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At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft

It is a novelette by the American author of horror and science fiction literature H.P. Lovecraft. It is one of his most beloved books by his readers, so we invite you to download At the Mountains of Madness in PDF format here.

This work contains elements of the Cthulhu mythology, created by Lovecraft and which has been a complete success among fans of the supernatural horror subgenre.

This is a disturbing story, where science and the mystery of the unexplained are mixed. The presence of the monstrous, incarnated by beings from other universes is a thematic line that is repeated in Lovecraft.

In addition, the author wanted to pay homage to the unpublished and unfinished novel by Edgar Allan Poe: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.

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Summary of At the Mountains of Madness

A group of scientists, faculty and students from Miskatonic University embark on an expedition to the Antarctic region.

The main purpose of this trip was to get rock samples and any other findings deep in the earth. This could be accomplished with a drill created by a professor at the same university.

In total there were about 36 people, including the main narrator (Dyer), who was a geologist by profession. The group was divided into two ships that departed on September 2, 1930, from the city of Boston.

Four months later they arrive at the site and after setting up their base in McMurdo Bay, one of the scientists, Lake, decides to go northwest to find more stones, as they had previously found some with a triangular marking that interested him.

Lake knew that these stones dated from an ancient time. So, he formed a group and set out on this expedition. His communication with those who remained continued by radio.

Upon arrival, Lake found a very high mountain range, even higher than Everest. He descended with the rest to a cave where they found fossils of strange bone structures, stones with five-pointed stars, and other unexplained things.

But, from one moment to the next, Lake stopped responding to the radio call. The protagonist and the other expedition members became concerned, so two of them, the narrator and the student Danforth, decided to go and see what was happening.

When they arrived, they saw that the camp was destroyed. They saw 11 bodies, including Lake, and the remaining eight were missing.

They continued to survey the area, entered caves, and wandered through labyrinths until they found what looked like an ancient city.

They believe that it existed millions of years ago and that it is inhabited by the so-called Primordials, beings from the universe who descended to earth.

Will they manage to get a resolution to the mysterious and chilling situation of their classmates?

FAQ about At the Mountains of Madness

What did Danforth see in the mountains of madness?

Danforth saw what looked like purple gas after he fled. But, additionally, he saw something else that made him scream deafeningly.

Before he and Dyer were revealed an amorphous unit of bubbling protoplasm, a terrible creature known as a shoggoth and part of a race that destroyed the Primordials.

How does it end At the Mountains of Madness?

After living through the most horrifying experiences, many of them lacking a rational explanation, Dyer and Danforth manage to escape from the place where they had arrived.

However, Danforth suffered severe psychological damage from everything he experienced in the strange city of the Primordials.

Where are the mountains of madness?

The mountain range, made up of high peaks, with caves, labyrinths, and abysses is located on the continent of Antarctica. This was the area where this expedition took place and where they found evidence of tragic and frightening events.

Who went to the mountains of madness?

The expeditionary group consisted of Pabodie, Lake (Biology Faculty); Atwood (Physics Faculty); Dyer (Geologist and nominal chief); 9 mechanics; 16 assistants; and 7 students.