35+ Short Books in Portuguese Free! [PDF]

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Are you passionate about short books and Portuguese? Today, we will delve into a fascinating world of short literature with our list of short books in Portuguese.

The beauty of short books lies in their ability to transport the reader to different worlds in just a few pages.

Throughout this publication, we will share a carefully curated selection of short books, all in Portuguese, that are available for free.

With a variety of genres, you are sure to find something that sparks your interest, whether you are a fan of suspense, romance, fantasy, or any other literary genre.

Get ready for an exciting journey as we explore over 35 short books in Portuguese. All available for free!

Classic Short Stories in Portuguese

If you’re passionate about literature and in search of a unique reading experience, classic short stories in Portuguese are the perfect choice.

Immerse yourself in a collection of captivating stories that have endured over time. These timeless Portuguese short stories will transport you to fascinating worlds.

From narratives by iconic authors to lesser-known literary gems, this selection of short stories in Portuguese will take you on a journey through human emotions and profound reflections.

Os Contos de Cantuária

Geoffrey Chaucer

Histórias de Crianças

Hans Christian Andersen


Edgar Allan Poe


Anton Chejov

Contos Escolhidos

Guy de Maupassant

Short Books of Science Fiction in Portuguese

Discover the thrilling world of science fiction through short books in Portuguese. These literary works will immerse you in alternative realities, dystopian futures, and extraterrestrial encounters, all within the comfort of a few pages.

In this collection of short stories, you will find the genius of renowned science fiction authors. Each story is carefully crafted to provide you with an intense and surprising experience.

Dive into the fascinating universe through this selection of short science fiction books in Portuguese and discover how imagination and creativity can transform our perception of the world while also strengthening and practicing the language.

A Ilha Misteriosa

Julio Verne

Um ianque na corte do rei artur

Mark Twain

A Guerra dos Mundos

H.G. Wells

Os Outros Deuses

H. P. Lovercraft

Short Suspense and Mystery Books in Portuguese

Discover an exciting collection of short suspense and mystery books in Portuguese that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive into captivating stories filled with unexpected twists and puzzles to solve.

These suspense and mystery stories often revolve around an enigma or an unresolved crime. The main characters face perplexing situations.

In Portuguese suspense and mystery books, the elements of the genre can vary widely, from murder plots and cunning detectives to psychological thrillers and conspiracies.

Assassinatos na rua Morgue

Edgar Allan Poe

O Escaravelho de Ouro

Edgar Allan Poe

As Aventuras de Sherlock Holme

Arthur Conan Doyle

O problema final

Arthur Conan Doyle

Short Fantasy Books in Portuguese

If you’re a fantasy lover and enjoy diving into magical and mysterious worlds, you’re in the right place. In this selection, we will introduce you to a collection of short fantasy books in Portuguese.

These works are perfect for those seeking a dose of fantasy without committing to lengthy novels, and best of all, they will be available for free!

From magical spells to amazing creatures, these short tales will make you dream of unexplored worlds and memorable characters.

O Magico De Oz

Frank Baum

Alice no País das Maravilhas

Lewis Carroll

O Príncipe Feliz e Outros Contos

Oscar Wilde

O Jardim Secreto

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Short Realism Books in Portuguese

Discover a fascinating selection of short realism books in Portuguese. These literary works will transport you to captivating worlds in just a few pages.

Immerse yourself in the depth of realistic characters and narratives in this collection of brief readings, perfect for enjoying at any time.

Explore the richness of the Portuguese language through these masterpieces of literary realism. From touching stories to vivid portrayals of everyday life.

A Metamorfose

Franz Kafka

O Coração das Trevas

Joseph Conrad

O Fantasma de Canterville

Oscar Wilde

Short Drama and Emotion Books in Portuguese

Our collection of short drama and emotion books in Portuguese will immerse you in a world of feelings and touching narratives.

These literary works capture the essence of human emotions in deep stories with the perfect length for quick and gratifying readings.

Explore the beauty of the Portuguese language through these moving tales that will provide an unforgettable literary experience.



A Casa de Bernarda Alba

Federico Garcia Lorca

A Morte de Ivan Ilitch

Lev Tolstoi

Memórias póstumas de brás cubas

Machado de Assis

Short Humor and Satire Books in Portuguese

If you’re in search of laughter and fun in a concise format, look no further than short humor and satire books in Portuguese. These literary works condense wit and social critique.

In just a few lines, these books will transport you to a world of hilarity and sarcasm, perfect for a quick and entertaining read.

Discover talented authors who make you laugh and reflect in equal measure. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this literary genre.





Diário de um Louco

Nikolai Gogol

O Nariz

Nikolai Gogol

Short Children’s Stories in Portuguese

Short children’s stories in Portuguese are a fascinating expression of children’s literature that catapult young readers into worlds of imagination and adventure.

This narrative genre is characterized by its brevity and simplicity, making it ideal for captivating little ones and nurturing their love for reading from an early age.

Short stories in Portuguese, with their charm and simplicity, are a valuable resource for nurturing children’s language and cultural skills, providing them with early access to the language.

O Gato de Botas

Charles Perrault

A Sereiazinha

Hans Christian Andersen

O Patinho Feio

Hans Christian Andersen

Short Books for Young Adults in Portuguese

Short books for young adults in Portuguese constitute a literary genre characterized by its accessibility and relevance to this audience.

These works often address contemporary themes, making them particularly appealing to young readers. This not only provides them with an invaluable opportunity to enrich their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Short books for young adults in Portuguese are a powerful tool for promoting reading and cultural enrichment.

O Chamado da Selva

Jack London

Beleza Negra

Anna Sewell

O Pequeno Príncipe

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

O Estranho Caso do Dr. Jekyll e do Sr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson

This was our collection of Short Books in Portuguese. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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