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Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu

It is a novel written by Sheridan Le Fanu, considered one of the first works of vampire gothic horror. In this review, you can download a copy of Carmilla in PDF format.

Carmilla has the typical structure of vampire novels. It begins with an attack, then death and resurrection, culminating in the hunt for the vampire.

The characteristics of the vampire woman also comply with the stereotype of this type of character. In this case, Carmilla stands out for her sensuality and hypnotic beauty, with which she somehow seduces Laura, the protagonist.

With refined language and a perfect gothic-romantic setting, this novel is a favorite of many lovers of the horror genre.

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Carmilla in PDF format

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Summary of Carmilla

Laura lives with her father in a castle far away from the city. Her life is quiet, but also somewhat lacking in excitement.

As a child, Laura has a strange dream in which she sees a beautiful young woman next to her. The sensation was pleasant, however, she woke up feeling two needle pricks in her chest.

That event remained engraved in her memory, but she did not discuss it with anyone. Now a young teenager, Laura feels a little lonely due to her lifestyle, although she is unaware that everything is about to change.

One day, while out with his father and some of the staff working for them, a carriage has an accident right in front of their house.

When they approach to see who was inside, they find a lady and her daughter unconscious.

The woman was very worried about the young girl, but she had to leave quickly due to an engagement, so Laura’s father offered his home for the girl to stay in while she recovered.

When they enter the house with her and put her to bed in the bedroom, Laura realizes that she is the same young woman she saw as a child in her dreams. Later, when she wakes up, she gets to know her better. Her name is Carmilla and she has a dazzling beauty.

Little by little Laura and Carmilla become close friends. Their relationship is difficult to define, as Laura feels many different things: attraction and repulsion at the same time.

During Carmilla’s stay, Laura begins not only to develop a relationship with her but to be surprised by her strange behaviors and to experience a series of nightmares that leave her increasingly exhausted.

After going through these desperate dreams, she wakes up with a needle prick sensation in his chest.

Laura’s father realizes that something bad is happening with her, he sees her health deteriorating and decides to call the doctor. He recommends him taking Laura to a priest because it seems that what is happening to her is supernatural.

What will happen to Carmilla now, will she achieve her goal of seducing Laura and luring her into the vampire world?

FAQ about Carmilla

What is Carmilla’s main idea?

Carmilla is a novel centered on a human’s experience with a beautiful and sensual vampire. Carmilla seduces her young victims and falls in love with many of them, upending their lives forever.

In this work, we know the point of view of Laura, a young girl who establishes an ambiguous relationship with the vampire.

Who narrates Carmilla’s story?

The story is narrated by Laura after she went through the supernatural experience of living with Carmilla, a vampire with whom she builds a relationship that is difficult to explain. The story begins when Laura is a child when Carmilla has her first encounter with her in a dream.

How does Carmilla die?

Carmilla dies after being staked through the heart, decapitated, and burned. All this after being found in her own grave and learning her true story as a vampire. Her real name was Mircalla of Karnstein.

How many chapters does Carmilla have?

Carmilla is a short novel of only ten chapters and about 50 pages. Its readers and critics assure that it does not need more because it contains a well-developed plot, a very well-described environment, and characters that are optimally constructed throughout the narrative.