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The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

This is a gothic novel from the beginning of the 20th century with a plot that mixes love, mystery, terror, and tragedy, which makes it a true classic. Here you can download a copy of The Phantom of the Opera in PDF format.

It was written by Gastón Leroux and published in 1910. This work, which is not framed in the realist current of the time, was the one that catapulted the author to fame, despite the fact that he published other novels beforehand.

Hundreds of adaptations have been made into cinema and theater since this is a work whose plot works for representation on stage and screen.

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The Phantom of the Opera in PDF format

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Summary of The Phantom of the Opera

At the end of the 19th century, Parisians had a luxury building: the Garnier Opera. This theater is based on an underground lake and is full of secret passageways. This gives the gothic brushstrokes to the atmosphere.

The best artists in the country were presented there in masterfully staged shows. All thanks to an enigmatic character, who is in charge of producing and directing the musicals.

Hardly anyone knows him and even fewer have seen him face to face, up close. This very strange man wears a mask and is called Erik, although he is also known as The Phantom of the Opera.

Due to his hard work, the theater managers always allow him to occupy balcony number 5, where he makes an appearance in each of the performances.

Christine Daaé is a beautiful young woman who has been working at the Opera Garnier for some time, she has promising talent, but the diva of the moment was another: Carlotta.

One day, luckily for Christine and unfortunately for Carlotta, an “accident” occurs on stage. A heavy curtain falls from the ceiling on the lead singer and for this reason, she leaves the stage.

Thus, consecutive mysterious incidents occurred to her that forced the managers to replace her with Christine.

The curious thing is that the young woman had already won, some time ago, the heart of the Phantom of the Opera. Her success was overwhelming and her singing got better and better, leading her to fame quickly.

Christine not only won the hearts of Erik and the entire audience, but also her old friend Viscount Raoul de Chagny.

The resumption of their friendship makes Erik furious and as if by the art of terrible magic, misfortunes begin to happen around them.

Christine was already very fond of Erik, as he gave her advice and singing lessons that made her perform exquisitely on stage. Perhaps using this appreciation of hers, her ghost invites her to her abode in the subterranean passageways of the theater.

In an atmosphere that Erik feels confident and encouraged to show his covered and deformed part of his face to Christine, who, terrified, tries to run away and begins to cry. She tries to flee, but the ghost traps her.

Only when she promised him that she would return to see him voluntarily did he set her free. By this time, Christine already had strong suspicions that Erik was linked to the terrible tragedies that had occurred in the theater.

The young woman decides to secretly marry Raoul, but the ghost finds out and kidnaps her in full view of everyone, right on stage. What will be the fate of the talented Christine Daaé?

FAQ about The Phantom of the Opera

What illness did The Phantom of the Opera have?

Everything indicates that the Phantom of the Opera has hepatocutaneous porphyria tarda, a metabolic disease that affects the liver and is reflected in the skin when the person is older. That’s why Erik’s face looked yellowish and misshapen.

Who is the main character in The Phantom of the Opera?

The main and most important character in the novel is Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. However, Christine and Raoul are also considered main. The narrator of the story is a strong, journalistic-style voice that recounts the events in the third person (omniscient).

How many Phantom of the Opera movies are there?

So far, 15 films inspired by the book The Phantom of the Opera have been filmed, some with more success than others. These cinematographic pieces have been filmed since 1916. The last one was a 2004 musical.

What is the plot of The Phantom of the Opera?

The mysterious musical genius, Erik, is known as The Phantom of the Opera, since few had seen him up close and he also wore a mask to cover half of his face.

Around this enigmatic figure, the most terrible misfortunes are unleashed, which in turn are connected with the love he feels for the young singer Christine.