long as that impossibility exists. Looking for stories of this type? We bring them to you with our collection of impossible love books. 

In these books you will be able to contemplate the emotional chaos, the frustration in the lovers, the pain caused by the impossibility of loving each other freely, you will even share with the characters the melancholy caused by this love.

3) Love Ancient Times Books

Expressions of love have undoubtedly changed over the years, nowadays love could be said to be a little more liberal than in previous years or times.

Currently we can send a WhatsApp with a dedication or a nice message of love, before, it could only be done through letters that took a few days to arrive, and the loved ones desperate for their arrival.

Another characteristic of these loves was the chivalry, courtesy, and the way of courting that is totally different from what we are used to now. In the love books of ancient times you can enjoy these great love stories.

4) Love and Death Books

Love stories sometimes take an unexpected turn that shakes us, our heart beats stronger when we are immersed in it and something happens that we did not expect, because deep down we want love to triumph over all scenarios.

In books of love and death, we can appreciate love stories marked by a tragedy: like the end of the life of one of the protagonists, or of another character who has won his place in the story.

They may end sadly, but there are also stories that, despite death, leave great life lessons that inspire us.

5) Love and Infidelity Books

It is considered infidelity in love relationships when one of the two involved breaks the commitment of exclusivity of the couple, by maintaining a relationship with an external person occasionally or continuously.

Many love stories have been victims of this situation, it does not escape from our reality and that is why many authors have incorporated the element of infidelity in their works; our perception of love and morality will be determinant for us to appreciate or reject infidelity.

Even the way in which the story has been developed, the way the author describes it can cause us to see with good eyes the love that arises in a relationship that could start from an infidelity. You can know these stories in the books of love and infidelity that we bring for you.

6) Love and Passion Books

Love is one of the universal feelings that has had more prominence in the history of literature, and that reflected or described in its different expressions has been the muse that has positioned great stories as literary classics.

One of the best companions or expressions of love has been passion. We can say that passion in love has been characterized by clouding reason and dominating our will.

Love and passion books manage to describe in their stories this duo with the most brilliant and even poetic words, captivating our hearts and thoughts. If you wish to know, awaken and remember these feelings we invite you to take a look at our collection of books.

7) Love Books for Teenagers

We experience love in different facets and ages throughout our lives, so adolescence is no exception. In itself, it is characterized by being a somewhat complicated stage, in which many emotions flood us.

That is why several authors have been inspired to write their love stories with juvenile or adolescent characters, which fills the story with explosive emotions, fun, impulsiveness and all kinds of moments characteristic of these loves.

The stories of impossible loves, love triangles and all kinds of complications that conquer teenagers are a very good way to get them hooked on reading. All this and much more can be found in love books for teenagers.

8) Love Books to Cry

The great authors manage to make us enter and navigate in the stories, in the facts, in the experiences of the characters, to such an extent that our emotions and feelings are affected by the empathy generated.

Just as we can be moved by the first kiss of the protagonists, we can laugh when reading the character’s experiences, in the same way we can sigh, feel frustration, and the most inevitable and difficult to hide: cry.

In love books to cry you will find: tragedies, painful farewells, an impossible love, a disappointment… and all kinds of events that will make a tear roll down your cheek.

9) Love Books With a Happy Ending

Happy endings were designed to bring hope; in difficult times, stories with happy endings will always be inspirational, and fill us with optimism.

In fact, many of the stories that ended tragically in books when they were brought to the screen have had their endings changed to happily ever after, such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the fairy tales brought to the screen by Disney.

More so when it comes to love stories, we often wish to see the happy ending, although this happiness may be relative depending on the author’s point of view. We are happy to share with you our section of love books with happy endings.

10) Love Books With Sad Ending

For those of us who like to take our emotions to their maximum expression, even more so when it comes to letting ourselves be carried away by great stories of literature, we have made a compilation of the most transcendent love books with sad endings.

When it comes to love stories it is inevitable to get excited with the experiences of the characters throughout the plot of the book, even more so if its ending is totally different from the “ideal” being a bit tragic or sad, it is very likely that the book will leave a mark in our heart.

If you want to read something that is not so superficial, but on the contrary starts from a deep experience, you can take a look at the books we have selected for you.

11) Summer Love Books

Summer is the season characterized by the greatest intensity of heat and sunshine, usually this season is linked to the holiday period, a time for those intense and unforgettable loves.

The heat, the free time, the greater predisposition to go out… all this propitiates that we meet new people or that begins in the acquaintances a spark that before we had not seen coming.

They are affairs, adventures or normally fleeting relationships that taste like the beach, vacations and, above all, freedom; possibly the best time of the year for love, and summer love books prove it to us.

12) Unrequited Love Books

The most beautiful thing when you decide to love, is to enjoy and share love with the person who has become special in your life, it is the interaction of love in the couple, reciprocity, which feeds the heart of both.

Unfortunately, not all love stories are the same, it may happen that you fall in love with a person and when you show your love, they do not feel the same way, or at least not with the same intensity as you feel.

Inspired by their own experiences, or those of acquaintances, the authors have transmitted to us through the books of unrequited love: sadness, anger, impotence, frustration, generally intense emotions that are experienced in these loves.

Well, here ends our selection with the best Love Books. We hope you liked it!

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