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The first part of the Bible is the Old Testament, which tells in a simple way how the Israelites lived, their beliefs and how they were taken little by little to the whole society by this religion. The selection we have made in this opportunity has all the books of the Old Testament in PDF format.

The Old Testament contains the different prophets that existed before Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth. These prophets were a fundamental basis for the writing of the bible as we know it today, in fact in some religions like the Jews, only this part is taken as sacred and the new testament is discarded.

This part begins with the book of Genesis, where the creation of the world by God is narrated, which was done in 6 days, and on the seventh day he rested. It then speaks of the creation of man and the original sin, the reason why Adam and Eve were destitute of paradise.

Apart from this, we can see the ancient laws that governed mankind before the coming of Jesus Christ. Here you can also find great sacred stories, such as Noah’s ark, the liberation of the people of Israel by Moses, all that Joseph had to go through for his faith, all the advice you can find in proverbs, books written by Solomon.

As we can see, these are only part of the sacred stories found in the Old Testament, also we cannot forget the Psalms, which are God’s praises and promises to his people.

This first part of the book of the bible, is really interesting, since you can nourish yourself enormously of all the wisdom that is found in each one of its pages. Also, if you wish, within our site you can access all the books of the New Testament.

Below you will find all the books of the Old Testament in PDF format.


The Pentateuch is the word designated to refer to the first five books of the Bible, which were written by Moses, and are part of the Old Testament. These books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Each book of the Pentateuch has a particular theme, but all of them, in common, describe supernatural events such as miracles, judgments, destruction of cities, liberation of slaves, establishment of laws, and other things of the time.

Often, the Pentateuch is used as a source of useful and historical information to learn about topics such as God’s creation of the world, Genesis flood narrative (Noah’s Ark), the formation of languages, etc., as well as to learn about the origin of the Jewish nation, which is described there and remains even today.

1) Genesis


2) Exodus


3) Leviticus


4) Numbers


5) Deuteronomy


Historical books

The Historical books of the Bible are books that make up the Old Testament. They contain a proper historical value, where the reader can learn about important events of great relevance that took place in the Middle East many years ago.

They largely comprise the history of the Jewish nation, which is Israel, and describe in them a long period of this nation. It names important people such as David, who was king of Israel at that time, his son Solomon, as the wisest man of that time, and also tells of the wars they had with enemies that inhabited their surroundings.

The books that are part of the historical books were written by several authors through the years, where many of them never met each other.

6) Joshua


7) Judges


8) Rut


9) 1 Samuel


10) 2 Samuel

Seers Natan and Gad

11) 1 Kings


12) 2 Kings


13) 1 Chronicles


14) 2 Chronicles


15) Nehemiah


16) Tobit (Tobias)


17) Judith


18) Esther


19) 1&2 Maccabees (Machabees)


Sapiential Books

The Sapiential books are located after the historical books, and constitute one of the most beautiful literary prose in history, it has a huge consideration worldwide for the rich poetry that can be found in them, the book of Song of Songs is an example.

In this division of books, we find two of the most quoted books, Psalms and Proverbs, which were mostly written by King David and King Solomon respectively. Both contain great literary richness and were written as lived experiences of their authors.

We also find there the famous book of Job, which is a widely read book, which helps people to have an idea of the sorrows of life and how God is in absolute control of human life.

20) Job


21) Psalms

Various authors

22) Proverbs

King Solomon

23) Ecclesiastes

King Solomon

24) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles)

King Solomon

25) Wisdom

King Solomon

26) Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)

King Solomon

Major Prophets

A prophet is a messenger of God, who is in charge of revealing God’s Will to the people. In the Old Testament we are told about people who held this office, among whom there are major prophets and minor prophets.

The Major Prophets are those who, in their time, were chosen by God to give accurate and timely messages to the nation of Israel. They are called Major Prophets because their office covered a long time in the Jewish nation, there were prophets who prophesied to complete reigns and their successors.

The books that compose this division were written by the prophets themselves, and among them, the most renowned were Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. All their prophecies can be found and read in the Bible.

27) Isaiah


28) Jeremiah


29) Lamentations


30) Baruch


31) Ezekiel


32) Daniel


Major Prophets

The Minor Prophets are those who gave messages to the Jewish nation for a short period of time, their work did not last as long in comparison with the major prophets, but even so, their messages had an important relevance in the history of the Jews, after all, it was God’s message.

The number of books varies with respect to the major prophets, being many more in comparison. Each book has the authorship of the prophet, and in it you can appreciate both the message of God, and the reaction of the Jews to that message.

It should be noted that many of them were also considered post-exilic prophets, because their time of prophecy was made after the Jews were exiled and taken captive by the nation of Babylon.

33) Joel


34) Obadiah (Abdias)


35) Jonah (Jonas)


36) Nahum


37) Habakkuk (Habacuc)


38) Zephaniah (Sophonias)


39) Haggai (Aggaeus)


40) Zechariah (Zacharias)


41) Malachi (Malachias)


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