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Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

It is a novel published between 1872 and 1873 and written by the French Jules Verne. It is one of his greatest works, so we recommend you to read it. Here you can download a copy of Around the World in Eighty Days in PDF.

As an adventure novel, it narrates the adventures of the protagonist, who sets out on a difficult undertaking to travel the world in 80 days. In addition, he will bet money on the success of his journey.

This work, along with others by the same author, is considered a bastion of literature, not only French but universal.

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Summary of Around the World in Eighty Days

Phileas Fogg is, to say the least, a peculiar man. His perfectionist character, led him to crave millimetric exactitude in all his habits.

It could be said that he had a quiet life, enjoyed good fortune and had no great pretensions.

However, everything would change on October 2, 1872 when, in the midst of a gathering of friends and acquaintances, he was discussing an interesting piece of news.

With the construction of a new railroad in India, the press claimed that it would be possible to travel around the world in just 80 days.

Fogg had considerable wealth. Moreover, he lived an austere life by choice. So, he dared to wager £20,000 that he could accomplish the feat successfully.

That same day he left with Passepartout (his servant) by train at 8:45 pm from the city of London. If he wanted to win the bet he had to return on December 21 at the same time he left.

This trip was a magnet for countless vicissitudes, obstacles and misunderstandings that Mr. Fogg and Passepartout had to go through.

In Egypt, a policeman mistook Fogg for a fleeing Bank Robber and even manages to put him in jail later when they set foot in London.

However, the misunderstanding is cleared up, as the aforementioned was already in an Edinburgh prison.

In India, they coincide with a procession where a young woman was on her way to immolate herself at her husband’s grave. But when they see her drugged, they realize that she was not doing it of her own free will, so they decide to take her away.

They wanted to deliver her to a relative in China, but could not find him, so the young woman accompanied them to London.

On several occasions, the ships or trains they were to take departed before they arrived, so that on one occasion they had to travel on an elephant and on another, on a sledge. They also diverted a boat bound for Bordeaux to Liverpool.

Would this adventurer finally win his bet?

FAQ about Around the World in Eighty Days

What is the central theme of Around the World in Eighty Days?

Fogg’s journey is not only a journey on a bet, but also shows the true values of the protagonist.

His courage, chivalry and other virtues make him an exemplary man. With this experience he learns about himself, about life and finds love.

Who went around the world in eighty days?

The protagonist Phileas Fogg, together with his servant Passepartout, set out on a journey that would take them around the world in 80 days. Along the way they are joined by a policeman and a young girl from India whom they save from a life-threatening situation.

Who is after Phileas Fogg?

Once they arrive in Egypt, Inspector Fix sees Fogg and believes he is a bank robber who had slipped away after stealing £55,000.

He tried to imprison him on several occasions, but since he was not on English soil, it was impossible for him to do so. For this reason, he accompanies them for a large part of the trip.

Who joined Fogg and Passepartout’s journey?

Aouda joined them on the journey in India. She was a young woman going in a procession to immolate herself at her husband’s grave, however, Fogg, seeing her drugged, came to the conclusion that she was not doing it voluntarily.

So he decides to set a trap for his tribe and, finally, takes her with them. Once in London, they marry.