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The Iliad by Homer

This is an immortal classic that is usually included in the list of the best books in history and that you must read before you die. Therefore, we invite you to download a copy of The Iliad in PDF format.

Throughout history, many books have had a great impact and others have remained in force over the years. This is the case of a work that dates back almost 3,000 years: the Iliad, written or attributed to Homer.

Ancient Greek poet who was born and lived in the eighth century B.C. century in which it is believed was also written and although long debated, both the veracity of the authorship, such as dating, is a discussion that has been set aside.

The Iliad can be cataloged as an epic poem, divided into 24 cantos, which begins with Achilles’ fury after the abduction of his favorite slave girl. In total, it narrates the events that took place in 51 days of the Trojan War.

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The Iliad in PDF format

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Summary of The Iliad

It all began with the abduction of Helen by Paris. Paris was the son of the king of Troy, Priam, and Helen was the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta.

Agamemnon, who was the king of the Greeks and brother of Menelaus, of course, supports him. Then, the famous war breaks out.

After 9 years of conflict because of the abduction of Helen, something happens that infuriates Achilles. Agamemnon had Chryseis, Chryses’ daughter, captive. Chryses ask Agamemnon to return his daughter, but he refuses.

Chryses is then forced to turn to the god Apollo, who sends the black plague to the Greek war camp to punish him.

Stricken by the disease, the best soldier of the Greek army, Achilles, consults the soothsayer Calchas about the cause of the plague. He reveals to him the origin of such punishment.

Finally, Agamemnon gives in but faced with the loss of Chryseis, he decides to kidnap Briseis, Achilles’ favorite slave.

Faced with such an action, Achilles of course decided to withdraw from the battle. He was really angry.

Thanks to this impasse, Hector, the best warrior of the Trojans, brother of Paris, and leader of the army, takes advantage of it to advance in the attack, taking advantage.

Seeing that everything was falling apart, Agamemnon returned Briseis, so that Achilles could return to the war, but he still did not agree.

Because of Achilles’ stubborn refusal, his friend Patroclus tries to persuade him to return to fight, for without him they were less likely to continue standing.

This did not work either, however, Achilles gave his armor to Patroclus to go into battle, making the remark to him that he would only be in charge of guarding the ships of his army.

Patroclus does not pay much attention to him and, instead, pretends to be Achilles, causing the Trojans to retreat. In the fray, Apollo and Euphorbus wound him.

Poor Patroclus fled to find Achilles to help him, but Hector could not miss the opportunity, went out after him, and killed him, believing that he was killing the great Greek soldier Achilles.

As you can see, Hector not only did NOT kill Achilles but also unleashed his uncontainable fury. What course will events take now within this long war?

FAQ about The Iliad

What is the Iliad and what is it about?

The Iliad is an epic poem of 24 cantos and 15,693 verses that tells what happened during 51 days of the Trojan War.

It begins with Achilles’ fury at the abduction of Briseis by King Agamemnon, although this is not the beginning of the war that had already been going on for 9 years.

Who killed Achilles?

The Iliad does not narrate the death of Achilles, who defeated Hector in battle after the death of Patroclus at the hands of the Trojan soldier.

An ancient legend says that Achilles died after Paris shot him from afar with an arrow in the heel, the only deadly spot on his body.

Why does Achilles want to kill Hector?

Briseis was returned to Achilles, however, he refused to go to war again. His friend Patroclus tries to convince him, without success.

Achilles gives him his armor to guard the ships, but Patroclus uses it to engage in combat and is killed by Hector, who thinks he has killed Achilles.

This unleashes the fury of Achilles, who seeks out Hector for a duel and kills him.

What does Hector say before he dies?

Hector, the one with the trembling helmet, replied, already dying: “I know you well, and it was not possible for me to persuade you, because you have a heart of iron in your breast.

Beware lest I draw upon thee the wrath of the gods, on the day when Paris and Phoebus Apollo will cause thee to perish, notwithstanding thy valor, at the Scetian gates.”