50+ French Books for Free! [PDF]

We continually work to provide you and the rest of our readers with unique and original collections of the best literary works, in this opportunity, we present you our section of books in French.

French is one of the Romance languages and is spoken in different parts of the world as an official dialect. In case you are interested in mastering this language, you can use our books as support in your learning.

Each piece that has been selected by our team meets all the requirements that a masterpiece must fulfill; besides, many of them have been cataloged as literary classics of humanity.

We have created complete and diverse collections of true gems of universal literature so that you can immerse yourself in captivating stories and delight all your senses with narrations in the French language.

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1) Horror Books in French

Horror Books in French

The literary genre of terror has as its main objective to provoke fear in readers, in fact, the main characteristic of this genre is the effect it generates in the audience, which we refer to as fear.

Horror books are distinguished by managing to affect the thoughts of the people who read them, through the events that the story covers; these events can be executed by human characters or not.

According to what experts say, a character of supernatural origin or belonging to the monster category is not required to terrify readers. You can see this and enjoy it in each of the categories ofhorror books that we have put together for you.

Enjoy this selection of 15 horror books in French.

2) Love Books in French

Love Books in French

The concept of love is broad and complex. It can refer to love as friendship, romantic love, filial love, self-love, mystical love or love for a cause.

While it is true that love has become the main theme of various literary works, it is also true that it is expressed in different ways.

The point of view of the writers is evidenced in every story expressed on paper. In each written work love is expressed in various ways: Impossible love, Tragic love, Love and passion, among others.

Enjoy this selection of 15 love books in French.

3) French Learning Books

French Learning Books

French is one of the most important and influential languages in the world today. It may surprise you to know that, along with Chinese, English and Spanish, French is spoken by millions of people across five continents. Because of this, there are many people interested in becoming fluent and learning French as a second language.

French belongs to the group of Romance languages that are directly descended from the Latin spoken in Rome. Its roots go back to at least the 5th century. It was not until the 9th century that it was distinguished from Latin, forming a language of its own, thanks to the influence of the Celtic and Frankish peoples.

Take a look at our list of books to learn French that we have selected for you, make your choice of the one that best suits you and start learning this beautiful language today. In addition, we have also created a collection of French exercises in PDF format so that you can test and evaluate your level.

Here ends our selection of free French books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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