+20 Free Short Books [PDF]



Enjoying a book is something that many appreciate, there are really varied, some more extensive than others, but with excellent content, this time we have made a selection of short books in PDF format. You can share it, download it, use it for whatever you need!

These wonderful short books tell truly fascinating stories and valuable information. You can enjoy all their goodness by downloading them from our site and taking them anywhere. Select what you like best, you can search in multiple options that although they are free, you will have variety to choose from and you will not have an excuse to get bored.

The short books are characterized by not having more than 200 pages, so you can read a book of these periodically and finish them in a short time. For lovers of varied reading, having these books is a real pleasure, since they have incredible stories, are quick to read and you can still enjoy all the benefits of reading.

The stories inside these books go in all directions, you can find short books of any genre, from bedtime stories for children, to more complete love stories. You won’t regret taking a look at the entire list of content we have to offer.

If you’re a beginner reader, or not much of a lover, you might start to get a taste for books with our selection of short books. No user is excluded, we have thought of everyone to make our free books a total success, with the advantage that they are short and interesting.

Here we present our collection of more than 20 short books in PDF format, among which we assure you will find one for you. There is no excuse! If you are a book lover, you know that a short book can surprise you.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Short books:

#1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland author Lewis Caroll | Source: Adobe
#2. Poirot Investigates author Agatha Christie | Source: One More Library
#3. The Call of the Wild author Jack London | Source: Ibiblio
#4. Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp author Alice B. Emerson | Source: Genial eBooks
#5. The Duchesse of Langeais author Honoré de Balzac | Source: One More Library
#6. Classic Children’s Stories and Fairy Tales author Hans Christian Andersen | Source: Free Kids Books
#7. The Mysterious Affair at Styles author Agatha Christie | Source: Waseda
#8. Timeless Tales. Folktales Told by Syrian Refugees author Cultural Heritage without Borders | Source: Cultural Heritage without Borders
#9. The Vicar of Tours author Honoré de Balzac | Source: One More Library
#10. The Death of Ivan Ilych author Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy | Source: Genial eBooks
#11. Monday or Tuesday author Virginia Woolf | Source: Rutgers University
#12. The Gold Bug author Edgar Allan Poe
| Source: Lysator


#13. A Jury Of Her Peers author Susan Glaspell Cook | Source: NewMusicalsInc
#14. A Scandal in Bohemia author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Source: Educational Technology Clearinghouse
#15. Study in Scarlet author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Source: Academia de Inglés para Call Centers
#16. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde author Robert Louis Stevenson | Source: Planet eBook
#17. The Overcoat author Nikolai Gogol | Source: Indian Literature
#18. The Call of Cthulhu author H. P. Lovecraft | Source: Repositório Institucional da UFSC
#19. Five Short Stories author Alphonse Daudet | Source: LC Pese
#20. Peter and Wendy author J. M. Barrie | Source: Mike Legeros
#21. A Dream of Red Hands author Bram Stoker | Source: Genial eBooks
#22. The Man In A Case author Anton Chekhov | Source: Livros Grátis
#23. The Metamorphosis author Franz Kafka | Source: Oklahoma State University

Here ends our selection of free Short books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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