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Welcome, sports lover! If you’re looking for the best sports books to download for free, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Here you will find a wide selection of works that cover a variety of sports disciplines, from soccer to swimming, so you can dive into the exciting world of sports.

We understand that knowledge is power, and that’s why we strive to provide you with the necessary resources to help you improve in your favorite sport. Our sports books offer advice, techniques, and the inspiration you need to achieve your goals.

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1) Athletics Books

Athletics Books

The etymology of this term comes from the Greek “athlos”, which means “competition”. Known as the oldest sport, with a solid and organized structure, athletics consists of a set of sporting events based on running, jumping and throwing.

Athletics is considered one of the oldest sports in the world. Its appearance dates back to the first Olympic Games that took place in ancient Greece in 776 B.C. But it was in Europe during the 19th century that many of the rules and disciplines that are known today were established.

Many consider it an art because it is in charge of surpassing the performance of athletes in speed, distance, endurance or height.

2) Basketball Books

Basketball Books

The name «Basketball» is composed of two words: «basket» which is the net where the ball is shot and «ball». This sport is colloquially referred to as “hoops”.

FIBA – International Basketball Federation was created in 1932 and basketball was first included in the summer Olympic Games in 1936. By 1946 the United States professional league, the National Basketball Association – NBA, was founded, which has become the main league of this sport worldwide. In this league have participated the best players in history such as Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan.

Basketball is currently one of the most played sports in the world. There are numerous leagues and championships taking place worldwide.

3) Bodybuilding Books

Bodybuilding Books

Bodybuilding is classified as a sport that consists of carrying out a weight training program with the intention of developing and controlling the muscles, and that they obtain and maintain the greatest definition and symmetry.

A good symmetry represents a perfect balance of muscle mass between both sides of the body, while a good proportion indicates that our muscle groups are developing front to back and side to side.

Frequently, in the field of bodybuilding, the Weider Principles of bodybuilding are named, a basis or laws of training that have been used with success by some champions of this discipline, among these principles are: Principle of overload, Principle of isolation, Principle of muscle confusion …

4) Boxing Books

Boxing Books

Boxing, also known as box or pugilism, is one of the oldest sports as well as wrestling. This is a contact sport, in which two people fight using only their fists, which are covered with a special glove. The objective of boxing is to hit the opponent as many times as possible above the waist and inside the ring.

The origins of boxing go back to Egypt and the Orient in the time of the fourth millennium before Christ. In the history of Greek games, boxing was practiced as one of the disciplines that most attracted people. The first boxing fight in modern times was in 1681 in England when the Duke of Albemarle planned a fight between a butcher and his butler.

If you want to learn more about this exciting sport, we invite you to visit our selection of books on Boxing in PDF format. You won’t regret it!

5) Calisthenics Books

Calisthenics Books

Calisthenics can be understood as a training method or system based on the use of the body’s own weight. Calisthenics works on muscle groups or chains and takes into account the plasticity and aesthetics of the movements, as it also aims to achieve harmony and beauty.

Like any training system, calisthenics has its own tables of exercises. Many of these movements are common to other disciplines, such as cross-fit or functional training.

The exercises performed in calisthenics are divided into basic, which are common exercises for strengthening muscles; static, based on advanced exercises that consist of maintaining the same position for some period of time; and dynamic, which are advanced exercises that consist of movement, used in freestyle.

6) Chess Books

Chess Books

Chess as we know it today, was born in Europe in the 15th century, as a new version of the game of Persian origin called «shatranj», which in turn arose from an older one called “chaturanga” that was played in India during the 6th century.

By the 16th century the tradition of holding chess competitions began, and in 1886 the first world chess championship was organized. This game is considered as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, and the international tournaments are controlled by the International Chess Federation – FIDE.

In our selection of chess books you will find all the details of this attractive and challenging strategy game. As well as its history and origin.

7) Crossfit Books

Crossfit Books

CrossFit is a total strength and conditioning program based on increasing the ten physical capacities most recognized by specialists in sports weight training: agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, power, precision, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance and speed.

CrossFit was originally chosen by numerous military academies, police forces, martial artists and hundreds of elite athletes around the world as a standard strength and conditioning training program. Today, however, CrossFit has become popular among all sectors of the population.

Frequent vocabulary:

Box: Training place where CrossFit is practiced.

WOD: It is the workout that is performed every day. It changes daily and is never the same.

RX: Means that the athlete has performed the WOD according to the weight and modality prescribed.

PR: It is the highest amount of weight that the athlete can lift in a specific exercise.

8) Cycling Books

Cycling Books

Cycling is one of the sports that encompasses several activities where the bicycle is the real protagonist. We know the history of cycling from the first velocipedes, but its development as such took place at the end of the 18th century.

It is a competitive sport, prepared for both team and individual work. Each of the types of cycling has something to contribute to our maintenance and in addition, the benefits of cycling bring us thousands of advantages for our health.

If you want to enter the exciting world of cycling, you can do so by visiting the link below with our selection of cycling books.

9) Gymnastics Books

Gymnastics Books

Gymnastics is a sports discipline in which systematic sequences of physical exercises are executed to develop different body skills, such as strength or elasticity. Etymologically, the word gymnastics comes from the Greek γυμνός by way of the related verb γυμνάζω translated as “train in gymnastic exercise”.

