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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a classic novel of gothic literature. Its highly original plot has made it a must-read. Here we offer a brief summary of the book and a downloadable copy of Frankenstein in PDF format.

It was written by Mary Shelley and published in 1818. Although heavily influenced by Gothic and Romantic styles, some critics also consider it to be the first work of science fiction.

Frankenstein explores the great ethical-moral dilemma that arises when a human being wants to play God.

It also deals with issues such as ambition and the power that science can grant, as well as the relationship of a creature with its creator.

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Frankenstein in PDF format

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Summary of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein, since childhood, has had a passion for science and intends to dedicate himself to its study when he grows up.

Once at the university, he stands out remarkably as a student, surprising his professors and fellow students. As a young enthusiast, he decides to experiment in the laboratory.

Then, an interest in creating something greater begins to awaken in him. From parts of corpses and the application of chemical formulas, as well as electricity (although it is not said explicitly) he manages to bring a new being to life.

This is called in different ways: creature, spawn or demonic being. Victor, realizing that he did something wrong, is repulsed and horrified by his creation, so he flees the lab.

Upon returning, he sees that the creature is not there and he thought that perhaps his problem had disappeared. However, it did not happen that way and he decides to pursue it, although without success.

A series of serious events began to occur, such as the death of some relatives, and Víctor knew that they were not accidental.

The monster he had created tried to be part of the world, but was totally rejected. Unable to fulfill himself as a human being, it decides to take revenge against its creator.

Victor knew that this demonic being was committing atrocities and his guilt was increasing, causing him to develop a strong moral dilemma.

Even though Frankenstein was constantly on the run from his creation, it followed him wherever he went, leaving him further cornered. Finally, in an encounter, the creature asks her to complete his creation and make a mate for him.

Despite Victor trying to please it, remorse prevented him from going through with the promise. This unleashes the monster’s fury and its revenge reaches unbearable limits.

FAQ about Frankenstein

What is Frankenstein about?

Frankenstein is a nineteenth-century gothic horror novel, a universal classic. It’s about a scientist who wants to achieve the unthinkable: bring a dead man to life. Which he successfully accomplishes.

However, he is then horrified at his own creation and casts it aside, albeit to dire effect. This Swiss scientist is called Victor Frankenstein and he is the one who gives the book its name.

What does Frankenstein’s monster represent?

Among the most outstanding ideas of what Frankenstein’s monster represents are the dangers of: Not limiting science, wanting to be God, the slave-master relationship and not facing the consequences of acts.

How was Frankenstein’s death?

After the last revenge events of his creation, Victor is determined to catch the creature. In the chase, he not only can’t catch him but he loses all his strength.

Eventually, he is found in the arctic ice and put on a ship where he dies.

Who was the first victim of Frankenstein’s monster?

After Frankenstein successfully completes his experiment, he regrets having created a monster. It finds itself alone in the world, misfit and unhappy and decides to take revenge. Its first victim was Frankenstein’s younger brother, William.