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The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

This is a psychological horror story that some critics say is the scariest ever written. Here you can download a free copy of The Black Cat in PDF format.

This story was published in 1843 and since then it has been successful along with other horror and police stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

The mastery of this work is reflected not only in the story but also in the way it is told. The author knows how to keep the reader’s tension until the end, managing to capture his attention at all times.

The story contains all the ingredients that are needed to succeed in the horror genre, good pace, a complex main character, a dark atmosphere, and deepening themes such as violence, addiction, and paranoia.

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The Black Cat in PDF format

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Summary of The Black Cat

The protagonist tells us his story, through what appears to be a confession. He was a man of docile and gentle character, he was known for being so from a very young age.

He lived peacefully with his wife and several pets they had at home, including a black cat that was his favorite. They gave them everything they needed, as well as the affection that it is possible to give to pets.

However, little by little the man changes his behavior, he often goes out to drink liquor and the presence of the cat begins to bother him, which suddenly made him angered.

The violence manifests itself, until one night it ends in tragedy. The man wanted to catch the cat, but it fled scared, but its master grabbed it and the cat sank its teeth into his hand.

Out of total madness, he attacks the animal and gouges out its eye with a penknife. Later, he hangs it with a rope.

His wife, as was logical, was very affected by what happened and the man was not indifferent either. One day, while in the tavern where he was drinking, he comes across another cat similar to the one he had killed.

In an attempt to redeem himself, he takes it to his wife. But, when he gets home, he realizes that this cat, despite not being identical to the previous one, was also missing an eye. Though this didn’t bother him as much as the white spot.

As the days passed, this cat began to be unbearable. Constantly, he tripped over it, the cat rubbed its body against his feet and lay on his chest. Besides, he disliked the fact that his wife loved it so much.

One day, he couldn’t take it anymore, he took it to the basement to kill it with an axe, but his wife tried to stop him and that’s when the tragedy unfolds.

FAQ about The Black Cat

What is the story of The Black Cat about?

The Black Cat is a psychological horror story that tells the story of a man who unleashes his pent-up fury, perhaps for years, against one of his pets: a black cat.

The relationship between addiction, violence, and the projection of these in the cat triggers horrifying events.

What was Edgar Allan Poe’s black cat like?

The first, Pluto, was an ordinary cat like any other, although strong and corpulent. However, little by little from the look of the protagonist, it begins to become unbearable.

The second cat differed from the first by a white patch on its chest, although it had an overly tender attitude that exasperated its owner.

What did the man do to the Black Cat?

He gouged out the first cat’s eye with a penknife and then hung it on a tree branch. All because it didn’t let itself be caught, the cat was already elusive because of the fear it had of the man. He tried to kill the second with an ax on the roof of the house, but the crime was foiled by his wife.

How is the conflict of The Black Cat resolved?

On both occasions, the only way out that the protagonist saw to end his contempt for the cat was to kill it. This triggered the consequences that the man had to assume, who tells us the story from prison.