15+ Earth Sciences Books for Free! [PDF]

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Explore the exciting world of Earth Sciences! If you’re curious to uncover the mysteries and processes that shape our planet, you’ve come to the right place.

Earth Sciences encompass disciplines such as geology, meteorology, oceanography, and many more. These scientific disciplines allow us to understand the Earth’s internal structure, tectonic movements, mountain formation, the actions of erosive agents, atmospheric phenomena, and beyond.

In our dedicated section for Earth Sciences, you will find a wide variety of resources that will guide you through the fascinating natural processes that shape our environment. Authored by experts in each field, these materials will provide you with a deep understanding of the geological and climatic phenomena that bring our planet to life.

Explore our collection of over 25 free Earth Sciences materials, including books and articles in PDF format, and embark on a journey of discovery and awe.

Books on Ecology

Ecology is a discipline that focuses on the study of interactions between living organisms and their natural environment. This branch of science aims to understand how living beings influence and are influenced by environmental factors.

Today, ecology has become more relevant than ever as we face urgent global environmental challenges. The search for sustainable solutions is crucial.

We have a collection of ecology books that are an essential source of knowledge for students or anyone interested in understanding environmental challenges.

Introduction to Ecology

Worku Legess, Teklu Mulugeta, Aragaw Ambelu

Applied Ecology


Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation

Biodiversity BC

Environmental science. Lecture notes

Durgasrilakshmi Hari

Books on Oceanography

Oceanography is a fascinating branch of Earth sciences that focuses on the study of the oceans and seas that cover a significant portion of our planet.

This field of research analyzes the composition, dynamics, and phenomena occurring in these vast bodies of water, providing an understanding of marine life.

Obtaining free books on oceanography is a valuable opportunity to delve into this exciting scientific world and gain a better understanding of our blue planet.

Introduction To Physical Oceanography

Robert H. Stewart

Introduction to Oceanography

Paul Webb

Introduction to Physical Oceanography

Robert Stewart

Books on Meteorology

Meteorology, as a fundamental discipline of Earth sciences, plays a crucial role in our understanding of climate and atmospheric phenomena.

Understanding meteorology is essential for anticipating and mitigating extreme weather events such as hurricanes and droughts, which impact our lives and the environment.

We offer free meteorology books and materials that allow anyone to access fundamental knowledge about climate and the atmosphere.

Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology

Branislava Lalic, Josef Eitzinger, Anna Dalla Marta, Simone Orlandini, Ana Firanj Sremac and Bernhard Pacher

Basic Numerical Methods in Meteorology and Oceanography

Kristofer Doos, Peter Lundberg and Aitor Aldama Campino

Physical Geography and Natural Disasters

R. Adam Dastrup, Ma, Gisp

Introduction to Climate Science

Andreas Schmittner

Books on Hydrology

Hydrology is a fundamental discipline that studies the distribution and movement of water on our planet. Understanding hydrology is essential as water is a vital resource for life on Earth, and its proper management is crucial.

Hydrology is even more relevant due to climate change and growing concerns about sustainable water resource management.

If you want to deepen your knowledge in hydrology, don’t worry, there are free hydrology books and materials available! Explore a wide selection of literary resources that will allow you to delve into this fascinating discipline at no cost.

Irrigation Systems Management

Dean E. Eisenhauer, Derrel L. Martin, Derek M. Heeren,

Ground Water and Surface Water. A Single Resource

Thomas C. Winter, Judson W. Harvey, O. Lehn Franke

Water Measurement Manual

Bureau of Reclamation

Hydrology, water resources and environment

Sérgio António Neves Lousada, Rafael Freitas Camacho, Adhonys Alexander Rincon Rodrigues

Books on Geophysics

Geophysics is a scientific discipline that focuses on the study of physical phenomena occurring on Earth and other celestial bodies.

Today, geophysics plays a fundamental role in understanding and mitigating natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

In an effort to promote knowledge in geophysics, we offer geophysics books and articles in PDF format that cover a wide range of topics within this fascinating discipline.

Introduction to Geophysics - Lecture Notes

Jan Valenta

Nuclear Geophysics and its Applications

International Atomic Energy Agency

Electromagnetic Methods in Applied Geophysics

Patrick Klenk, Stefan Jaumann and Lisa Hantschel

Introduction to Seismology: The wave equation and body waves

Peter M. Shearer

Books on Volcanology

Our books and materials on Volcanology provide a fascinating window into the world of volcanoes, their activity, and their impact on our planet.

The impact of volcanology on our planet is profound and long-lasting. Throughout Earth’s history, volcanoes have shaped landscapes, influenced climate, and posed challenges for human life and ecology.

Through research and the study of volcanology, we can better understand how to mitigate risks, protect communities, and appreciate the geological dynamics that shape our world.


University of Saskatchewan

Volcanic Gases and Aerosols Guidelines


Volcanoes and Volcanic Eruptions

Stephen A. Nelson

The Science Behind Volcanoes

Natural History Museum of Utah

Books on Paleontology

Paleontology, the science dedicated to the study of fossils and remains of past living beings, allows us to understand the evolution of life on our planet.

Paleontology today relies on a combination of field research and advanced laboratory techniques. Paleontologists use modern technology to identify and excavate fossil sites.

In this context, we invite you to enjoy the following free books on paleontology, an exceptional opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Vertebrate paleontology in UTAH

David D. Gillette

Best practices in mitigation paleontology

Paul C. Murphey

Photogrammetry in paleontology - A practical guide

Heinrich Mallison, Oliver Wings


IGNTU Amarkantak

Using paleoecology in restoration ecology

Lindsey Gillson, Cathy Whitlock, Peter Gell

Books on Planetology

Planetology focuses on the study of planets in our solar system and how they formed and evolved over time. It closely interacts with Earth Sciences disciplines such as Geology and Geophysics.

By analyzing the geological similarities and differences between Earth and other planets, Planetology sheds light on the origin and early evolution of the Solar System.

At the same time, Earth Sciences benefit from advances in knowledge about the internal composition and dynamics of different planets. Enjoy the following free books and articles on planetology in PDF format.

Our Solar System

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Comparative Planetology and the Atmosphere of Earth

National Aeronautics and Space Administration



Here ends our selection of free Earth Sciences books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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