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Mystery, thriller and horror literature has long been a successful way to reach out to the reading public and awaken in them the most intense emotions. We know that this is a highly sought-after genre, which is why we have compiled mystery and thriller books in an incredible collection, in order to please our community. Good mystery stories are always welcome, because they make us shiver to our bones.

As you know, fear is a basic and primitive emotion that overwhelms us, causing physical and psychological effects on us. When felt in a controlled and safe environment, fear becomes an adrenaline rush that can even be enjoyed. Reading our mystery and thriller books in PDF format will immerse you in fascinating stories that you will not be able to leave until the end.

In literature, the genre of mystery, thriller and horror is considered one of the most respected by critics and appreciated by readers. Its origin is not very old, actually, it was inaugurated about two hundred years ago with the detective novel. It was characterized by having a crime in its plot that would be solved by the figure of the detective.

Some of its first exponents were the writers E.T.A Hoffmann and Edgar Allan Poe with their The Murders in the Rue Morgue. But, who gave a definitive fame to the genre was Arthur Conan Doyle with his exquisite crime novels solved by the emblematic hero Sherlock Holmes, his main character.

However, the detective theme is not the only one developed in this literary genre, the topics developed are very varied, from a personal drama like that of Dorian Gray, to supernatural phenomena such as ghosts, vampires or aliens.

Actually, the subject is not as important as the resources used to keep the reader on edge and hooked on the plot until the end, with the sole objective of discovering the outcome of the events. Modern authors like Stephen King knew how to handle the literary resources of suspense and horror very well.

To distinguish these resources, four fundamental elements must be considered. The mystery and thriller genre is based on: the emotional reaction of the reader, language, aesthetics and archetypal characters. When all of them are well combined, with creativity and authenticity, it could be said that a true narrative thriller piece is obtained.

The reader’s emotional reaction: An upward (to the knot of the plot) and downward (from the outcome) emotional scale of tension, uncertainty, anxiety, horror and dread is handled.

Language: The lexicon used is very gender-specific and the omission of information in the sentences is used to create uncertainty. Hints or clues are left through the language, which create the increasing interest of the reader.

Aesthetics: Sinister, dark and ominous places and characters are described.

Archetypal characters: Predominantly murderers, psychopaths, thieves, monsters, ghosts, demons, detectives, among others.

Do you want to experience horror and suspense? It’s time to download our mystery and thriller books in PDF format and catch up with the best works and authors of the genre.

1) Intrigue Books


In the field of literature and cinema, the idea of intrigue refers to the set of events that constitute the core of a work. It is about that which arouses interest in the public, causing tension while waiting for its resolution.

Intrigue is attractive to us by nature, because it touches us in the deepest part of our being, in a region where we find our curiosity, our sense of adventure, a series of very primitive sensations that no matter how much we try to cover with the customs of modern life, have accompanied us from the origin of our species and can come to light spontaneously, without asking our permission.

Conspiracies and confabulations are circumstances in which intrigue is the most characteristic element.

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2) Horror Books


Being one of our most primary emotions, it is understandable that horror literature was one of the first genres to appear. Horror stories emerge before the scientific age as an explanation of the unexplainable. Of all that the human mind could not understand or tried to hide.

Since it is used to explain the supernatural, it is normal that this genre is closely linked to the fantastic. And as it is used to explain what we cannot understand, it is also logical that it is linked to science fiction, as when we speak of other worlds or dimensions that our mind cannot understand, and to which we therefore fear.

Horror literature is based more on the type of reactions it generates in the reader (anxiety, fear, horror, uncertainty, tension) on aesthetics (generally the descriptive use of claustrophobic, desolate or ominous spaces) and on the archetypal characters it evokes (monsters, murderers, psychopaths, ghosts, demons, presences, sinister children, etc.).

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3) Killer Books


Murder is the act by which a person intentionally takes the life of another, with treachery, cruelty, or compensation for the act being performed. In case none of the three previous circumstances appears, we would be talking about a homicide.

This type of event has always generated and aroused curiosity; the intrigue, wanting to assume the role of the detective and doing justice awakens in us the desire to see or read these stories. So they do not escape as a source of inspiration in the literature, trapping us in this world of evidence and placing in us the desire to study the behavior of the murderer, why did he do it?

Whether in the detective novel or the crime novel, during the execution of the murder the criminal has made sure not to make any mistakes or leave any evidence behind him. He is not intimidated, he does not act suspicious, so it will become a challenge for the detective.

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4) Mystery Books


Mystery literature, also known as detective fiction and crime novels, is a specific type of thriller. Mystery stories begin with a crime as the central conflict and present clues and suspects throughout the story to allow for a final resolution through logical deduction.

Most mysteries include a professional or amateur detective who guides the reader through the solution of the crime. In some cases, readers are presented with enough evidence to correctly solve the mystery themselves. In others, they must follow along with the characters until the final revelation at the end of the story.

Since its development in the 19th century, the basic formula of mystery has changed relatively little, although it has taken on many forms. In the first decades of the 20th century, crime fiction became the norm, while Cold War-era writers turned them into politically motivated spy and mystery stories.

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5) Police Novel Books


A police novel (or detective story) is an extensive narrative prose that tells a story in which the plot includes a criminal enigma (crime, murder, or other), a police or investigative action carried out by the protagonist(s), and the discovery of a perpetrator or the resolution of the mystery, usually with suspense and surprise for the reader.

The police story is purely urban and was born at the same time as the security forces in European and North American cities at the beginning of the 19th century. Edgar Allan Poe is considered the father of the detective story, which began in 1841 with his story The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

To Poe we owe the first literary detective, Auguste Dupin, who served as an inspiration to the celebrated Sherlock Holmes. The success was overwhelming from the beginning and his stories sold like hot cakes.

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There are fears that are in us and accompany us in the darkness. We are in bed and they are waiting for us impatiently behind the door. These fears, inspired by childhood trauma or by specific stories, end up getting deeper. They are the shadow in the distance with which the writer has to play to make psychological horror an art.

These kinds of fears are formed in our minds, attend to our subjective world and move away from the most graphic horror. Since it is not presented by monsters, witches, vampires, zombies, haunted houses and industrial quantities of blood.

It is usually considered that the pioneering author of this modality was the great American storyteller Edgar Allan Poe, who through stories such as The Tell-Tale Heart, The Man of the Crowd or The Imp of the Perverse, among others, found a new way to make the traditional Gothic novel obsolete.

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We all know how to recognize a good thriller story: it is the one that keeps us on edge, that pushes us to keep turning the pages until we find out if this terrible thing that seems to be about to happen is finally happening. Suspense -or thriller- is not so much a genre as an emotion, and it is not defined by its topics, which can range from police intrigue to family drama, but by the way it is told; it is a how and not a what.

For the suspense to exist, the participation of the public is necessary, who must be involved with the events. The author has to suggest clues about the possible outcome of the conflict, so that the viewer or reader can infer or assume what is about to happen. Finally, the resolution of the knot must be carried out logically and according to the credibility of the genre.

The technique of literary thriller, similar in many aspects to cinematographic thriller, is based on transmitting to the reader a sensation of imminence, a growing restlessness that is achieved with an efficient plot, an adequate rhythm and a meticulous construction of scenes.

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