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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Today we present a brief summary of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë along with a copy in PDF format that you can download for free.

This is a very peculiar love story, surrounded by mystery and some tragic events.

Jane Eyre is a novel that was very successful at the time and has become a classic work of the Romantic period. It was written by Charlotte Brönte, published in 1847, and set in her native England.

According to the author, it is a kind of autobiography. Some events of the novel are similar to those of the author’s life, however, the story remains fictional and with a great plot that has made it transcend in time.

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Jane Eyre in PDF format

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Summary of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was orphaned at a very young age and spent a few years under the guardianship of her uncle and wife. Shortly after being welcomed by this family, her uncle dies.

Because Jane doesn’t get along with her uncle’s wife, the latter decides to send Jane to Lowood Boarding School.

In this girls’ school, she meets her closest friends.

The years go by and Jane becomes an educated young woman, her preparation allowed her to stay instructing the little ones, for which she received a fairly modest salary.

But, an epidemic hits Lowood, many students die and Miss Temple marries and leaves the institution.

Feeling that she no longer has a reason to stay, Jane decides to place an ad in the newspaper, offering her services as a governess.

Soon enough, her ad is answered by Mrs. Fairfax of Thornfield, who offers her to tutor an 8-year-old French girl named Adèle for twice the salary she currently earned.

Without a doubt, Jane accepts the offer.

Everything in Thornfield was very mysterious. The owner of the property, Mr. Rochester, visited the house from time to time, but Jane had never seen him.

The girl did not have a clear relationship with him and, sometimes at night, strange noises were heard, such as a woman screaming, which they blamed on one of the housemaids, Grace Poole.

Jane decides to visit the town and bumps into a gentleman, who falls from his horse and she helps him up without knowing that it was Mr. Rochester himself.

He is a rather outspoken man, blunt and somewhat stern in his expressions.

At the same time, his enigmatic aura struck Jane as intriguing. Quickly, Mr. Rochester began to pay close attention to her, making her a confidant.

One night, while Jane is in her room, she hears an evil laugh that makes her go out, she could not see where it came from, but she realized that Mr. Rochester’s room was on fire, so she ran to the place and saved his life.

He asked her not to mention anything that happened. Definitely, so many weird situations made Jane conclude that there was an important secret.

Mr. Rochester goes away for a while without explanation. Returning, he arrives with friends and is accompanied by Miss Blanche Ingram, a beautiful lady who, according to what they say in the house, the master likes very much.

This makes Jane realize that she is in love with him.

A short time later, Rochester gives her the news that he will marry Miss Ingram, and Jane’s heart breaks, which forces her to make the decision to leave so as not to disturb the couple and confesses to Mr. Rochester that she loves him.

He reciprocates her feelings and tells her that everything had been a scheme planned by him and Ingram to make her jealous and find out once and for all if she was in love. So, he proposes to her and Jane accepts.

Will they be able to live happily ever after or will the mystery surrounding the mansion hinder their future?

FAQ about Jane Eyre

Where does the story of Jane Eyre take place?

The novel takes place in England, United Kingdom. More specifically in Thornfield Hall, where most of the events take place.

How many chapters does the book Jane Eyre have?

Jane Eyre is a 38-chapter novel of 250 pages.

Who are the main characters in Jane Eyre?

The main characters are Jane and Mr. Rochester. The supporting characters are Mrs. Fairfax, St. John Rivers, Miss Temple, and Mrs. Reed.

Who starts the fire in Mr. Rochester’s room?

At first, it is claimed that everything weird going on in Thornfield was the fault of Grace Pole, who was just the maid of Mrs. Bertha, Rochester’s former wife, who set the fire.