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Our collection of books covers all branches of mathematics, including the three most important ones: algebra, calculus, and geometry. But we don’t stop there, we also offer materials on other fascinating areas such as statistics, number theory, topology, and many more.

In addition, our selection of math books has been carefully curated to offer materials for both beginners and experts. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your first steps in this science or if you’re already knowledgeable.

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1) Algebra Books

Algebra Books

Algebra is a branch of mathematics whose study focuses on the combination of abstract elements through certain rules. These abstract elements and structures may contain numbers and arithmetic operations, but they also integrate letters that usually represent variables, specific operations, coefficients, or unknowns.

Born in the Arab culture, around 820 A.D., algebra is one of the mathematical variants with the greatest diversity of applications, since it allows us to represent and solve problems in our daily lives, in the academic and business world.

Algebra books represent a journey through inductive reasoning, logic, patterns, and inductive reasoning, skills that will allow you to go far in any area. Check out the titles we have selected for you and improve your ability to deal with the complexities of everyday life.

2) Algorithms Books

Algorithms Books

In computer science, an algorithm is a sequence of sequential instructions, thanks to which certain processes can be carried out and certain needs or decisions can be answered. They are ordered and finite sets of steps that allow us to solve a problem or make a decision.

Algorithms must be precise and indicate the logical order of execution of each of the steps, it must be defined and this means that if an algorithm is executed several times the same result must always be obtained, it must also be finite, i.e. it must start with an action and end with a result or solution to a problem.

All tasks executed by the computer are based on algorithms. A software or computer program is designed based on algorithms, so that we can introduce a task in it and solve it.

3) Arithmetic Books

Arithmetic Books

Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that focuses on numbers and the simple operations performed with them, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is the oldest of all mathematical branches, with records dating back to Ancient Greece and its later extension into the natural sciences.

Through different operations, arithmetic is an essential tool for the study of certain mathematical concepts that are fundamental for learning; concepts whose use in daily life is recurrent.

When you go to the store and buy something, and you find yourself in the need to calculate the money that the seller must return to you, you are appealing to arithmetic. However, its scope goes far beyond this type of situation, and you can learn about it through the selection of arithmetic books that we have prepared for you.

4) Calculus Books

Calculus Books

Calculus is a mathematical branch in charge of studying motion and variation. In simple words, it is a procedure by which the result of an operation is obtained. However, its scope goes beyond that, since it allows us to observe and show reality with dynamism.

Calculus is an essential component of other areas of study, such as engineering, physics, economics and statistics, among others. It is also a valuable resource for the technological and scientific development of society. Natural laws can only be shown through equations based on functions.

Much of the infrastructure created by humans, such as bridges and buildings, could not be maintained without calculus. Calculus books provide essential concepts in the understanding of this mathematical branch, such as integration, derivative functions, variables and constants, and limit and increment, among many others.

5) Differential Equations Books

Differential Equations Books

Differential equations are mathematical equations that link a function to its derivatives. Books on this topic represent a valuable resource for engineering students since many scientific and technological problems can be addressed by solving differential equations.

Differential equations do not usually have simple solutions. Many times, approximations are allowed elements in the solutions. Calculations required in the field of electrical machinery manufacturing or the design of radio-technical devices depend on the solution of differential equations.

Aircraft stability, projectile trajectory calculations, and the trajectory of a chemical reaction, among other situations, depending on differential equations. Rates of change and population growth are values that can be determined through differential equations. Take a look at the books in this section.

6) General Math Books

General Math Books

Mathematics is a science based on logic in which symbols are used to create theories and inferences based on specific rules, definitions, postulates, or axioms. Because it is a science that invites human beings to use their deductive logic.

Mathematics is the basis of organization in our daily lives. Since its beginnings thousands of years ago, this tool has remained current in every human society. As a society becomes more complex, its mathematical needs also become more intense.

General math books will allow you to study the characteristics and different relationships that exist through abstract values, such as symbols, numbers, or geometric structures.

