15+ Short Bedtime Stories for Free! [PDF]

Reading bedtime stories in PDF format can be an excellent way to fall asleep. For children, it is a tradition not to be missed and, because of their brevity, short stories are enjoyed and fully understood.

One of the greatest benefits of reading is that it allows us to relax in a much deeper way than listening to music or taking a walk.

When you read fewer words, you feel that it is easier and that you can do more. This greatly benefits the development of a habit, because it is proven that when the goal is too big, people tend to get discouraged.

In addition, the evening, especially when going to bed, is an ideal time to relax, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the day. For this reason, for both adults and children, reading mini-stories is a truly excellent option that should not be overlooked.

We invite you to explore this collection with more than 15 short bedtime stories in PDF format, we have no doubt that the whole family will enjoy it.

Here we present our complete selection of Short Bedtime Stories:

1) 365 Bedtime Stories

Mary Graham Bonner

2) Do you wonder why bugs are good?

T. Albert

3) Jessie the rabbit

T. Albert

4) Dylan the dragon

Zani Mathoo

5) Hector the hermit crab

T. Albert

6) Bubble fun

T. Albert

7) Up in the air

T. Albert

8) Kroaker the bullfrog

T. Albert

9) How to Be Happy

Danielle Bruckert

10) Under My Bed

Anupa Lal

11) Teju’s Shadow

Sope Martins, Ndumiso Nyoni, Aisha O’Reilly

12) Where Do My Thoughts Go?

Sherein Bansal

13) My Dream in the Drawer

Fred Strydom

14) A Month of Bedtime Stories: The First Five Stories

Neil McFarlane

15) Angel! Look out!

LearnEnglish Kids

16) The lion and the mouse

LearnEnglish Kids

17) Teddy’s adventure

LearnEnglish Kids

18) Pirates cove

T. Albert

19) The way of the woods

T. Albert

Here ends our selection of free Short Bedtime Stories in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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