15 Love Books in French for Free! [PDF]

For you who love stories full of romance, passion, and tenderness, we have created a complete and varied collection of the best love books in French for free, and in PDF format.

Also, if you are learning French, these books will be of great help, since in addition to captivating you with interesting stories, they are a rich source of words and phrases that will help you better understand the grammar and the language in general.

Books that tell love stories often contain detailed descriptions of settings, situations, characters, and emotions; which allow the reader to identify with some feelings and get carried away by the narrative.

In other words, by reading these books you will be enjoying the masterful work of the best literary authors and expanding your language learning in a relaxed and fun way.

This is why we have made an effort to create a versatile and very complete list made up of the best love books in French; which we are sure you will make the most of.

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Anna Karenina

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Love in Russian society at the end of the 19th century was not exactly a simple matter. A mistake made within marriage could be very expensive. This was what happened to Anna when she fell in love with Count Vronsky while being married to Karenin. The social weight of her infidelity made her life undesirable.

Anna Karenina is a novel that speaks to us not only about a harsh society on these issues but about the strength of a woman, her rebellion and struggling to experience love, as well as her right to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, decisions don’t always have positive consequences and Anna will have to face that fact, forcing herself to withdraw from the world she knows.

The French version has the same name “Anna Karénine” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights contains a love story that was meant to be passionate; however, due to a cruel fate, it ends up becoming a tragic story of revenge.

When Mr. Earnshaw took little Heathcliff as a foster son into his family, he had the best intentions of making him a good man. Nevertheless, during his stay in this home, the little gypsy does not end up being welcomed by his brother.

Heathcliff’s sad life takes a turn for the worse when Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw die and he is treated worthlessly, despite the deep love that his adoptive sister, Catherine, has for him. Little by little, jealousy, envy, revenge, and hatred, along with the cloudy and cold landscape, reflect the tormented psychology of the protagonists.

The French version is called “Les Hauts de Hurlevent” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Cyrano de Bergerac

Author: Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac is a classic of French and universal literature. It is about the life of Cyrano, a man of war, brave, skillful, and gifted with intelligence, but with a defect that prevents him from feeling fully proud of himself: his excessively large nose.

Cyrano loves his cousin Roxane, however, she doesn’t feel the same and instead falls in love with Christian, a young soldier who is the complete opposite of Cyrano. He is handsome but very poor with words and low on intelligence.

Heeding Roxane’s request to protect Christian, Cyrano becomes his friend and also pretends to be him to make the girl fall in love through letters. From there a very peculiar love triangle develops.

This work leaves us with an important message and that is that the confidence of a person should not be based solely on the physical aspect, since, especially in love, there are much more important things.

The original version in French is called “Cyrano de Bergerac” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Love in the Time of Cholera

Author: Gabriel García Márquez

Love in the Time of Cholera is one of the great Latin American works of the 20th century, written by Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez. Set in a coastal city, it is about the long love story between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza.

After the death of Juvenal Urbino, Fermina’s husband, Florentino confesses to her that he has not stopped loving her in 51 years, 9 months, and 4 days. This belated declaration of love begins to rekindle Fermina’s memories.

The narration takes a leap into the past to tell us about their romantic relationship, which began in adolescence, and how fate ends up separating them, although she is unable to extinguish the flame despite everything.

The French version is called “L’amour au temps du choléra” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby is the best-known book of the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, who at the time cataloged it as “the best novel of the United States of America”. The critics did not take long to support his opinion, since it is a beautiful and tragic portrait of the time.

Jay Gatsby is a man who was not born rich and manages to make a fortune during his youth. For the decade of the ’20s in a country like the United States, it did not matter much where the wealth came from, everyone was submerged in the euphoria of parties, jazz, and the excesses of the new wealthy class.

Gatsby is somewhat a hero, a man who built himself by himself, but is also a great romantic, willing to do anything to win back the attention of the delicate and rich, although married, Daisy Buchanan. Around this renewed relationship, a series of events will lead 5 of the characters to the abyss.

The French version is called “Gatsby le magnifique” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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The Sorrows of Young Werther

Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Sorrows of Young Werther is an epistolary novel where the protagonist recounts, through letters to his friend Wilhelm, everything that happens in his life over a long time.

Visiting the town where his aunt lives did not seem to give Werther any great satisfaction, nor did it provide him with very interesting experiences. Until he meets the beautiful young Lotte at a ball. He quickly falls in love with her as passionately as possible.

However, Lotte was not a free woman, she was engaged to a mature man and this was irreversible. What happens next is the beginning of Werther’s love ordeal, who with each passing day becomes more emotionally involved. Life shows him that happiness is not always on the side of love.

The French version is called “Les souffrances du jeune Werther” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Gone with the Wind

Author: Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind is one of the most important classics in American literature. It caused a great impact by presenting the vision of the Southern slave owners during the Civil War.

All the facts are presented with great realism, especially when the battles are described. It is told through the life of Scarlett O’Hara, the most beautiful and desired young woman in Savannah, Georgia.

