20+ Cinematography Books for Free! [PDF]

Cinema lovers have the possibility of obtaining deeper and more technical knowledge about this art so valued by the masses. Taking advantage of our great collection of cinematography books in PDF format, you can start transforming your great passion into a professional career, free of charge.

Cinema is an artistic language of great relevance to the world, much has been said through it. Who hasn’t had a great film as an inspiration for life? In it lies its beauty and power, because it also has the capacity to reach a great number of people.

As we know that it is one of the most relevant arts of this century, as it was in the previous one, we have decided to make a compilation of books about cinema and thus give free access to cinephiles.

To speak the film language, it is best to study it first. Cinema combines image, sound, movement and ideas in one place and this is where its complexity lies. All art requires immersion in its history, techniques, functioning and language to be able to say that it is mastered correctly.

That, together with creativity, inspiration and intuition is what allows the materialization of the work. The cinema, besides fulfilling all those qualities, is an excellent means to impact collectives around a story.

Unlike other types of art, the cinema is a very realistic representation of the world, which makes it so convincing for those who appreciate it. In this sense, it is an excellent tool that can be used in the interest of promoting ideas that benefit humanity.

We hope that our compilation of more than 20 cinematography books in PDF will introduce you to this interesting art that most people enjoy as a great means of human expression.

Here we present our complete selection of Cinematography Books:

1) The essential reference guide for filmmakers


2) Basic Film Terminology (Presentation)

Wake Forest University

3) The Modern MovieMaking Movement

Jon Reiss, Peter D. Marshall, Jason Brubaker, Norman C Berns, Carole Dean

4) The Basics (basic film terms) (Presentation)

Red Hook High School

5) Three Dimensions of Film Narrative

David Bordwell

6) Basic Filmmaking Concepts (Presentation)

Jeffery C. Nyseth

7) Doing Film History & The Origins of the Movies

Jaakko Seppälä

8) Basic tool kit & resource guide for young filmmakers

American film institute AFI

9) Cinematography Techniques: The Different Types of Shots in Film

Timothy Heiderich

10) The Total Filmmaker: thinking of screenwriting, directing and editing as one role

Erik Knudsen

11) Basic Cinematography

Prof. McGuire

12) Re-examining the Traditional Principles of Cinematography of Modern Movies

Cornelia Hakansson

13) Working with Cinematic Techniques

James Campbell High School

14) Camera Shot Guide: Framing, Angles and Movement

Mr. Langlois

15) Camera Shots: Framing (presentation)

Planet In Focus

16) Introducing Cinematic and Theatrical Elements in Film

John Golden

17) Storytelling on Film


18) Cinematography (Presentation)

Ms. Jones

19) Cinematography: Composition & the Camera in (Presentation)

The University of Utah

20) 30 Cinematography Techniques and Tips

Studio binder

21) Making Movies. A Guide for Young Filmmakers

Linda Burstyn, Pam Cunningham, Hillary Jordan, Kym Spring

So, this was our selection of free Cinematography books in PDF format. We hope you liked it!

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