Modern gymnastics was born in Germany in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Johann Friedrich and Friedrich Jahn, physical educators, designed exercises for children and young people using a series of apparatus invented by themselves with a pedagogical purpose. Subsequently, Spanish Colonel Francisco Amorós introduced this educational gymnastics in France and Spain and gymnastics gradually evolved towards a sporting use.

The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) is the organization in charge of regulating the sport of gymnastics. This association recognizes six disciplines: general, artistic, aerobic, acrobatic, rhythmic and trampoline.

10) Martial Arts Books

Martial Arts Books

This combative discipline has existed for hundreds of years, and there are countless writings and treatises on the subject. In Egypt, passing through Greece, Rome, Africa and Asia, Martial Arts have been known since ancient times.

Currently, the practice of Martial Arts is carried out by thousands of people around the world. Usually this discipline is learned and executed for health purposes, for personal development, for personal protection, to increase self-confidence, or as a mental discipline.

Everything related to the origin, development, evolution and implementation of the different techniques of combat that make up this ancient practice, you can learn in detail by consulting the best Martial Arts books we have selected for you.

11) Physical Education Books

Physical Education Books

Physical education was not always compulsory in the educational system. As a subject it is relatively new, but there is not a moment in the history of humanity where physical activities have not had relevance and / or prominence.

Human beings need body movement in order to develop normally and in a healthy way. When the body is not physically active, it soon begins to fail. Its importance, then, is undeniable.

As a branch of education, it must have pedagogy as its center and the desire to serve the students so that together with the instructor they achieve common objectives and find in this discipline a form of expression, entertainment, health and dynamism.

12) Self-defense Books

Self-defense Books

Self-defense consists of the series of methods that a person uses to repel an attack against him or her, to safeguard his or her physical integrity and/or property. The law protects personal defense and exempts from liability when the defense has been carried out against an unjust provocation and the methods used have been in accordance with the offense received.

The martial arts are part of these systems of personal defense, and were originated in the 19th century, where fighting techniques are intermingled with ethical standards.

It is also important to note that there are no «miracle» techniques. Even the most experienced person is not exempt from suffering an aggression, an assault, a robbery or any other unpleasant situation. However, it is all a matter of probability. The more prepared you are physically and mentally, the less likely you are to fail.

13) Soccer Books

Soccer Books

It is a sport played by two teams of eleven players, with the participation of referees who are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules. It is considered the most popular sport worldwide, as it is practiced by millions of people around the world.

The term “soccer” is an abbreviation of the word “association”, and is used to distinguish it from other sports related to the word football. A clear example is what happens in the United States, where football refers to American soccer.

It is also known as “futbol” in Europe, Latin America and other countries around the world.

The governing organization of soccer is the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), and the most prestigious competition is the World Cup held every four years by that organization.

14) Stretching Books

Stretching Books

Stretching is a technique based on increasing mobility through the elongation of shortened muscles and adjacent connective tissues (tendons), The purpose of stretching is to give elasticity to the muscle-tendon system.

Muscle stretching is a necessary practice for the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system helping to prevent injuries, to gain efficiency and to recover after an intense work, to achieve a better rehabilitation in those who are recovering from an injury or in people who have already suffered an injury.

Among the benefits of stretching we can mention: Before training, they help to increase the temperature of the musculature, decrease joint and muscle pain, increase muscle strength, help improve body posture…

15) Swimming Books

Swimming Books

The origin of swimming is clearly utilitarian, although with the passage of time this activity has acquired the sporting orientation it has today. It is known that swimming races were already held in ancient Egypt, and that the sport was widespread in the civilizations of Greece and Rome.

However, it was in London, in 1869, where the first association of clubs with swimming pools was created, that swimming was established as an organized sport. This sport became an Olympic sport in 1896 in the men’s category, and in 1912 the women’s category was included.

The swimming events can correspond to these styles: Front crawl; freestyle; backstroke; breaststroke, in which the swimmer is with the chest down and the back up; and butterfly.

16) Volleyball Books

Volleyball Books

Volleyball is a sport discipline in which two teams compete on a court that is divided in half by a net that is one meter wide. The objective is to propel the ball over the net so it lands on the surface of the opponent’s court.

It is worth mentioning that the ball can be propelled with any part of the body through clean strikes. However, usually, the hands and forearms are used. During the game, the ball cannot be held or retained.

Games are played in 5 halves, and the winner is the first to achieve 3 halves. To win a half, one of the two teams must reach 15 or more points with a minimum of 2 points advantage. On the court, each team can hit the ball up to 3 times before passing it to the opponent’s court and no player can hit the ball 2 times in a row.

17) Sport Psychology Books

Sport Psychology Books

Sports psychology is a branch of psychology that is gaining more and more relevance due to its great contribution to the achievement of athletes‘ goals. Having a psychologist to help from your field can mean in many cases the difference between reaching a goal or staying on the road.

Sports psychology studies how, why and under what conditions athletes, coaches and spectators behave the way they do as well as investigating the mutual influence between physical activity and participation in sport and psychophysical well-being, health and personal development.

There is no country in the world where some kind of sport is not practiced. Thousands of articles have been written about the benefits of practicing sport, whether amateur or professional, and how this regular practice is related to both physical and mental health.

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