The story starts with the beginning of the war in April 1861, when Scarlett declares her love to Ashley Wilkes, but he rejects her to marry Melanie Hamilton. This happens during a party where the flighty Scarlett also meets Rhett Butler, an aristocrat who is brash in his ways and shrewd in business.

Scarlett is torn between two completely different loves and suffers the greatest losses due to a cruel and destructive war. The greatest impact of this work is to see the evolution of the protagonist, who heroically crosses a path that she never thought to walk.

The French version is called “Autant en emporte le vent” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Madame Bovary

Author: Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary is one of the most representative works of literary realism of the 19th century, marking a before and after in the literature at the time. It deals with the idealization of love, the search for heightened emotions, infidelity, and banality. These are all traits that can be seen in the main character.

Emma is a woman who is bored with her quiet and emotionless married life. Lack of novelty and purpose in life cause Madame Bovary to cling desperately to fruitless love affairs.

This way of coping with her discomfort, together with her financial debt, lead Emma to a desperate situation that will be very difficult to leave behind.

The original version in French is called “Madame Bovary” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps one of the most important love works of all time. There are many lessons left to readers, such as the social weight that prejudices and rivalries can have against the full realization of love.

When Romeo and Juliet met, it was love at first sight. The problem is that she was a Capulet and he was a Montague, surnames that were marked by the conflict between the two families.

Being natural enemies, they were destined to live a secret love.
An escape plan and a series of unfortunate events lead this young pair of lovers to a tragic end that has transcended time and space.

The French version is called “Roméo et Juliette” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Sense and Sensibility

Author: Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility is one of the most famous works of the writer Jane Austen, set in England at the beginning of the 19th century. It tells the amorous vicissitudes of two sisters with very different characters.

After being left without their father, Elinor and Marianne must move out of their birthplace and stay with relatives. In their new home, both fall intensely in love, Marianne in a wild and open way, and Elinor in a discreet way and trying not to show her feelings. But, soon, they will have to experience heartbreak for totally unfair reasons.

It is a novel in which we understand that the balance between reason and emotion can save a great love.

The French version is called “Le cœur et la raison” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice has captivated generations of readers thanks to its characters and its and its humorous depiction of the society of a rural, Victorian England which is shown to be absurd and contradictory.

When the handsome and wealthy Mr. Darcy appears in the lives of the Bennet family, everything is turned upside down for the five young ladies of the family. It is then that pride, class differences, hypocrisy, cunning, misunderstandings and prejudices lead the characters into pain and scandal, but it also leads them to knowledge, understanding and true love.

This play arises from a deep understanding of domestic life and the human condition. It is a book full of satire, biting, profound and anti-romance, all at the same time.

The French version is called “Orgueil et préjugés” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre is a classic of English and universal literature that is still read by people from all over the world today. It is a love story that takes place under the shadow of a mystery, an element very typical of Victorian romanticism.

Jane is a young woman who was orphaned at a very young age. Her fate seemed normal and without much excitement, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she is hired as a governess in Thornfield where she meets Mr. Rochester. There, a series of strange events begin to take place, and at the same time, love begins to bloom between them.

In this novel, we witness how a woman develops her capacity to love and how despite life’s adversities, love can survive.

The French version is called “Jane Eyre” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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The Scarlet Letter

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter is the most emblematic novel by American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in 1850. In it, the author tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceived a daughter with a man who was not her husband. Accused of adultery she was taken to the Pillory to be exposed to public humiliation and forced to wear the letter “A” in scarlet on her dress as a reminder of her crime.

The novel is set in New England during the 17th century. Hester had to face a society that completely isolated her, turned its back on her, and judged her severely, to the point of disrupting her entire life.

Death, sin, shame, and guilt are explored in this work from a critical perspective toward social condemnation, which can bring the worst consequences to the life of any person.

The French version is called “La lettre écarlate” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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Author: Jane Austen

Emma is the fourth novel written by Jane Austen, published in 1815 with a rather unusual protagonist. Emma has it all, beauty, intelligence, and good economic position, however, her wrong perspective about love, puts both the lives of those around her, as well as her own, at risk.

Emma will play matchmaker as if matching men and women is a hobby to be very proud of. This is a novel in which the character who is supposed to be the heroine and, as much as she feels like it, ends up being the villain of the story.

Emma’s distorted vision will change throughout the book since she will have to learn a lesson and thus achieve happiness.

The French version is called “Emma” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Author: Victor Hugo

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the great novels written by Victor Hugo. It was published in 1831, although it is set in fifteenth-century Paris. It tells a moving story of true love, although not exactly romantic.

The hunchback Quasimodo and the gypsy Esmeralda are the protagonists, although their relationship does not start in the best of circumstances after Archduke Claude Frollo sends Quasimodo to kidnap the beautiful gypsy.

Despite Frollo’s sinister intentions, Esmeralda comes off well on that occasion and when Quasimodo is condemned to public ridicule, the young woman’s compassion was not long in coming to light. From there is born a tender feeling that will mark the life of the hunchback.

This is a story that, although not with a happy ending, reveals the noblest feelings of human beings and what they are capable of doing when moved by love.

The original version in French is called “Notre-Dame de Paris” and you can access a completely free PDF copy by clicking on the following link.

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