25 Spanish Books for Kids

Discover a wonderful selection of free Spanish books for children! If you’re looking for educational and entertaining options for your little ones, you’ve come to the right place.

In our collection of free Spanish books for kids, you’ll find a wide variety of titles that have delighted boys and girls around the world. From classic tales to contemporary stories, each book has been carefully selected to offer fun and learning.

Spanish books are an excellent way to foster a love for reading and help children develop their language skills. Additionally, all our books are available in PDF format, allowing you to easily access them from any device.

We have taken into account the recommended age and appropriate content for each stage of development, but we encourage you to consider your child’s individual interests and maturity when selecting the books.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse your children in the wonderful world of Spanish reading with our collection of 25 free Spanish books for kids in PDF format.

Explore these pages filled with adventures, imagination, and learning!

Books in Spanish for Children Ages 4 to 6

Discover a charming selection of books in Spanish specially designed for children ages 4 to 6. These books will captivate the imagination of young readers and immerse them in unforgettable adventures filled with fun and learning.

From the wonderful escapades of Pinocchio to the incredible journeys of Alice in Wonderland, these classic books are a perfect introduction to the world of children’s literature.

Stimulate their imagination, promote language development, and create lasting memories as they share these exciting stories!

Las aventuras de Pinocho

Carlo Collodi

Las aventuras de Alicia en el país de las maravillas

Lewis Carroll

Peter Pan

James M. Barrie


Johanna Spyri

El principito

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Historias de Winny de Puh

A. A. Milne

El patito feo

Hans Christian Andersen

Books in Spanish for Children Ages 7 to 9

Discover an exciting selection of books in Spanish specially designed for children ages 7 to 9 who are learning the language!

From the mysteries of the enchanting secret garden to the playful escapades of Puss in Boots, these classic books are a perfect choice for fostering a love for reading in young ones.

Take this opportunity to enrich your children’s Spanish learning while they enjoy these thrilling stories.

El jardín secreto

Frances Hodgson Burnet

El viento en los sauces

Kenneth Grahame

Belleza negra

Anna Sewell

El libro de la selva

Rudyard Kipling

La familia Robinson

Johann David Wyss

El gato con botas

Charles Perrault

Books in Spanish for Children Ages 10 to 12

These books offer a perfect combination of entertainment and learning, transporting young readers to worlds full of adventure, friendship, and personal growth.

These books in Spanish for children ages 10 to 12 are recommended for their literary richness, cultural relevance, and ability to engage young readers.

Each story provides a unique opportunity to explore the Spanish language, expand vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension skills.

Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain


Louisa May Alcott

La isla del tesoro

Robert Louis Stevenson

El maravilloso mago de Oz

L. Frank Baum

Ana de las Tejas Verdes

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Books in English for Children Ages 13 and Up

These books will challenge and captivate young readers, transporting them to worlds of adventure, discovery, and personal growth.

Immerse yourself in the story of The Little Princess and accompany Sara Crewe on her journey of resilience and bravery. Experience the call of the wild alongside Buck, the protagonist dog of the eponymous novel, and discover the challenges and inner strength that transform him.

These books in Spanish for children ages 13 and up are recommended for their literary richness, their ability to challenge and entertain, and their cultural relevance.

La princesita

Frances Hodgson Burnett

La llamada de lo salvaje

Jack London

Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe.

Los viajes de Gulliver

Jonathan Swift.

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë

La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días

Jules Verne.

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