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The perception we have of ourselves is very important, because from it we also perceive everything around us. That this perception is positive is highly recommended, so we want you to investigate the subject with this selection of books of self-love in PDF format and get the keys to achieve it.

Self-love, according to psychology, is essential for a healthy mental development, as it allows us to be altruistic and develop empathy, two fundamental qualities to do good in the world. Learn how to cultivate these and other attitudes, with this collection of books on self-love.

Self-love is the appreciation, acceptance and respect we feel for ourselves. It is a feeling that is developed (or not) from an early age at home, with the example and guidance of parents or significant adult figures. In addition, it represents the basis for other loves, i.e., the love that can be felt for other people.

It is also part of self-esteem, which is the valuation we make of different aspects of our being, such as our physique, personality, qualities, skills and abilities. The image we have of ourselves can be distorted if our self-esteem is not present. In the same way, we can develop relationship problems, generate constant conflicts and even become physically and psychologically ill.

Some keys to achieve a consolidated self-love that is difficult to demolish by other people and/or circumstances are the following: self-acceptance, making positive judgments, avoiding comparisons, developing empathy and altruism, doing what we are passionate about, building positive relationships, cultivating self-care, among others.

Start exploring the more than 15 self-love books in PDF format that we have compiled for you to walk the path of self-realization that we need so much.

Here we present our complete selection of Self-Love books:

Self-Love Guide to Abundance

Evelym Lim

The Self-Worth Path

Lisa Papez

Treat Yo’Self

Claire Michelson

The Global Self-Love Index

The Body Shop

Love Your Self, Love Your Life

Joanna Platt

Roadmap to Self-Love (Presentation)

The Mental Health Coalition

How to increase your self-esteem

Mind Brighton & Hove

Issues with Self-Esteem?

Wellbeing Services South of Glasgow

Self Esteem/Acceptance-So What if your Zipper is open? (Presentation)

Missouri Mental Health Foundation

Self Esteem and Self Worth

Sydney Technical High School

Does Self-Love Lead to Love for Others? A Story of Narcissistic Game Playing

W. Keith Campbell, Craig Foster

The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love) the Psychology of Ecstasy

Austin Osman Spare

Building Your Self-Confidence

Mind Tools

Building Self-esteem A Self-Help Guide

Lou Ruspi Jr

Self-Compassion, Self-Esteem, and Well-Being

Kristin D. Neff

Strengthening Self-Esteem

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Self-esteem (Article)

Mind, the mental health charity

Are You Vibrating Self Love? (Article)

The Miracle Well

Strategies To Build Healthy Self-Esteem (Article)

McGill University

Date Yourself 30 day self-love challenge (Article)

Alyssa Adams

Here ends our selection of free Self-Love books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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