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Rodney Stone by Arthur Conan Doyle [PDF]

“Rodney Stone” is a captivating gothic and boxing novel written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Immerse yourself in a story full of mystery and emotions.

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Let yourself be carried away by the intrigue and the unrestrained action of “Rodney Stone.” You won’t be able to resist following the footsteps of its characters and delving into a world full of surprises and adventures.

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Information Rodney Stone

  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle​​.
  • Publication Date: 1896.
  • Main Characters:
    • Rodney Stone: A young Sussex peasant who desires to become a sailor.
    • Boy Jim: Rodney Stone’s friend, raised by a blacksmith and aspiring boxer.
    • Sir Charles Tregellis: Rodney Stone’s uncle, a respected gentleman who is in contact with Britain’s most important people.
  • Brief Summary: “Rodney Stone” is a novel that intertwines Rodney’s coming-of-age story with the boxing struggles of his friend Boy Jim. Set in the 18th and 19th centuries, the story features famous boxers of the time and also provides descriptions of historical figures such as the Prince Regent and Lord Nelson.
  • Thematic Analysis: “Rodney Stone” blends elements of gothic mystery with the excitement of the boxing world. It explores themes of identity, personal growth, and the quest for a place in society. Additionally, it presents a detailed view of the culture and customs of the time, as well as reflections on violence and ambition.
  • Historical Context: “Rodney Stone” is set in the 18th and 19th centuries, offering a vivid portrait of British society at the time. The novel provides a glimpse into famous boxers of that period and also includes descriptions of historical figures such as the Prince Regent and Lord Nelson. Additionally, it depicts life in the rural areas of Sussex and the bustling city of London.

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