7) Geometry Books

Geometry Books

Geometry is the mathematical branch in charge of studying figures in a plane or space. It is an essential element in the first levels of education, especially for analyzing measurements and characteristics such as area, perimeter, and volume.

Although the representation and analysis of figures were done since Ancient Egypt, the first to shape the concept of geometry at a theoretical level was Euclid, considered the father of geometry. In fact, the famous “Pythagoras theorem” is a demonstration of Euclid. Another person whose contributions elevated the study of geometry was Descartes.

Geometry is one of the mathematical tools with more applications in multiple fields of study, such as architecture, topography, physics, and geography, among others. Thanks to geometry books we can know the measurements of certain spaces or structures.

8) Integral Calculus Books

Integral Calculus Books

Integral calculus is a sub-branch of infinitesimal calculus based on the process of antiderivation or integration. It is a powerful tool in engineering, where it is often used for calculations of volumes and areas of solids. René Descartes, Archimedes, Gottfried Leibniz, Issac Barrow, and Isaac Newton were its first promoters.

The studies of Barrow, Leibniz, and Newton allowed the construction of the fundamental theorem of integral calculus, whose proposal consists of defining derivation and integration as inverse functions. Studying integral calculus will not only allow you to broaden your mathematical tools but will also help you solve everyday problems.

Determining the net investment flow of a company, finding the equilibrium cost of a product, or finding electrical variables in a physical problem are just some of the everyday situations that require integral calculus. To go deeper into this topic, we invite you to take a look at the books you will find here.

9) Logic Books

Logic Books

Logic is a formal science belonging to the field of philosophy in charge of studying the notion of truth, fallacies, paradoxes, valid inferences, and demonstrations. In essence, it is the field of study that encompasses all human reasoning. Logic is, by definition, a person’s ability to decide whether something is right or wrong.

Unlike consciousness, logic does not occur as a product of learning. Rather, it is an innate human ability that represents a field of study, since the origin of this capacity is unknown. Logic books deal with the human brain in-depth since all the material used by logic occurs there.

Logic helps us to have more clarity, capacity for correction, organization, depth of thought, and illation. It is a science that revolves around science because it requires valid demonstrations, causes of problems, and their respective solutions or ways to avoid them. Logic seeks “truth”.

10) Mathematical Finance Books

Mathematical Finance Books

Mathematical Finance is a branch of mathematics dedicated to finance. It is composed of different tools that allow determining or finding the value of money concerning time, as well as analyzing the implications of this relationship through interest rates.

Through mathematical finance, we can calculate the value of the products that exist in the financial markets and their profitability. Therefore, it is oriented to study the value of money as a resource to obtain a certain yield. To achieve this, it uses resources such as capital, time, and interest.

In the mathematical finance books in this section, you will find everything you need to know about terms such as simple and compound interest, income, constant and increasing, future value and present value, loans, and amortization systems. Become an expert in the subject with the best titles we have prepared for you.

11) Statistics Books

Statistics Books

Statistics is a field of mathematics focused on the study of the variability, collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and exposition of information or data. In addition, statistics is responsible for studying how these data are generated based on the rules of probability.

Statistical textbooks are indispensable tools in many areas of study, including the factual sciences and social sciences. Likewise, statistics represent a valuable resource in government institutions and various business areas, as they allow describing essential data for decision-making.

Nowadays, it is common to study a specific population through statistics. If you wish to improve your analysis and problem-solving skills, take a look at the statistics books available in this section.

12) Trigonometry Books

Trigonometry Books

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that is the study of trigonometric ratios, such as sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant. Etymologically, trigonometry is known as the “measurement of triangles”, but its applications transcend the mathematical and geometric plane.

The field of astronomy uses trigonometric techniques to measure distances between stars, geographical points, and satellite navigation systems. In the mathematical field, trigonometry has contributed multiple functions that have transcended its main objective to become independently studied elements.

It is also a concept applied in plane geometry in solutions of equations. In everyday life, trigonometry allows us to calculate distances, measure angles, and so on. If you want to explore more about trigonometric tools and how to apply them to your field of study, take a look at the trigonometry books we have selected for you.

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